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Against A Purple Sky – *up-dated

In the early morning hours of May 3, I awoke from a dream that I have been pondering now for several days. The parts I remember are brief, but, vivid. The photo above is similar to what I saw in the dream with the exception that snow was falling.  The interesting thing about this dream is that it was being given by a narrator. A man, I never really saw but, whose voice I heard.

In the dream, there was a city at night or perhaps late evening.  The sky was a deep purple and snow was falling over the city in big, white lazy drops.  Tall buildings were lit by a soft yellow glow made all the more dramatic against the back ground of the purple sky.   The man or narrator, as I refer to him was speaking to me about the city and a time, when a spire 75 feet high was the tallest thing in it. The spire, he explained, provided the communication for the city. But, over the years, communication had become dim, almost lost with the erection of taller, more imposing buildings around it.

 As I listened to the narrator pondering, what he had said, he told me to step aside; something big and powerful was coming that would drastically change the situation. Moved to the side, I could see it was a track – a train would be coming soon – I could already feel its rumble. At bullet speed, it would be unstoppable – crushing instantly, anything that had not first been removed from its path.

I had only been asleep about two hours, when I awakened from this dream. There was more that the narrator had told me, but, try as hard as I could, I could not remember. I spent several sleepless hours after that trying to understand the dream. It was so unusual. I wondered, at the time,  if it had  anything to do with my current hearing  problem, and perhaps, it does. But, I also knew there was the strong likelihood that it was spiritual in nature.

Obviously, a spire 75 feet high is not very high. I like looking at numbers in scripture, so, I set out to see what I could find out about the number 75.  And, there really isn’t much.  It does say in Acts 7:14, that the number of Jacob’s family, when they went down to Egypt was 75 in number.  This was after Joseph had revealed himself to his brothers.  I also read, that the words “Passover” and the term “old man” (as opposed to the new man, we are in Christ Jesus) are both found 75 times in the Bible, a fact, which, I found to be quite interesting.  The number 75 indicating in my opinion, change.  75 people went down to Egypt – at the Passover, four hundred years later (and greater in number), they were brought out. Change. 

Here is what I think. The city, I believe is representative of the United States and a time, when, we were tuned in to the spirit of God.  There was a time, when, we heard his voice, but, that voice over the years has grown dim, to the point of being non-existent. The cares of this world, the luxuries and the debaucheries that consume us have drowned it out.  The voice of God is still there, but, like my now defective ear, we can no longer hear it.  And, if we cannot hear the voice of God, we will never be able to respond to it.  Therefore, something has to change. God’s righteous charachter demands it and his mercy compels it.

The train I believe is symbolic of God’s judgment. Judgment, which, will bring about change.

Like rotten, termite infested wood, there becomes a point, when, there is nothing left to do, but, burn it. Tear it down and burn it.  For anything built with it is not only now useless, but, has become a source of disease and contamination for any fresh, new wood, one would hope to use in the future. 

There are warnings, it seems, ringing out from every corner. Watchman are sounding the alarm like never before. The purple sky indicates to me the lateness of the day, the snow the lateness of the season. In other words, time is running out.

Friends, we know our nation is due judgment. The questions is – will we still be here or will we be raptured first?  And, while no one knows the precise answer to that question, if the dream is any indicator, the “narrator” made certain, I was out of harms way, before the train arrived.  Reminding me of this verse from Psalm 91:10 –

“A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but, it will not come near you. You will only observe with you eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.” 

* I ran this dream by my daughter Seven Stars today and she feels quite sure the spire represents a church spire, and, I am inclined to agree.  The message therefore is not for the nation or any particular city but, for the church – the Laodicean church. Those  who have allowed the cares of this world to so effectively grow up around them they can no longer hear the voice of God. But, that is going to change.  Once left behind, everything that once hindered them from hearing his voice will be stripped away.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper, who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Dear Cindy, I just am so blessed by your blog. I have been praying since your post about your sudden hearing loss. Just wanted to share how much you’ve been on my heart. Take care!

    [Thank you so much Hart! I really appreciate the prayers and encouragement. I think my body is beginning to adjust to one sided hearing – the vertigo and gait instablity has improved alot. I see the doctor tomorrow and will find out if he thinks a second steroid shot into my ear is worth trying again. One way or another, God is good and in heaven we’ll all have 20/20 vision, perfect hearing and singing voices to match (I hope). Won’t it be grand! Thanks again for writing and keep looking up – hopefully, we’re goin’ home soon! C]

  2. I read your post this morning after learning that there was again another fire here in Maine third in a week first two were set by twelve year old boy’s in separate incidents.
    One on 4/30/13 left 75 people homeless
    One on 5/3/13 left 100 people homeless
    One that started at 3 am this morning that is now burning in a densely populated area.

    I do believe that you are right the judgement train is pulling in it seems.

    These events are able to get the attention of even the most complacent.

    Especially those who are misusing the Word to substantiate their organizations/empires.

    Revelation 3:21 The one who conquers, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne. 22 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’”

  3. Our nation is SO in trouble! At best those who know Him MUST stay “hidden” in Him… NO MATTER WHAT! God bless you for your faithfulness.

  4. This person also had a dream about the same time you did pertaining to the end times. I truly believe we are living in the final days of this earth. God Bless All.

  5. Scott many months ago I corresponded somewhat with this man who traveled with dereck prince for awhile.I can’t see exactly eye to eye with him on certain things but his article on99.9% of pastors don’t get this…is well worth reading at the bob jones larry Randolph and james goll eyes and ears conference Saturday evening 2011 this was talked about and the effect being God has set an order in the church gist being there is about to be a war between apostles prophets and pastors that want nothing to do with them that should not be running the churches technon and ethnos difference between children and sons and applications of churches being built with no foundational ministries.Apostles and Prophets do have a place there is coming a war so to speak. earlier last year I fell into intercession and out of my mouth came you can’t let this happen Lord you must judge judge if you must. forward to about several months ago.I have seen more than a few prophecies that have stated you have not treated my sent out ones very well and others you have not treated my prophets very well. I think rick joyner mentioned the treatment of prophets last year and Christian harfouche and I actually remember seeing an article that said if you try to train an Apostle as a pastor its like putting a raging bull in a china shop its just the way they are made and another that said you might as well keep house pay for prophets off the table they are made to address what God says period and do not always go with the grain but against. If you don’t leave room for them to grow and make mistakes and shut them up or refuse to acknowledge them God trained them to survive they will just go back out into the wilderness or be silent which is disaterous and may result in rebellion by a minister.That being said I wonder I had an evangelist tell me that travels the world I think the church is under judgement. To which I replied it is and it starts with the leaders many times in the old testament. Every minister in my opinion must be trained to handle rejection and persecution ultimately I believe submitting unto another as unto the Lord in the fear of the Lord with a one body mentality. Do you think God is judging or testing if you will His younger trainees by sending them to older ministries (credintials vrs no credintials)in hopes they discern the Body come into unity and seek the Lord but with pen in hand so to speak to see reactions from both sides? and make a descion so to speak. I know I have dealt with it amongst pastors who have thrown me into the permissive will of God and I am not doing very well because of it.

  6. Didn’t you have a dream last year of a train with the wistle blowing coming down the tracks a year or two ago what page is that on I would like to read it again ?

    [Hi Scott, You know, right now I don’t remember. Your memory may be better than mine. Probably is! If I think of it, I’ll be sure to let you know. Many blessings and thank you for writing! c]

  7. Sister Cindy;

    This dream has all the characteristics of a most important word from God! Thank-you for sharing with your readers. I agree with the basics of your interpretation, and of course any dream is best interpreted by the dreamer through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Revealer of mysteries. A few thoughts . . .

    You had this dream early in the sleep cycle- according to Christian dream experts, this makes it more likely to be prophetic in nature. It obviously is prophetic; this is yet additional support for that fact. Purple means royalty, keying us in to the fact that this is a dream from God to the True Church. Snow generally means “grace” in dreams; again, this would imply a message for the True Church of which you are a representative and therefore the recipient of the dream. The narrator is either a heavenly angel or Jesus Himself. I agree that the spire represents a Church, but I believe this specifically suggests the True Church. In addition, it is my opinion that the number 75* also represents the True Church or having to do with the saints. We all know the key Bible number 1260, but another key number in Daniel 12 is 1335.

    1335 – 1260 = 75

    Here are the verses in question; Daniel 12-

    10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.
    11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.
    12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

    Does this not speak of the overcomers, the saints? So, perhaps in addition to the other related meanings, 75 is for the True Church, the Voice of the Holy Spirit, TRUTH. America was founded to be a light to the world (despite the occult ever present, esp. in government), but as time passed, many towers (monuments to man’s glory) were built which drowned out the sound of His Voice. The city is America- yes, agreed. Evening means time is very short now. The train, as you said, is God coming. Coming in judgment, yet also the fires of judgment will act to purify the remnant while the unrepentant will be consumed. I believe that this is a dream of re-assurance, not of imminent rapture, but of protection of His people. The snow is also re-assurance, for you and others in the True Church. Trains in dreams definitely refer to God- the narrow track even representing the narrow door, and there are no deviations in the path of a train, unlike with buses, trucks, cars, bicycles, planes, etc.

    Again, a profoundly important dream- you are very blessed to have been the recipient of such an urgent and important word from the Lord!

    The wise shall understand . . .

    Abundant blessings to you Cindy,

    Your friend Carlos

    P.S.: Of course, the message is likewise urgent for the Laodicean Church- they need to be awakened by the True Church, those who know what is soon coming! So, I would say that the message is more for the True Church that we (you included, through your blog) continue to take the message to the Church of Laodicea.

    *I’ve been introduced to this specific number within prophetic dreams as well . . .

    [Thank you, brother Carlos for sharing your valuable insight with me and all my readers. I really appreciate it! You’ve helped me to refine the dream. I agree purple is a royal color, it’s dusk (lateness of the hour), as night falls on the city – giant flakes of snow fall lazily down. The messenger and I are above the city looking down. It looks peaceful, as if its slumbering. A few of the buildings are lit up with a soft golden light as people are beginning to turn on lights in their homes. I’m wondering if these few lights represent, the few in the city who have the light of Jesus. The tall buildings are biblically speaking towers, which always represent man’s arrogance. The church spire, which was once center of the city is now dwarfed by these towers. Symbolically representing that the gospel which was once center there is simply dwarfed and the message of the gospel/hearing from God nearly squelched; very dim. The messenger informs me that this will all soon change. Something is coming, which will reverse this situation. Something powerful and big. I sense it is like a train at bullet speed approaching as if out of a tunnel; suddenly and unexpectedly there. I don’t hear it rumble as much as I sense the vibrations along the track. I think you are right Carlos, train tracks suggest the narrow way. A train cannot be diverted from its course; unless of course, it derails.The messenger had me moved to the side, so I could see these tracks. His words, were something like “step aside” – it was not intended for me to be in the path of the coming train, only to know of its soon arrival. I instinctively knew everything in the path of this train would be smashed to pieces. All those towers, all those things that had grown up around that spire. It was an act of judgment, righteousness and mercy. How kind would it be for God to leave us in our hardened states of mind? I agree this is a message for the church, if we don’t soon tear down our idols, God will do it for us. Thanks Carlos, you have helped me greatly to understand this dream. Many blessings to you in the name of Yeshua, our soon coming King! C]

  8. Thank you cindy. I have a question for you and carlos. I just came from church I don’t even know what to say about it.A minister said I needed to be around simaliar people could tell I hadn’t found hardly any prophets of course one looks at me out of the blue and says the Lord says you are alone because of the call on your life. I mean real prophetic in08 I would have six or seven visions at first it would be one page with a graph like statistics on it and then it was page after page after pages with the graff bars going higher and higher. for about six weeks I would have visions of walking through the desert every time I would pass a dead tree I would say Jesus and it would ripple by the end the entire ground and dead tree rippled like water. by 2008 I heard my Word through you shall be as fire and men as wood the doctor has said I will die early health problems but about two months ago I saw vision after vision of an entirely new body and have prophecies saying I shall live and not die , yep I was threshed but amidst the pain and trials I kept learning kept growing and I suddenly realized either I am a little off balance as my call was Ezekiel 3 or as the branch became tender we came to the last 120 years of time.The seven thunders where sealed up but knowledge will increase until the Lord comes it would seem written on the inside of me now are hard messages that can be taught and if God grants understanding there will be no excuse on judgement day do you think that the Prophets are going to bring forth those hard things God bearing witness with POWER and pretty putting people onone side or the other which will bring persecution from both the world and the worldly church.Cindy that other train dream you had carlos and I both gave an interpretation on and if I remember correctly the whistle was shutting down prophetic voices and the area was non populated in this one it’s a new train new tracks in a cold city possibly with the potential to smash things.and I have no idea why I remember that post so clearly

    [Hi Scott, I still do not recall having written a “train” post, but, I may have. Does not come to mind that I have ever written about God shutting down prophetic voices. I know I often post on dreams and I believe as the word says, in Acts 2:17, that in the last days your “young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams” …. but, I would caution anyone, myself included to be very careful in declaring “Thus, saith the Lord.” Dreams and visions must always fall in line with the revealed word of God, the Bible. That being said, I do not believe that the prophetic voices can be shut down. If you think that God is speaking through you, I would advise that you find two or three trusted and seasoned fellow believers that can help you with interpretation and understanding of any dreams or vision you think you may have had. The Bible is our final authority. Make certain everything God shows you falls under that umbrella, if it doesn’t you need to be suspect of it, no matter what it is. The Devil loves to throw us off the trail. Don’t know if I have answered your question, perhaps, Carlos has some thoughts he would like to add. Grace and blessings in Y’shua, our soon coming King!

    • Hi Scott. Cindy gave you some excellent advice. I also do not specifically remember this particular dream, although I have both had and analyzed “train dreams” before. What I would like to add is this- a good idea might be to start your own blog; please prayerfully consider this possibility. Another is that you should read everything you can on prophesying, the prophetic word & anointing, and prophets/seers in the modern day. In addition, an exhaustive study of the Biblical prophets is in order. Finally, it is not man, but rather God Himself, who calls prophets and anoints them. To many prophets He speaks in dreams and visions, but as you study the Bible prophets you’ll notice a variety of means of hearing from God as well as an array of personality types.

      In regards to prophetic voices, both the world and the worldly (Laodicean) Church attempt to shut down the voices/words/writings of the few true prophets, and this is to be expected. A train whistle, however, would generally signify a word from God as a train is His vehicle. All dreams, of course, must be analyzed in context.

      Hope this helps! Blessings, Carlos

  9. Thanks for the response God has provided many talented and Godly men for which to consult and I have. good advice the last prophetic Word I got from my uncle as he came thru the state to do a reveival in part was they say it can’t be it’s not so He didn’t know what was going on but I was treated extremely bad by several pastors to of which as soon as I walked in said the Lord sent you. I knew He had they neither wanted change or help to do what the Lord revealed until I finally was realeased to go several weeks I was extremely hurt as before he my uncle came to do that revival He didn’t know and hit 3 prophecys over my life without even knowing it. if there is no one to consult I may seek God and and stay in the Word for three to six weeks haven’t been physically able to work much.what I meant as far as silencing the prophets is this we have a pastoral system of Gov some don’t know any Apostles or Prophets which doesn’t change the fact God chooses to pour out a measure of wisdom thru them as foundational ministries discerning the body is essential as pastors some may be insecure some may not understand others will rebel and and reject the Apostle or Prophet leaving them hung out to dry and no assembly to speak people on a large part do not like sins confronted and calls for repentance and change which is an aspect of these offices the pastor eats the tithe and many people in most churches neither support nor honour many if any offices unless their itching ears are scratched. I have reviewed Carlos interpetaition skills he is blessed and helped me in confidence thanks carlos. I think you all might like this.-That the pastor form of church government is unscriptural and that the vast majority of those with the “Pastor” title do not have the “pastor” calling of Ephesians 4:11, nor are they the elders described in the New Testament. Now before you get so peeved that you quit reading, I want you to know that I know these are hard words, I know they offend. No matter how I try to say them, they will be offensive to most who work in or attend a pastor-driven church, but they are the truth, and if you get this message, it is a truth that will set you free and onto the destiny that Jesus has for you.Most pastors that I talk to don’t believe they need to be set free from the “pastor” form of church government, in fact, they like it. It’s what they know, it’s what they’ve been taught, it’s tradition, and for the most part it works for them. In Matthew 15 and Mark 7, Jesus says to the pharisees, “Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you…….you would rather keep the traditions of men than honor the commandments of God.” Now I’m not saying that most “pastors” are pharisees, but I am saying that they are caught up in the traditions of men and are not walking out the Scriptural principles of Jesus form of government. What I’m also saying is that most “pastors” are not Ephesian 4:11 “pastors”, but have another 4:11 calling, and until they find it or admit it, they can’t be fully effective in the work of the five main ministries. I’m going to try to separate fact from fiction, tradition from commandment and get to what the Lord is doing in these “last days” regarding the government of His church. It is extremely important to understand that Jesus’ church is not a gentile church, nor a Jewish church or synagogue, but a Messianic church. It is the Messiah’s church, neither Jew nor Greek, and He is restoring it, in this day, to it’s original design and purpose. I’m going to lay out the Blueprint, or at least part of it, that describes His government, and to do that, I have to first put into context the “pastor” of Ephesians 4:11 plus give a little history of how we got into this false governmental structure.Before we start I want to be clear, this is not an attack on the men, the “pastors”, that labor in the vineyard, most are underpaid and overworked, but it is an attack on the unscriptural form of church government that is incapable of producing the results that the Lord wants and expects. So, what are some of these results that Jesus’ government produces, that the “pastor” form can’t:
    1.It makes every believer a disciple that can preach the message of the Kingdom and disciple new believers.
    2.It keeps doctrinal error out of the church.
    3.It equips the believer for the work of the ministry that they have been called to.
    4.It produces mature believers that are in unity with other believers.
    5.It sees that no one in the local church has lack or need.
    I’m sure a lot of pastors believe they are accomplishing the above list, but sadly they are not. How do I know, because the members of their congregation are not healing the sick, casting out demons and raising the dead, which should be the basic skill sets represented in each local congregation. Plus, there is still too much lack and need in the churches and for most attendees of pastor-driven churches, church is a spectator sport, no matter what programs are listed in the church bulletin.
    Misunderstandings and misconceptions:
    1.That the “pastor” of Ephesians 4:11 is a senior position in the local church, in fact, many even have the title “senior pastor”.
    2.That the “pastor” of Ephesians 4:11 is a teaching position in the local church. Many commentators, such as John MacArthur, believe that the pastor and teacher of Ephesians 4:11 is a combined position. 1 Corinthians 12:28 disproves this, “And God has appointed in the church, first apostles, second prophets, third teachers,…..” It should be noted that “pastor”, or rather “shepherd”, which is the correct translation, nor “evangelist” are listed in 1 Corinthians chapter 12.
    3.That the “pastor” of Ephesians 4:11 is automatically an elder in the local church.4.That the five main ministries of Ephesians 4:11 are the government of the church.5.That the greek word poimēn in Ephesians 4:11 should be translated “pastor”.6.That there is one man in charge of the local church with elders to help and support him.7.That the pastor/teacher can equip the saints for the work of the ministry and bring them into maturity and unity.And for those in the current apostolic movement, I believe it is important to note the following misconceptions because they tie into the Blueprint for Jesus’ government:1.That apostles are over local churches, and that the government of the local church is in the hands of the apostles and the five main ministries.2.That women can be apostles and/or elders.
    3.That this current movement by the Holy Spirit is about the apostles.
    •The word “apostle(s)” occurs 85 times in the New Testament. There are 14 apostles listed before Pentecost, 14 after Pentecost.
    •The word “prophet(s)” occurs over 150 times in the New Testament, about 20 of those occurrences referring distinctly to prophets in the Church Age.
    •The word “teacher(s)” occurs 125 times in the New Testament.
    •The word “evangelist(s)” occurs only 3 times in the New Testament.
    •The word “pastor(s)” which should actually be translated shepherd occurs precisely one (1) time in the entire New Testament! One time! (Ephesians 4:11) Yet man has built an entire governmental structure on a mistranslation of the greek word poimēn. The word poimēn appears a total of 18 times in the New Testament, but only 3 times outside the Gospels, in Ephesians 4:11, Hebrews 13:20 and 1 Peter 2:25, and only once in relationship to the five main ministry calling of Ephesians 4:11. In Hebrews and 1 Peter poimēn refers to the Great Shepherd, Jesus.
    So let’s consider and analyze the above referenced facts. The Bible speaks of New Testament apostles, prophets, or teachers a combined total of at 230 times, while pastors and evangelists are mentioned a combined total of four times! Nowhere in the New Testament is a pastor or evangelist listed as an elder, though we do have Philip the evangelist listed as a deacon, but every place one of the five main ministry callings of Ephesians 4:11 is listed as an elder, it is either an apostle, prophet or teacher. This does not preclude a pastor or evangelist from being an elder, in fact, the requirements for being an elder listed in Titus and 1 Timothy do not mention a five main ministry calling as a requirement. When we look at the function of a New Testament pastor, we’ll find it better suited for being a deacon, rather than an elder. A deacon needs to be the husband of one wifeThe Shepherd or Pastor ministry in Ephesians 4:11 needs to be separated from the overseer role of the elders of the New Testament church. This point is one that is greatly misunderstood by the vast majority of present day church leadership. Part of the reason for this misunderstanding is believing that “pastor” is a governmental office and that the function of overseer or shepherding done by an elder is an Ephesian 4:11 function. Later I will deal with elders, bishops, overseers and deacons.Again the Greek word translated pastor by the King James translators in Ephesians 4:11 is poimēn and is the only place the word is translated pastor. Every where else it is translated shepherd.The main functions of the Ephesian 4:11 shepherd or pastor are:

    1.A life laid down for the sheep in his or her care — The shepherd or shepherdess cannot live for themselves.
    2.Must know and be known personally by the sheep. This eliminates the ability to “pastor” a large church or congregation. The shepherd knows his sheep in a close personal relationship. In my experience shepherds and shepherdess’ work best in the home church environment.
    3.Speak and lead the sheep. In the middle east shepherds do not drive their sheep, they lead from the front speaking to the sheep who know the shepherds voice. The shepherd is known by his sheep and is always accessible.
    4.Responsible to feed the sheep with green pasture and provide them with pure water and protect them from evil beasts and robbers. In other words, take care of their daily needs. As I said earlier, providing for the needs of the individual sheep is more the function of the deacon than the elder whose primary function is to the Word and prayer (Acts 6:4) and for some elders, to teaching (1 Timothy 5:17). The Blueprint for the Church
    The Blueprint is really simple once you have the keys to read it. And one of the main keys is the principle that all leadership, both locally and trans-locally, or universally, is based on a plurality of leaders. The model for this is the Godhead itself, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who are all equal to one another, yet they consult one another, and prefer one another. Jesus said in John 10:30, “I and my Father are one”; and in Philippians 2:6, “Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage;”.
    In this plurality model there can be a first amongst equals. The Latin Primus inter pares or Greek Πρῶτος μεταξὺ ἴσων (protos metaxy ison) means: the first among equals or first among peers, and is a phrase describing the most senior person of a group sharing the same rank or office. In the Godhead that would be the Father, in Acts 15, we see that would be James speaking for the apostles/elders in Jerusalem. It would be the apostle Paul in his apostolic company, even though Paul refers to the other apostles as his coworkers in the Gospel.
    The purpose for plurality and equality is so one man does not rule or dictate over others, which can lead to abuse or doctrinal error. A plurality of leadership is Jesus way of safeguarding His flock, His checks and balance system. The other checks and balance is the relationship between local elders and apostles, but that’s for the next lesson. Leadership must always come into agreement and be able to say, “For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…..” (Acts 15”28).
    Unfortunately in the body of Christ today most churches have rule by one, with elders or a board, who can be terminated and replaced by the one, serving in a secondary role. This isn’t the only system of church government alive and well on planet earth, but again that’s for the next lesson.
    Key Conclusions:

    1.If the five main ministries are not functioning properly, then “we are children, tossed to and fro, carried about with every wind of doctrine” not mature, not in unity. This is an apt description of the body of Christ today, but also for the past 1900 years.
    2.We cannot possibly grow up into the head – Christ, without a fully functioning five main ministry. Unless we grow up into the head we cannot be the bride of Christ without spot or wrinkle. It starts with the apostles, period.
    3.We cannot accomplish 1&2 until the apostles come together, then the apostles and prophets, then the rest get added.
    1.It is important to understand that without all five main ministries working together in Divine Order in each and every generation, then Jesus purposes for giving these ministries to the church cannot be fulfilled.
    2.The five main ministries were and are given “for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry and for edifying the body of Christ”.
    3.This is to continue “till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, a perfect (mature) man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ”.
    4.“God has appointed in the church first apostles, second prophets, third teachers”. This is true for each and every generation. This order was true in the beginning and is true for restoration an article clip i found I also found that many times a church is addressed it may well be in the text of geographic location talk about unity and prayer meeting wow shalom
    That being said ed dufrense asked Kenneth Hagin why the majority of churches he went to where run by administraters and not pastors to which Kenneth hagin laughed and said from his deathbed and said that’s easy people like things orderly they want it that way in all my years of travel only about 50 % where pastors the rest where administraters running a church. Brother Schambach addressed this in His book God Speaks to pastors free at manna dereck prince addressed this and leonard ravenhill none had nice things to say as far as the uncalled taking offices they where not created for and presuming to lead Gods people.

  10. Your dream is very powerful, mayhaps Psalm 75 may be helpful as well.
    may i be of assistance to Carlos in regars to Daniel 12:11=1290 days, which would equal 45 days

    • Tom- Carlos here. Hopefully, it was clear to the majority of the readers that I was referring them back to Daniel 12:7, as well as Revelation 11:12, 12:14, and 13:5, all verses dealing with the period of time corresponding to 1260 days. The 45 days you mentioned is another intriguing number, as is the 75 in Cindy’s astounding dream.

      • Carlos thankyou for your reply, it was difficult from your response to gather these verses after you read your post i am sure you can see this, what about Rev 11:2 and also the consumation of Daniels 70th week, Psalm 75 would indicate some Gentiles would seek to elevate their own spires. Thankyou again Carlos.

  11. Hi cindy it’ Scott or scotty b as I posted back in sept 2012 I found the post of what your where shown last year we corresponded on your article blog. You must have sent it to carlos Have a great day.
    Urgent Prophetic Word for a Sleeping America
    Posted on September 6, 2012 by CARLOS MONTAÑA
    My dear sister Cynthia has sent me this urgent prophetic word based on a repeated night vision which she had just the other day. First, let me say that Cynthia has a strong prophetic gift and has been called by … Continue reading →

    • Hi scott- Carlos here. Actually this dream was that of my dear sister Cynthia, not to be confused with Cindy (By The Sea)!. Cynthia’s blog is here-

      As you mentioned, I had also posted her train dream.

      Blessings, Carlos

      • Thank you sir.

  12. Cindy, the other time in the Bible 75 is mentioned is Abraham’s age when he departed Haran. If you read the entire passage, it’s when God called Abraham out of his country with his whole household, to go to the land that He would show him. It’s when God blesses him and tells Abraham that he will bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him.

    In light of all the judgement warnings and the way our nation has turned it’s back (cursed) Israel, confirmation that we are under judgement?

  13. Hello,
    I had a dream and I wanted to see what your perspective was on it. I’ve never had a dream like this before that I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

    My Grandma and me riding bikes trying to find our way…. We stop the sky is light purplish and pretty to the right but the other side to my left is dark and black like night time then we get off our bikes walk in closer to the purplish more beautiful sky and I just remember white sparkles and we start to go up and grandma said see we’re finally going home to god I wasn’t scared at all , my body even when I was sleep just felt really light and extremely peaceful going up that it woke me up bc it felt so good and peaceful.

    • Hi Jaden, I think that is a very nice dream indeed. Dreams are interesting and often provide insight in to many things. I would say that your dream represents two choices …. the darkness, or the light (the light representing God). The fact that you are on bicycles to me represents the transience of life – as a bicycle is a mode of transportation. The choice lies before you (as it does all of us) and maybe by virtue of a godly grandmother you have been guided to the right place. Thanks for sharing your dream …. hope that helps.

  14. Do you know the last few weeks and also a year ago people are seeing purple sky’s?

    • No, I did not know that. I appreciate the information …had all but forgotten about this post as it was written about 5 years ago I believe. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. We are vlose to seeing the culmination of all things, I believe.

    ON 9/5/19 AT 4:44 AM EDT

    • Thank you Vonna! Perhaps, in light of your observation I should repost it. Truthfully, I had forgotten about it myself and had to re-read it. Interesting!

  16. […] I’ve been wondering of course if the purple skies seen yesterday have any connection to the purple skies of my dream.  Purple skies are rare but not uncommon around hurricanes. And were seen last year with Hurricane Michael as well I am told. So, if there is any connection between Dorian and my dream of May 3, 2013 I really couldn’t say.  For those of you who would like to read the original post you can find it here. […]

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