Posted by: cindybythesea | September 1, 2020

Bizarre, Sinister or Something Else?

download (4)  H-3 Tunnels Oahu, HI

Just when you think the Covid-19 stuff couldn’t get any more bizarre this comes along. For some reason, someone in Hawaii decided it would be a good idea to close off one of the major freeways in order to expedite what they call “surge” testing for the Corona virus. Yes, tomorrow September 1 and Thursday September 3 Interstate H-3 which connects one side of the island to the other will be closed for Covid testing.  The idea is for cars to line up in one lane while waiting for testing leaving the other lane open for emergencies. The testing will be held inside the tunnels which burrow through the Ko’olau mountains. Now, I don’t know about you but I really cannot think of any legitimate reason for testing to be done inside a tunnel. Just makes no sense.   And it can’t be for lack of availability of other facilities – Aloha Stadium would work quite well I would think. So why this bizarre measure to get people tested in this kind of manner.

Last September I wrote a post titled Crying Wolf regarding two separate instances in the past two years where Hawaii has received two false emergency alarms. You can read that post here.  To summarize, the first was on Saturday January 13, 2018 at 8:07 a.m. when a text message went out to thousands of people on their cell phones alerting them of incoming missiles with the ominous words “this is not a drill”.  It would be a long 13 minutes before a second message went out declaring it to have been a mistake. The second one was on September 18th of last year when emergency sirens went off at 5:10 p.m.  Again, per authorities an unfortunate error. With that kind of track-record I’m afraid any 3rd incident of this kind will be met with utter scoffing and disbelief.

So, what has this to do with the Covid testing being held this week on H-3? To tell you the truth, I don’t know but it sounds highly suspicious to me.  Just this last Thursday Oahu residents were ordered to “stay at home” for the next two weeks with the exception of essential business. The island had already been suffering greatly from the loss in tourism with a 14 day mandatory quarantine in place for any one entering the state. Beaches and hiking trails were closed while malls remained open. Some really inconsistent stuff like that which was driving the population crazy although there was a number of people (as always) who did not think the measures were stringent enough.  And supposedly they were making progress in regard to the virus until suddenly last week when they were placed under another two week lock-down.

And I’m not the only one questioning this bizarre decision.  A big thank you to Ben Carden for this link to Natural News which was posted in the comments section of my previous post – you can read it here.

This is kind of interesting and probably does not pertain at all but as I was looking into the history of the H-3 freeway, I found that some of the Native Hawaiians were opposed to the building of the freeway as it passed through what they considered to be sacred grounds. For that reason many contend that the highway is “cursed” and is therefore harmful to those who traverse over it. I lived on the island of Oahu for 14 years and I can tell you that H-3 is a stunningly beautiful drive and when you drop down in to Kaneohe Bay the views are just breathtaking. If anyone is ‘cursed” it is those who have not yet had the opportunity to make this beautiful drive or perhaps, the ones who are going to have a swab shoved up their nose tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this – and maybe nothing. On the other hand there may well be something afoot that will not be readily understood until sometime later. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. i really wished i could go to Hawaii for a vacation, but no way. My parents went there few times while my aunt and uncle were missionaries there for few years. They loved it there. It just heartbreaking what i hear and see in the christian news. Cindy, i have a question. How do i pray for a prophetic dream or pray for a vision from Jesus? i am praying for a vision from Jesus but it seemed like nothing appear in my thoughts or dreams. My sister encourage me to read the 40 prayer circle prayer book by mark batterson and start praying. I read a very short book called the power of crying out in prayer by Bill Gothard. I really really believe we all need to cry out loud and clear to Jesus about what’s hurting in our hearts. Just like what you wrote about HI, it is hurting these people. IF these people would cry out in His name, I believe something will change once these hawaii people will cry out in the power of the name of Jesus. I have not seen anything today about the power of crying out today. i think we are just too weak in the flesh- which it is true but we need to build up the power of the blood of Jesus in our minds, souls, and body. Also, not many people would rebuke in the power of the name of Jesus. I think it takes practice to rebuke in the name of jesus- we all need to do that- just like that movie in war room- she rebuke the power in the name of jesus, then something changed after that. I really believe many christians are not practicing like what they should be doing today. They are just too lukewarm. it is ridiculous! I know the scriptures says that Jesus will vomit the church who are lukewarm. i think it is happening right now. We do need to pray many will wake up and be ready. I just read end times blogger talking about asteroids hitting the earth one day but we don’t know when. i was thinking what in the world? Asteroids? You gotta be kidding me. This got me thinking about how my nation is not praying enough but maybe a few. Wow me! Before i close- i know one true fact that we are not doing inside the church. i have been praying long time that the church will open up the scriptures – in my father’s house shall be called a house of prayer. I think many churches are missing the point. open the house of prayer today. Now, that this crazy virus has hit our nation. We need to be in the house of prayer through text, internet, or so on. it just drives me crazy that they are not doing this. Prayers.

    • Thank you Ben for writing again. Yes, Hawaii is a beautiful place and if you never get to visit know that heaven will be even more beautiful than Hawaii so we have that to look forward to.
      As far as prophetic dreams, I can only say I never ask for one. Although I have read that some people do. What I do know is that we all have different gifts; and being able to interpret those dreams is a gift in itself. God gives gifts as he chooses. One is not more important than the other.
      Obviously, we are in the end times with little time to go. There comes a point when God has had enough of the wickedness and the lukewarm church. I think time is up. Instead of looking for revival it might be time better spent urging all who will to come to Christ while there is still time. Blessings to you and yours, Cindy

  2. I miss your blogs. Are you OK?

    • Thank you so much Martha. Yes, I am fine. I have been helping with grandchildren the last couple of months which keeps me very busy. I would love to write again. God willing. Just need to figure out where I can carve out some time. May God bless you and your family, and thanks again for checking on me! Cindy

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