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Smashing Stones

 “When Moses approached the camp and saw the calf and the dancing, his anger burned and he threw the tablets out of his hands, breaking them to pieces at the foot of the mountain.  And he took the calf the people had made and burned it in the fire; then he ground it to powder, scattered it on the water and made the Israelites drink it” Exodus 32:19, 20

Tomorrow November 13th an event will take place on Mt Sinai for the purpose of repentance from sins against the environment …. followed by the installation of a new set of commandments by which all humanity will be compelled to follow in order that climate change might be averted and the world saved. I wrote about this a couple of days ago under the title Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord which you can read here if you happen to have missed it.

It didn’t occur to me until I read something by Luis Vega on Five Doves this past week that the event on Sinai tomorrow and the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones might be related. So, I cannot take credit for the idea although I do have some additional thoughts of my own.

Georgia Guidestones – the first set of tablets

A little background or refresher. The Guidestones were placed in Elbert County Georgia by a man who identified himself as RC Christian. The year was 1980 and the man who commissioned them paid a great deal of money to have them inscribed and set. The inscriptions (which consisted of ten separate principles) were to serve as a guide and a message for the future and were written in eight different languages. But what was their message and why? I’ll let Wikipedia answer that.

The Message

“A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles was engraved on the Georgia Guidestones in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages were EnglishSpanishSwahiliHindiHebrewArabicTraditional Chinese, and Russian. The languages were chosen because they represented most of humanity, except for Hebrew, which was chosen because of its connections to Judaism and Christianity. According to the monument’s sponsors, the inscriptions are meant to guide humanity to conserve nature after a nuclear war, which the creators thought was an imminent threat. The inscriptions dealt with four main themes: “governance and the establishment of a world governmentpopulation and reproduction control, the environment and humankind’s relationship to nature, and spirituality.” Wikipedia

42 years

From the date the Stones were dedicated om March 22, 1980 until they were destroyed on July 6, 2022 is a little over 42 years. The number 42 is significant in the Bible as 42 is directly connected to the Anti-Christ whose evil reign will last 42 months. So, we see an Anti-Christ connection associated with this number.

Repentance…. for what and why?

If you recall at the start of this post I mentioned that one of the things they will be doing is repenting for sins against the environment. I was discussing this with my daughter today and had not yet connected all the dots. But she was able to see it quite clearly and suggested that repentance was necessary as the first set of tablets had been treated with disdain and not adhered to nor taken seriously (not that they expected that they would be) … therefore, they were smashed in order that a second set could be received. None of this is by accident – following the Moses scenario is part of the ritual being enacted. And just like Moses when he had the golden calf ground down and mixed with water compelling the people to drink the bitter mixture so too will humanity be compelled to drink an equally bitter mixture of their making.

130 days

From the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones on 7/06/22 to 11/13/22 = 130 days. And for some reason (like my last post) I was compelled to count from Genesis 1:1 forward – this time to the 130th verse …and, wow!! Guess what? Only God could do this. Take a gander at Genesis 5:24

“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him”!

So, don’t give up folks …he’s coming and coming soon!

P.S. I’m rushing this to get it out …hope it makes sense

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee “Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy

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But Noah Found Grace

“But Noah Found grace in the eyes of the Lord” Genesis 6:8

As of this writing tomorrow will be 11/11/22. Four elevens or two double elevens. It is also Veterans Day and the Anniversary of the flood …the 17th day of the second month (Chesvan) on the Hebrew Civil Calendar. Now, if you know anything about numbers in scripture you know that the number 11 is closely related to disorder, chaos and judgment. And the fact that tomorrow is a set of four elevens or two double elevens makes tomorrow particularly interesting. Remembering, of course that it was Jesus himself who likened the time of the end to the days of Noah therefore we have every reason to believe that the 17th of Chesvan should be included each year as a high watch date and this year particularly so for reasons too numerous to mention.

A Mirror Image

For some reason I felt led to multiply the four elevens together – 11x11x11x11 – which adds up to 14,641. I looked at that number for a moment and soon realized that it was the same number going forward as backward … reading from right to left or left to right the number is the same (146) which seemed rather interesting to me … so, I decided to count forward from Genesis 1:1 to the 146th verse and guess where it landed?

And Noah Found grace in the sight of the Lord.” Genesis 6:8

I don’t know about you but I was absolutely stunned and beyond encouraged when I realized this was the 146th verse. So, will our departure be tomorrow or very soon? I don’t know but I will say this – based on what I just found and so many other things that are unique to this year – it wouldn’t surprise me a bit!

That being said let me leave you with another 146 –

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life no man comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

And, because of Jesus, we too like Noah have also found grace in the eyes of the Lord!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee ” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting for YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy

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Fat Man Down

On Saturday November 5th as Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman was speaking at a campaign rally in Pittsburgh a sudden gust of wind came up collapsing several American flags positioned behind him. Some reports say there were 5 flags others say 6 either way the number of flags involved make for some interesting observation. Here is a link to the video if you have not yet seen it.

Now I find it interesting that the candidate who had just began to speak appeared completely unruffled or oblivious to what had happened behind him. Fox News gives us their account:

“The moment came as the candidate mentioned campaigning with former President Barack Obama, who was touring with Fetterman to boost his chances in the race. 

As Fetterman compared former President Donald Trump to Obama, claiming that between the two, only Obama was “100% sedition-free,” at least six of the flags planted behind him toppled over in an instant”.

Hmmm …. he states that between the two (Obama and Trump) only Obama is 100% sedition-free. Really? So, what exactly is sedition?

Sedition according to Oxford Language Dictionary is “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch”.

So, while the candidate wasted no time in getting a dig on the former President for the January 6th activities we have to ask ourselves …why, at this precise moment did God choose to bring down the flags behind him? It was obviously an indictment against some one … but who?


As soon as I heard the name Fetterman the following scripture came to mind.

Why are the nations in an uproar And the people’s devising a vain thing? The rulers of the earth take their stand And the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed, saying ‘Let us tear their fetters apart And cast their cords away from us!'” Psalm 2:3

The NAS version uses the word fetter while other versions may use the words bonds or cords. So what is a fetter? How does it differ from a bond or cord?

“A fetter is a chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner, typically placed around the ankles … .”he lay bound with fetters of iron”

So a cord or bond could be used to restrain hands or feet while a fetter was most often used for the feet. And why would the wicked seek to be free of these fetters? Because they represent to God the spreading of the gospel. Let’s take a look at Isaiah 52:7

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

But in their world- the coming new world order it is not God who will reign but them. They will bring peace …. and salvation for all who will pledge their allegiance – not to a national flag but to them our savior guardians.

Fat Man

I looked up the meaning of the name Fetterman and found out it was a low German nickname for Fat Man.,%2C%20FETTERS%2C%20FETTERMAN%20and%20FETTING.

Interesting! So we have the name Fetterman associated with fat man. And fat in the Bible is decidedly not good. Consider this verse from Deuteronomy 32:15

“But Jeshurun ( a poetic name for Jerusalem) grew fat and kicked—
You are grown fat, thick, and sleek—
Then he forsook God who made him,
And scorned the Rock of his salvation”.

And, Jeremiah 5:28 –

“They are fat, they are sleek,
They also excel in deeds of wickedness;
They do not plead the cause,
The cause of the orphan, that they may prosper;
And they do not defend the rights of the poor”.

America is fat! And the five fallen flags represent the America that God has previously blessed as 5 is the number of grace.

But the six fallen flags that is something much different as the number 6 is associated with human weakness, evil and sin. The America we have become.

“Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’
 She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, and a haunt for every unclean bird, and a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal”. Revelation 18:2-3

Fat Man is also the name of the atomic bomb released over Nagasaki, Japan on August 9th 1945. Just saying….

And while Republicans may be viewing this incident as an indication that they are about to be vindicated I would think twice before breaking out the champagne and cigars … for just about everyone I’m afraid is in for a very rude awakening.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy

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Speak To the Rock

The Only Ark You Need

Anakypto Afterthoughts

It’s not “gloom and doom” if you are prepared. And I’d also like to point out that there are not some of us who have been divinely designated as “watchmen.” Rather, we are ALL commanded to watch, and those who don’t see what’s coming and why it’s coming are simply derelict at their assigned post. We’re expected to be “children of Issachar” (1 Chron. 12:32) and EACH of us – sons and daughters – should have understanding of the times.

The title of this post is intended to bring Numbers 20:8 to mind:

“Take the rod; you and your brother Aaron gather the congregation together. Speak to the rock before their eyes, and it will yield its water …”

Numbers 20:8 NKJV (emphasis added)

The Israelites had been in this situation before. No water, people thirsty, animals likewise. God told Moses what to do the first time they were in…

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A Return to Sinai

On Sunday November 13th an Interfaith group will ascend Mount Sinai for the purpose of creating a new set of commandments and for repenting of sins against the environment which they believe have resulted in catastrophic climate change. Here is a look at their logo and the title of the conference as it appears on their web page.

Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t think of a much more serious affront to God then this. Yes, it’s just a mountain … but it is not just any mountain… it’s the place where God met Moses for an event (the giving of the law and the establishment of the Mosaic covenant) which was so powerful, so important that history was forever changed. As noted below in the following text it would be impossible to overstate the grand scope (and implications) of what happened on that mountain not only in terms of the people themselves but for the world as well.

The Giving of the Law – Summary

“At Mount Sinai, Moses received the Ten Commandments from the Lord. As the NIV Study Bible puts it, “The Ten Commandments are the central stipulations of God’s covenant with Israel made at Sinai. It is almost impossible to exaggerate their effect on subsequent history. They constitute the basis of the moral principles found throughout the Western world and summarize what the one true God expects of his people in terms of faith, worship and conduct”. TWO Bible Commentary – The Sinai Project

And of course, the subsequent Mosaic Covenant which followed – the importance again of which can not be emphasized enough.

The Mosaic Covenant – A review

“The Mosaic Covenant is a conditional covenant made between God and the nation of Israel at Mount Sinai (Exodus 19-24). It is sometimes called the Sinai Covenant but is more often referred to as the Mosaic Covenant since Moses was God’s chosen leader of Israel at that time. The pattern of the covenant is very similar to other ancient covenants of that time because it is between a sovereign king (God) and his people or subjects (Israel). At the time of the covenant, God reminded the people of their obligation to be obedient to His law (Exodus 19:5), and the people agreed to the covenant when they said, “All that the Lord has spoken we will do!” (Exodus 19:8). This covenant would serve to set the nation of Israel apart from all other nations as God’s chosen people and was as equally binding as the unconditional covenant that God made with Abraham because it is also a blood covenant. The Mosaic Covenant is a significant covenant in both God’s redemptive history and in the history of the nation of Israel through whom God would sovereignly choose to bless the world with both His written Word and the Living Word, Jesus Christ”. From Got Questions- Biblical Answers

A New and Better Covenant – and no, it’s not the one you’re thinking of

But the Interfaith Center has something entirely different in mind. Our sins are not against God (according to them) but against his creation – the environment. And a new covenant between nations and religions must be enacted if we are to save not people, not souls but the ground upon which we walk. Ten Universal Commands must be put in place that will unite all people with one singular goal – saving the planet. And last but not least, I suppose (although not stated) – a leader like unto Moses, or even Jesus who can lead the people out of the wilderness of planetary destruction and catastrophe to the promised land of environmental protection and utopia as you will see in what they term a new vision.

A New Vision

“We return to Sinai in a movement of repentance and quest. We seek a new vision for humanity and its endangered existence, and we seek to receive and amplify a message of life sustaining
living and habits that humanity needs to hear today. In this spirit, the project partners will bring together premier religious leaders from the world’s major religions to gather upon Mount Sinai to engage in a first ever Climate Repentance Ceremony, and to put forth a prophetic interreligious call to action: “Climate Justice: Ten Universal Commands” (emphasis mine)

“Goals of the Event

• Inspire and unleash the power of religions, religious leaders and faith communities as
change agents for climate action and as sources for inspiring and motivating discussions
among politicians and civil bodies.
• Motivate action among religious communities and the wider public to curb climate change.
• Invite media to cover religious leaders’ advocacy in combating climate change.
• Promote a coalition of religious leaders to work together for climate action.
• Generate new faith-inspired climate education materials for broad use”

*This is just a sampling from their page which I am including here if you would like to read more.

A Sign of the Times

When I think of Moses ascending Mount Sinai to meet with God it is with out a doubt one of the most important events in the history of the Bible- altogether strange, fearful and awe inspiring… there is no other event that has impacted humanity as much outside of the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, in my opinion this would be a serious challenge to the original meeting on the Mountain between God and Moses – and is not something that can be tweaked or duplicated for one’s own agenda.

After Moses met with God his face shone brightly from the glory of the encounter and the people on seeing this pledged as one to follow God and to be his people.

But Sunday November 13th will be a very different event. There will be no meeting with God, no tablets of stone and no covenant enacted by God. Instead there will be a good deal of hand wringing and self flaggelation amidst pious speeches over sins against the environment so grievous (according to them) that a new set of commandments must be enacted, a new covenant written and a pledge to and for change in order that our collective sins may be forgiven – not by God of course – but by the Universe – this is an Interfaith group, after all – with no real belief in the one true God.

As we close out the remainder of the year I think the numbers of the date of this event (11/13/22) pretty much says it all …. and should this event go forward as planned I expect some rather severe consequences to unfold as a result. Ascending Sinai in this manner for this purpose is about as God rejecting as you can get …and that is saying something given the times we are living in.

11 – disorder, chaos and judgment …13 – rebellion and lawlessness … 22 – a double portion of disorder, chaos and judgment

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee.” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy

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Anakypto Afterthoughts

I’ve been corresponding with Steve Atkerson of New Testament Reformation Fellowship. The focus of NTRF is to promote the re-establishment of church community as it existed in the early church because the Biblical way of “doing church” is the most effective way. I certainly can’t disparage Steve, the NTRF or their efforts, as I’d be doing the same thing if I didn’t think the damage to America and the American Church was beyond repair.

I told Steve that the churches had “preached themselves into irrelevance” and a recent headline (there are many I could have chosen) demonstrates this: A Top Russian Official Quoted the Book of Revelation to Describe What Will Soon Happen to America – the “top Russian official” being Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia, currently serving as deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council. No local church that I am aware of covers anything like this.

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An Emerging Picture

In late June or early July of this year a funnel cloud was photographed over the small town where I grew up in South Eastern Utah. I have had family living in this area for years and as far as I know this is simply unprecedented. And while it did not touch down it provided quite the excitement for the inhabitants of this little town.

So in light of that I came across something interesting that I wanted to share. Nothing to do with tornados but rather a picture as striking in its content as the one above but with one difference- the picture I’m talking about is one not of painted images or photographs but one of words.

If you have read my blog recently you know that I wrote a post earlier this month titled Strongs 2556. I have found it interesting over the years to use Strongs not just for its definition of Hebrew and Greek words but to occasionally look at a particular number to see what word might be associated with it which is what I did with Strongs 2556 in my last post.

Today, I thought it would be in interesting to look at the number 5782 as that is the current year we are in according to the Hebrew calendar. And what I found was interesting enough that I decided to look at the number for the next seven years going forward. The current year as most of you know will be changing in just a few days on the Feast of Trumpets which is September 25- 27th which will place us then in the year 5783.

Okay, so let’s take a look and see what we get.


Strong’s Concordance ur: to rouse oneself, awake

Original Word: עוּר
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ur
Phonetic Spelling: (oor)
Definition: to rouse oneself, awake

NAS Exhaustive ConcordanceWord Origin
a prim. root
to rouse oneself, awake
NASB Translation
arise (1), arouse (12), arouse or awaken (3), aroused (10), arouses (2), awake (15), awaken (2), awakened (2), awakens (2), awakes (1), exulted (1), lifted (1), raise (1), rouse (3), rouse yourself (2), roused (1), stir (7), stirred (7), stirs (2), swung (2).


 Strong’s Concordance ur: to be exposed or bare

Original Word: עוּר
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ur
Phonetic Spelling: (oor)
Definition: to be exposed or bare NAS Exhaustive ConcordanceWord Origin
a prim. root
to be exposed or bare
NASB Translation
bare* (1), made (1), milch (1). [עוּר] verbbe exposed, bare (akin to עָרָה, ערר; Arabic  = pudenda); —

Niph`al Imperfect3feminine singular עֶרְיָה תֵעוֺר קַשְׁתֶּ֑ךְ Habakkuk 3:9 into nakedness (i.e. utterly) is thy bow laid bare, made ready; We proposes עוֺרֵר תְּעוֺרֵר (compare 2 Samuel 23:18, I.עור

Po`l.), and so Now [from √ ערר, lay barethou layest, etc.’s Exhaustive Concordance be made naked


Strong’s Concordance ur: chaff

Original Word: עוּר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: ur
Phonetic Spelling: (oor)
Definition: chaff NAS Exhaustive ConcordanceWord Origin
(Aramaic) of uncertain derivation
NASB Translation
chaff (1).עוּר noun [masculine]chaff (J Aramaic (Talmud, rare), Syriac 

 mote (in eye, tending to cause blindness [עִוֵּר]) according to Arabic Lexicons, Lane2195); — absolute ׳ע Daniel 2:35 (in simile).


Strong’s Concordance or: a skin

Original Word: עוֹר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: or
Phonetic Spelling: (ore)
Definition: a skinNAS Exhaustive ConcordanceWord Origin
of uncertain derivation
A Skin
NASB Translation
body (1), hide (4), hides (1), leather (15), skin (65), skins (13).עוֺר99noun masculineJob 7:5skin ( Late Hebrew id.; Phoenician ערת Lzb346); — ׳ע absolute Genesis 3:21 +, construct Exodus 34:29 +; suffix עֹרוֺ Exodus 29:14 +, עוֺרוֺ Jeremiah 13:23, עֹרָהּ Numbers 19:5, etc.; plural construct עֹרֹת Genesis 27:16 +, עוֺרֹת Exodus 39:34 suffix עֹרֹתָם Leviticus 16:27; — skin:

 hide of animals (44 t.), always — except Job 40:31 — after skinning: Genesis 27:16 (J); of sacrifice victims Exodus 29:14Leviticus 4:11 5t. (all P); prepared for use (by some process of tanning,

From uwr; skin (as naked); by implication, hide, leather — hide, leather, skin.


Strongs’s Concordance avar: blind; to make blind

Original Word: עָוַר
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: avar
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-var’)
Definition: to make blind, blind


Strongs Concordance ivver: blind Original Word: עֵוֵּר
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: ivver
Phonetic Spelling: (iv-vare’)
Definition: blind


Strong’s Concordance: ivvarown: blind

Original Word: עִוָּרוֹן
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: ivvarown
Phonetic Spelling: (iv-vaw-rone’)
Definition: blindnessBrown-Driver-Briggsעִוָּרוֺן noun [masculine]blindness; — only in phrase (subject ׳י), smite (הִכָּה) with blindness: figurative of ‘blind incapacity’ (Dr) ׳בְּע Deuteronomy 28:28; of smiting horses ׳בַּע Zechariah 12:4, i.e. with blind staggers making them helplessly wild.


Strongs Concordance ush: to lend aid, come to help

Original Word: עוּשׁ
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ush
Phonetic Spelling: (oosh)
Definition: to lend aid, come to helpNAS Exhaustive ConcordanceWord Origin
a prim. root
to lend aid, come to help
NASB Translation
hasten (1).עוּשׁ%5D verb si vera lectio, lend aid, come to help (Arabic 


So, to summarize, we have –

To arouse or awaken, to be exposed or made bare, chaff, skin, blind, blind, wildly blind, come to help or lend aid.

Top of Page
Let’s unpack this a little further


This is not to say that each of these things will happen on those specific years. I look at it as a period of time that encompasses all of those elements. And with the Feast of Trumpets just a few days from now, it certainly won’t be long until we’ll see.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy

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My 2015 Fleece

Red Ford truck with decorative license plate reading New York vertically and Manhattan horizontally

On the afternoon of Monday November 9th 2015 I had decided to go for a walk. I was thinking of some extended family members who were visiting the city of New York at the time. For some reason, I got the strong feeling that they could be in danger from a possible terrorist attack …maybe because there had been two previous attacks (attempted) on the city that same year in April and June.

Anyway, I was feeling so strongly about this that I wondered if I should alert my relatives to be extra careful and alert to their surroundings. But because I didn’t want to come off a bit crazy I decided to ask the Lord for confirmation regarding this before I said anything. So, I decided to put out a fleece … something I have rarely if ever done before – I wanted to be certain before I said anything to them that this was from the Lord and not just some crazy feeling I had. What could I use as a fleece? I wanted to make it as hard as possible in order to rule out chance. So, I decided as I left for my walk that this would be my fleece –

While I am out walking (the same few blocks and neighborhoods I always walk in small town Northern New Mexico) if I should see the word Manhattan while I am out I will know my fleece has been answered.

And guess, what – I did …and I was completely blown away. What are the chances? The word Manhattan on a residential street in small town New Mexico. I took the photo you see at the top of the post …and still marvel at the apparent fulfillment of the fleece I had put before the Lord.

So, I did contact my relatives and they seemed to appreciate the warning and thankfully nothing happened while they were there. Of course, I was glad for that but puzzled as to the answer I had received in regard to my fleece.

So today, I was thinking about this and noted that the date on my photo was Monday November 9th, 2015. Hmmm, interesting and November 8th of this year is mid-term elections. Putting that together with what Nelson Walters had said about a false flag event before the midterms I decided to look up the number of days between my fleece and this year’s elections and guess what? Again, I was floored … the number of days between my fleece and the the mid-term elections is 2,556 days – the exact same number as my Strongs 2556 post that I posted yesterday.

And as further proof of the date of my photo I have this screen shot –


If you include the date of November 8th in the count (the other count excludes it) it is 2,557 days or an exact 7 years and means very similar to Strongs 2556

At this point I am still trying to figure out the connection (if any). Was God showing me that yes, there would be an event but the time was not then but in the future? I really don’t know. Perhaps, only time will tell. We do live in interesting times!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy

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Strongs 2556

On Thursday the first day of September President Joe Biden (and I use that term loosely) gave a 25.56 minute speech to the American people. Set against an ominous looking backdrop of red and black flanked by two Marines Mr. Biden commenced to rail against his predecessor and anyone who still supports him. With threatening language and theatrics reminiscent of the third Reich Mr. Biden took clear aim at a large segment of the population in a fashion like nothing we have seen before in this country and anyone who chalks this up to the bumbling antics of an old fool is seriously mistaken.

The Speech

If you have not already listened to this speech I will post the link here. Just click on the blue high lighted text. It’s interesting that although the running time is listed as 25 minutes and 57 seconds when you watch it to the end it concludes at 25.56. This was from CBS …some of the other networks may have slightly different running times but I am going to go with the one I watched which is 25.56/25.57. And I was rather astounded at what I found on looking at this number in the Strongs Concordance. Take a look –

Strongs 2556 – Greek

 2556. kakos Strong’s Concordancekakos: bad, evilOriginal Word: κακός, ή, όν
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: kakos
Phonetic Spelling: (kak-os’)
Definition: bad, evil
Usage: bad, evil, in the widest sense. HELPS Word-studies

2556 kakós (an adjective, and the root of 2549 /kakía, “inner malice”) – properly, inwardly foulrotten (poisoned); (figuratively) inner malice flowing out of a morally-rotten character (= the “rot is already in the wood”).

[2556 /kakós is often a pronominal adjective (i.e. used as a substantive) meaning, “wickedness, inner evil.”]

Strongs 2556 – Hebrew

Strong’s Concordance chamets: leavenedOriginal Word: חָמֵץ
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: chamets
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-mates’)
Definition: to be sour or leavened Brown-Driver-BriggsI. חָמֵץ verbbe sour, leavened (Late Hebrew id., Pi`el Hiph`il make sour, leaven; Arabic 

be sour; Aramaic חֲמַע be sour, leavened

be leavened) —

Qal Perfect חָמֵץ Exodus 12:39Imperfect יֶחְמָ֑ץ Exodus 12:34Infinitive suffix חֻמְצָתוֺ Hosea 7:4 +; — be leavened, of dough (בָּצֵק), Exodus 12:34,39 (E), compare Hosea 7:4.

Hitph. be soured, embitteredPsalm 73:21 (“” כִּלְיוֺתַי אֶשְׁתּוֺנָן).

II. [חמץ] verb be red (? compare Aramaic  Ethpa`al blush, be ashamed, possibly originally be red); —

Qal Passive participle construct חֲמוּץ בְּגָדִים red of garments Isaiah 63:1; possibly also Imperfect3feminine singular תֶּחֱמַץ Psalm 68:24 that thy foot may be red with blood (for ᵑ0 תמחץ; so Krochm Hi Gr; most, however, read תרחץ see רחץ).

III. [חמץ] verb be ruthless (dubious √; perhaps by-form of חמס; perhaps erroneous for it; identification by most with I. חמץ, be sour, hence sharp, violent, but connection improbable) — only

Qal Participle active מִכַּף מְעַוֵּל וְחוֺמֵץ Psalm 71:4 from the hand of the unjust and ruthless (“” מִיַּד רָשָׁע).

Strongs 2557 – Greek

Strong’s Concordance kakourgos: a criminal Original Word: κακοῦργος, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: kakourgos
Phonetic Spelling: (kak-oor’-gos)
Definition: a criminal
Usage: (lit: an evil-worker), a criminal.HELPS Word-studies

2557 kakoúrgos (from 2556 /kakós, “a malignant disposition”) – “a malefactor; a technical word implying criminality. William Ramsay noted this term “marks exactly the tone of the Neronian period, and . . . refers expressly to the flagitia, for which the Christians were condemned under Nero, and for which they were no longer condemned in ad 112″ (WS).

Strong’s Concordance chamets: that which is leavened Original Word: חָמֵץ
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: chamets
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-mates’)
Definition: that which is leavenedNAS Exhaustive ConcordanceWord Origin
from chamets
that which is leavened
NASB Translation
leaven (3), leavened (4), leavened bread (3), which is leavened (1).

I don’t know about you but I think this is rather extraordinary. And I hope you took the time to read the description of those words very carefully as they are not accidental or coincidental in any way. The Lord is showing us that he is well aware of the situation and not to fear – in fact, the opposite as the time for our departure draws exceedingly near.

I watched a video on YouTube today that I think you may find of interest. It’s from Nelson Walters and I think he may be quite right in his assessment of what we might expect (as a result of this speech) in the next few weeks – you can find the link to that here.

If the movement of Bible prophecy has been a fast moving river in these last few months and years it is at a torrential pace now. I’m looking with great expectation towards the feast of Trumpets September 25th … and if that proves to be our departure date it won’t matter in the least to us what the enemy has planned – with the exception of knowing what friends and loved ones left behind will be left to face. Praying we use our time wisely between now and then.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy

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Run From This Word

“Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!”  How many of you recall that slogan? I know I do. It was an advertising slogan launched in 1992 by the National Livestock and Beef Board/National Cattlemens Association for promotion of the beef industry. And it was tremendously successful as evidenced by my remembering it these 30 years later. But that was then, this is now. Fast forward 30 years and cows along with all grazing animals are being portrayed as the scourge of the earth with insects now being tauted as the new superfood (reportedly packed with protein) to replace them. And sustainable, of course – the new buzz word attached to just about everything in an effort to drive us towards the brave new world of the future.

Bug Out

The purpose of this post is not specifically towards whether one should or should not eat bugs. Although, the Bible does tell us which bugs are allowed and which are not if one should want or need to eat insects. You can find that outlined in Leviticus 11: 20- 23. And for those who contend that insects have been a main source of protein for who knows how long in many other countries, I would say – “that’s true but show me one photograph where the people who subsist on this kind of diet appear to be in robust health?” I’m doubtful that one exists because an insect based diet is not one of choice for the majority of people who have to eat them but rather one born out of necessity due to extreme poverty. So we really need to take a look at what this word sustainable means and what the immediate and long range goals are of those promoting it. Because I guarantee you it is not going away but is rather gaining momentum with every passing day.


Everywhere you look you hear or see this word – sustainable or sustainability. It has quickly become the new seal of approval attached to just about everything. But what does it really mean?

According to one source sustainability may be defined as –

“Sustainability consists of fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations, while ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being”.

Well, that doesn’t sound too bad does it? Who could disagree with that? Well, let’s look a little closer as sustainability is often described as having three or four pillars – in other words 3 or 4 main points on which the whole idea or concept is constructed.

The Three Pillars of Sustainability

And from the United Nations, we find these 3 expanded to a list of 12.

So, this is where we find ourselves today and the push is full on now to achieve these goals. But who are they good for? At first glance one might assume they are good for everyone. But are they? Let’s take a look.

Goals 1-3 – Poverty, hunger and health

I was going to find quotes regarding each of these but because there are so many and from such a wide variety of sources I decided instead to look at trends – the trends I see and most likely the ones you do too.

So regarding poverty, hunger and health. The trend that I see is population reduction through manufacturered viruses and the vaccines that accompany them. The continuation and extension of poor diets to include insects in replacement of beef and other traditional sources of protein while tauting these changes as beneficial to all in an effort to both alleviate hunger and improve health. A lie to justify the planned extinction of ranching and farming as we know it today. All for the green god of environmentalism. And of course, abortion, birth control and transgenderism to slow population growth as well.

Goals 4-6 Education, gender equality and water

The trend in education is not towards producing brighter and better educated students but rather more fully indoctrinated ones towards Marxist ideology and green thinking. Today even Christians are less interested in saving souls than they are saving the planet. Water usage is big on the list from water saving features on your plumbing fixtures to ending irrigation to large tracts of land for such things as farming and cattle grazing. The idea is for the land to return to its natural state unaltered by the presence of humans who greedily change it to suit their own greedy needs.

Goals 7-9 Energy, economy and industrialization

The trend in energy as we all know is towards ending our dependence on fossil fuels in favor of solar energy and things like electric cars. Ignoring the fact that the batteries for these vehicles are not only incredibly expensive but the process used in making them is anything but environmentally friendly. The economy across the board is in the dumpster as well with inflation in every commodity from housing to gas and food and swiftly spiraling out of control.  Thanks to the controlled demolition by Covid the back bone of America (the small Mom and Pop businesses) have officially been broken in favor of big corporations who have officially become woke. And the industrial revolution which provided great strides in terms of comfort, convenience and quality of life is officially over as we enter the brave new world of AI. Humans not needed.

Goals 10-12 Reduce inequality, Inclusive cities, Sustainable consumption and production

Reduce inequality. That in itself is an interesting concept for there is little in life that is equal. We may have the same education but you also may be smarter, more ambitious, more driven than me. My athletic goals may never match yours due to body type and build. The only place we are truly equal is the one place they reject- all humans born and unborn are equally valuable as they are created in the image of God. Other than that we can never be truly equal and inequality in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. If we are to be equal in all things in order to bring one up the other must be brought down. So since we can’t all eat beef (as cows are the scourge of the earth) we can all eat bugs – culinary equality. You will own nothing and be happy …. 500 square feet of living space for every one ….equality. Which brings us to inclusive cities.

“An Inclusive city is a city which without prejudice to economic status, gender, race, ethnicity, or religion provides equal access to social, economic, and political opportunities for a wide variety of urban residents.”

The most inclusive city in the world – Zurich.

Regarding sustainable consumption and production; I don’t know but I’m guessing the limitation of certain things in order to meet the green agenda. And once everyone receives a chip with an accompanying social score it will be a very simple process to do so. Once you have reached the limitation on certain commodities you will simply be locked out. No more meat for you this week as you have already reached your weekly allotment – in order to keep consumption at a sustainable level, of course. Gas or electric charge; the same. You are only allowed to travel x number of miles in any given time period. Having reached your limit you will be locked out. Failed to get that last booster – locked out from any number of public places until compliancy is reached. And, of course we could go on and on with this.

Behold, A Pale Horse

The more I have thought about this the more I can see the relationship between the new green agenda and the pale horse from Revelation 6:8. The word for pale in Greek is chloros … greenish, pale in color.

“When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!”  I looked, and there before me was a pale ( chloros) horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth” Revelation 6:8

I have no doubt that this will be the outcome of the new green policies (death for the majority) all in the name of saving the earth, keeping population at a sustainable level and conserving resources. Cloaked in language that makes it seem fair and beneficial to all it will become shockingly evident as time moves forward that it is neither of those things and that we have been lied to in the most vile of ways. But by then, for most it will simply be too late.

Behold, a pale horse!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy

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