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Legends of the Past


       Giant track, Abajo Mountains, Utah 1975

I was privileged to listen to Mr. LA Marzulli as he spoke on Friday night at Dine Baptist Church in Waterflow, NM. It was a fascinating evening as Mr. Marzulli shared from his research regarding the giants and the Nephilim.  I was excited to meet him as I have my own stories to tell. I shared with him from my Dark Skies series, which he seemed to find of interest. I also shared with him the photo above; a Polaroid taken on January 26,1975 of an enormous set of tracks, discovered while taking a drive in the mountains of southeasten Utah. On looking at it, he commented, “there looks to be six toes“.

Six toes. Almost all of the legends concerning giants depict them as having six fingers and six toes. Could the legendary Sasquatch or Big Foot be related to or a remnant of what the Bible refers to as the Nephilim?  LA has done some amazing research in this area as have Steve Quayle and Tom Horn. In fact, I just finished reading part two of a new series by Mr. Horn titled “On the path of the Immortals.” Here Mr. Horn visits the American Southwest to get first hand information from the native people regarding the legends of men, giants, reptilians and more. One of the places he visits is Mesa Verde, Colorado about 50 miles from where I grew up and about the same distance from where I live now.

The southwest is full of ruins and rock drawings (petroglyphs) that date back centuries before the native people who live here now. These people were called the Anasazi. They were cliff dwellers, people who made their homes high up in the cliffs. A people and culture that abruptly and mysteriously disappeared leaving us with more questions then there are answers. For instance, why did they build their dwellings so high up in the cliffs? And, where did they disappear to so abruptly. Was it from fear of the giants depicted in their rock drawings?

Take a look at this petroglyph from Newspaper rock in Southeast Utah about 30 miles from where I lived as a child. I remember seeing this rock on school outings when I was a kid. Never thought much about it until now.

Image result for newspaper rock

Do you see the feet with six toes?

Interesting that centuries later on a cold but sunny January morning something with six toes made its way across a snowy field in the surrounding mountains of this very same area.

January 26, 1975

The snow was pristine and my fiancé spotted a set of unusual looking tracks as we drove along the mountain road on a cold sunny Sunday morning. Possessed with keen eye sight he was always looking for wild life and /or the tracks that they would make. Spotting what he thought were unusual looking tracks he stopped the car to get a better look. We got out of the car and were amazed to see a series of very large tracks crossing a small field. The tracks were enormous! Three times the size of my fiance size twelve boots.  Also, at 6’6″ tall it took three of his largest strides to step from one from one track to the other. Whatever had made these tracks had to have been enormous in size.

The tracks started off the side of the road where our car was parked, crossed the field and ended abruptly in front of a thick stand of oak brush of which not a twig was out-of-place. It was as if whatever had made the tracks simply disappeared into thin air. Astounded, we drove in to town to get my uncle who is an avid outdoorsman and an experienced trapper. We took him with us to see the tracks and he ruled them out as either bear, snowshoes or large prints which had melted. He was completely dumbfounded. He could not identify them. Almost an exact four months later, my fiancé would have the strangest encounter of his life not more than 150 miles from this very spot.  A coincidence? I’m not so sure.

Folks, there is more going on around us than we think. The Bible tells us that there is a time of great deception coming. A time when men’s hearts will fail from fear. Few realize that legends and folklore of the past contain more truth than was once believed.  Truth that believe it or not has everything to do with the future. The question is – are you ready?

* For more on the “Dark Skies” series, you can check out the August/September 2014 archives.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy



  1. Cindy, I am so glad you got to meet one of my favorite brothers in Christ the infamous ” LA Marzulli ” God Bless you and the work that you do; you are such an encouraging and uplifting sister. Thank you for posting once again. xoxoxoxoxox

    • Thanks, Meeellodee, you are such an encourager! Lots of love and blessings to you too sister! It was great meeting LA and his very lovely wife. I’m just amazed at the work that they do and the time they took to come to the little dusty town of rural NM…. says, a lot about them! Cindy

  2. The Word of God reveals and gives to some understanding. As we see in Matthew 16 that no matter how advanced a person’s understanding of the truth is, they are not immune to the enemies trickery.
    I am very interested in how some things made it through the flood when the Word of God clearly states that all flesh except that which was on board of the ark that Noah built perished.
    Genetically mutated animals are everywhere now.
    I know of a man who was born with six fingers and six toes which were cut off when he was a baby. He showed me the scars.
    In my mind I wonder how these things could be. Is there genetic information lying dormant in the human genome? Has some of those things that caused these giants to exist to have happened since the flood?
    If the enemy is able to take on physical shape would he be able to affect the human senses to make himself appear as most anything?
    Isn’t it possible that people who are or have been under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs to see something that might be in another realm?
    Have we all been conditioned to believe certain things that make us vulnerable to delusion?
    If we are to disCERN the times would we not understand that all of the “discoveries” that science has made is lead mankind down a path that leads away from the Almighty and His plan of reconciliation to himself?
    Supposedly today, 3/23/15 they are starting the Hadron Collider
    Will it be the thing that opens a doorway from the place called the Abyss?
    With the use of technology, things that are not real can seem very real. (deception)
    The Lord’s people will do well to remember what happened on Mount Carmel when Elijah called out the followers of Baal.
    Our God reigns now and forevermore.

  3. Thank you for posting again. Always enjoy reading what you have to say. Mr. Marzulli has also been in our little city. Mr. Horn, Mr. Qualye all gentlemen we listen to on a regular basis. Keeping our eyes open, looking up, and our hearts fixed on Jesus.

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