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Closer Than We Think

Special: Little Hanru van Niekerk was born with a birthmark shaped like the number 12 on his forehead

Little Hanru van Niekerk of Johannesburg, South Africa was born on November 11, 2014 with an odd birthmark resembling the number 12 in the center of his forehead. As you can see from the photo above, it is quite clear and evenly spaced which gives it the definite appearance of the number twelve and not the separate numbers of one and two.

I mentioned this unusual story to my daughter, the one I often refer to as Seven Stars, who immediately put her thinking cap on and what she found amazed me and had me thinking as well.

An article from the Daily Mail had this to say in their story regarding this strange anomaly.

” (The) Number (twelve) has connotations of the ancient world, the Bible and the Zodiac”

And, you know, they couldn’t be more right as the number twelve is a very interesting number.

Now, before you write this off as completely ridiculous, you might want to consider at least a few things  as we look at it Biblically.

First of all, the number twelve (in the Bible) symbolizes perfection, authority and completeness.

And, in Revelation chapter 7, we see that God has placed his seal in the foreheads of 144,000 witnesses. 12,000 from each tribe Israel.  Perfection, authority and completeness.

His plan is perfect, they have his authority and it is complete.

“Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.  Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.”  Revelation 7:3-4

And, get this – it is exactly 144 days from the day little Hanru was born on November 11, 2014 to Passover April 4, 2015. 144 days!  Which in my opinion is absolutely amazing and not a coincidence.

So, here we have the connection of the numbers 144 (the 144,000)  with the number 12 (12,000 from each tribe) both sealed (or the sign there-of) in the center of their foreheads – all connected to Passover 2015 by the 144 day count.

Praise the Lord!

But, why a little baby from South Africa?

First thing that comes to mind for me is the word innocence. The 144,000 are (according to Revelation 14:4) – undefiled – which is a type of innocence.

Secondly, its  interesting to note that little Hanru was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Johannes which is a variant of the Hebrew John or Yochanan, one of the 12 apostles, the one Jesus loved and the one who penned the book of Revelation from the isle of Patmos. The name John, which means, “God is gracious“.

It has long been expected that the prophet Elijah would appear some year at Passover to announce the coming of the Messiah. And, we also know that Elijah is most likely one of the two witnesses of Revelation chapter 11.

If the witnesses arrive Passover 2015 and they minister for 1260 days, they will be killed on September 15, 2018 and resurrected three and one half days later on Yom Kippur, September 18, (18/19), 2018.

Interesting when you consider it  was Elijah in 1 Kings 18:31, who took twelve stones, he called Israel, when he defeated the gods of Baal by calling down fire from heaven.

A precursor to  the work of the two witnesses and the 144,000 in last day events? It certainly might be …..

And, if this is the case dear friends, we are closer, oh, so much closer than we think.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Cindy; today my boss who is jewish remarked that Good Friday and Passover start on the same day and this has never happened; so this made me think as the blood red moon is on Saturday the 4th and Sunday is the day that our Lord had risen. We live in very exciting times; watching and waiting with you my dear sister.

    • Thank you meeellodee for you continued encouragement. Yes, we live in very exciting times … and, all coming now very very fast. Like the word says, it will come like a flood. How wonderful, how marvelous we have our ark of safety, Jesus …. who, I believe we will be seeing very, very soon! Love and blessings to you and your family!

  2. Another interesting aspect of this story is that the last name of the baby, Niekirk, means “the new church.” The “van” part of the name means “of.” So this Baby’s name testifies that it is “of the new church.” This can be verified a the Surname Database website.

    I have not found the etymology for Hanru, but I am guessing it is the Afrikaans equivalent of Henry which means “home ruler.”

    • Thanks Joseph for this additional information. Very interesting and much appreciated. Blessings to you!

  3. More good homework. I’m not “surprised” because it’s about as close as I already thought it would be. Now they are without excuse??

    Here’s the Daily Mail source story:

    Very best,


    • Great comment Steve and thank you for posting the link. I had limited time to write before I left for work yesterday and missed adding that – much appreciated! See you soon!

  4. Great Post Mom! The 144,000 seem to be a part of the 6th seal, which, if the 6th seal represents the rapture, and this sign (the baby with a 12 on it) represents the arrival of the 144,000 at this next blood moon passover, then it would stand to reason that the two witnesses would have to show up as well.
    For one thing, Elijah has been expected at every passover for 2 thousand years now. Also once the church and the holy spirit/restrainer is gone, I believe God will send the 2 witnesses simultaneously at the time of the rapture so as not leave the earth, even for a nano second, without Godly representation and council. To testify to a wicked and adulterous world. This could be it! We have all waited so long! We will soon find out, and even if He tarries a bit longer, He is well worth the wait! Come Lord Jesus!

    [My dear daughter, thank you so much for your help and inspiration in writing this post. It has been amazing watching and waiting with you. You truly have a heart for Jesus like no other I know. I love you dearly! And, our wait it appears is almost over! How blessed I am to have you and your sister, who love Jesus with whole hearts and are teaching your children to do the same – what more could a mother and grandmother ask for. Love and hugs and see you soon1]

  5. Hi Cindy,

    I still love this baby since you first posted it. The 144,000 are Israel in the Spirit. The firstfruits of the crop. And I love what Joseph added about “of the new church.” So exciting!

    God bless,


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