Posted by: cindybythesea | April 30, 2013

In Trials of Every Kind

“These things have I spoken unto you, so that you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation, but, be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Trouble. There is just no getting around it.  Like death and taxes, it is not just probable but certain that as long as we are in this world, we will be faced with trials and tribulations of one sort or another. As I’m sitting here writing, I’m sure that each one of you could make a list of your own – finances, marriage, health, family relationships, jobs and, so forth.  That’s right, in one way or another most of us are in a struggle with one of those issues or more right now. None of us are exempt.

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling for the past two weeks with sudden and total hearing loss in my left ear. I already have a hearing deficit in my right ear, which I wear a hearing aide for.  So, as you can imagine, it has been a real struggle for me as the now severe hearing loss has affected my ability to work and drive. Along with poor hearing comes poor equilibrium and I now sport a number of bruises in various stages of color from inadvertently bumping in to things, as I teeter and totter around.

I had an appointment yesterday with the specialist, who stopped the oral medication as there was simply no improvement with them and I was given injections of the same, this time directly in to my ear. By next week, we should know if the injection is going to help or not. Again, it is completely unpredictable, it could help a little, a lot or not at all. I hadn’t realized the amount of stress I had been under with all of this until I lost the keys to my house (and car) for the second time in two weeks, while away for my appointment yesterday.  Yes, somewhere between navigating the bus and the hospital, my keys seperated from my bag. Something I did not realize until I was ready to board the bus to come home.

How this happened is a complete mystery. As the keys had been placed in a rather large black leather fanny pack at the bottom of a larger bag I had carried on the bus. A pack, I did not take out my bag all day long. Oy! How could this be! The whole fanny pack was missing and as far as I could remember I had never taken it out once  all day. My money had been in another smaller wallet, which was still there! 

Anyway, once I realized this, I was in complete panic and shock – not just at the loss of these much needed items, but, the shame and embarrassment of having to get my neighbors involved once again. I back tracked everywhere I had been and nothing. I knew I was going to have to give my friend and neighbor a call to alert her to my situation as I knew I would need her help, when I arrived home.  I knew she would help but, I was very embarassed to be in such a needful situation again, as I’m used to being very self reliant and responsible.  I didn’t know if I would get a scolding about carelessness or what, all I knew was once again, here I was in a jam and, I needed her help.

By this time I was praying and fighting back tears and calling on Jesus for all I was worth to help me find my keys.  When nothing turned up, I picked up my phone and readied to call my friend. But, before I could dial, the phone began ringing and it was her. She was calling to check on me!  How happy I was to see that caller ID – she, had called me first! And, we never call each other on a daily basis.  She is a single mother with a teenaged son and very busy;  most of the time, she isn’t even home until late in the evening.

Cindy“, she said, “I got home and saw you were not here. I knew you were going on the bus today for your appointment and I was worried because you are not back yet.  I was also worrying about you having to catch the bus and walk.”  She knows, how unstable I can be at times.

I was astounded – not because, she was concerned but, because, she knew I had successfully made this bus trip twice last week and had done fine.  It wasn’t super late in the afternoon, no where near dusk that she should be alarmed. But, she said, when she arrived home, she had just sat down in her chair and was just looking at her phone, when she felt the distinct urge to call and check on me.   And, I’m so glad, she did!  The sound of her voice and her reassurance was exactly what I needed at the time.  I was so happy that she had called me first, an obvious answer to prayer in both of our opinions.

I went ahead and took the bus home and when, I arrived the first thing she did was give me a great big hug and told me that everything would be ok. And, with her help and the help of a couple of other people, I was back in my house in time for dinner.

In sharing my story, I hope you will find encouragement for the trials you are going through.  Most of the night, last night, I was unable to sleep, so, at about 2:30 a.m. I turned on the light and opened my Bible to Matthew chapter 7, where Jesus said,

“Ask anything in my name and I will do it.”

Yes, Jesus  said, ask anything in his name and he will do it!  And, while I never found my keys yesterday, my neighbor’s faith (and, mine) was surely strengthened through this incident and, to tell you the truth, folks, I think that’s just the point!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper, who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Praying for your total and speedy recovery – of the keys, fanny pack, health, and peace!!! Onward and upward in HIm!!

    [Hi Tracy, thank you so much for your prayers encouragement! Much appreciated sister! C]

  2. Thanks for sharing this, we all need this reassurance and encouragement from another human being! You are in my prayers, asking our Abba for healing, protection, and most certainly peace in what you are going through. I don’t understand God’s delay or reluctance in the healing process. I have prayed for years, over my daughters with auto-immune diseases. One has mouth sores so horrible and so often she can’t hardly eat, and cries, as she feels like a monster. She has suffered them since she was 9 and she is now 23 yrs old. There doesn’t appear to be any diagnosis yet, and she has said she asked God to take her life many times. I pray for healing always, but I also pray for His peace and comfort for the duration in the painful waiting process.

    Amen, and God bless you!

    [Hi Tamra, so nice to hear from you again. I’m very sorry to hear about your daughters chronic and painful problems, particularly, frustrating, when there is no apparent diagnosis. I will be praying for her. One of the reaons I have decided to blog on my own situation is because I know that we call all learn from each other on how God is answering prayer even during some of our worst times trials. My neighbor to the other side (her name is Cheryl) was diagnosed last year with Stage 4 colon cancer, when, it was found it had already metastasized to all her major organs. She is in her mid-40’s and is a Christian. The chemo she has been going through this past year was simply to slow down the progression of the disease, out side of a miracle from God, it was diagnosed as terminal. Just a few days ago, she was placed on in-house hospice. I’m not sure how much longer she has now, but, hospice usually indicates the end and they pretty much take over care from the doctor, when treatment is stopped. I share this because Cheryl is a Christian (as is her husband) and I know many people have been praying for her. We all know people like this – and, we sometimes wonder, where is God. But, what we have to learn and want to trust is that he is there – that he does hear us and he is answering our prayers, not always as we would like, but, always in his perfect will. This is something I am really wanting to learn for myself. I came to Hawaii through troubled circumstances and became angry and disillusion with God, when my prayers, were not answered as I would have liked. I never want to make that mistake again. Thanks Tamra, you’ve become a wonderful friend through this blog. Many blessings to you and your daughter. C]

    • Tamra,
      I understand your frustration due to the mouth sores, as I used to have them also and they are quite painful. I keep them under control by taking L-Lysine capsules in powder form, not the hard tablets. It may take several days or even a week to get them under control. The key is to take as soon as the sore starts to form, if possible, once they are under control. Your daughter might try this as it won’t hurt and it just might help. I take one a day for maintenance and more if one starts.

      Also Cindy, have you tried a few drops of Olive Oil in your ear? I cleared up an ear infection that way, and again, I don’t think it will hurt anything to try it as it is an old time remedy. I use a Q-tip saturated and swab it (not deep). Hope this helps.

      Prayers for all!

  3. Hi Cindy. I’m sorry to hear about your hearing problems. I’ve had health issues of my own and can tell you that I should’nt be alive today. I’m still alive by the grace of our heavenly father. Prayer and hope is the reason I feel I’m still here today. I’ve enjoyed reading your postings throughout the years and pray that God keeps you in good health so you can continue to preach the good word for the time we have left on this earth.

    PS: I read your last post and also wanted to share this video on the history of the name of Jesus (Yeshua). The letter “J” did not exist until 1349 AD, and still doesn’t in any of the Middle Eastern languages, the name of “Jesus” didn’t either! Our heavenly father knows every persons heart when they pray in the name of Jesus. God bless all in the name of Yeshua (Jesus) Christ.

    [Hi Engineer, thank you for your encouragement and your prayers! It really helps knowing folks care, are praying and carrying each other’s burdens as it were. I’ll be keeping you in mine. Thanks, too for the video on the name of Jesus, it’s excellent! C]

  4. Cindy – Praying for your hearing and overall health. Have you tried any of this:


    [Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your prayers. It appears the nerve in my ear has been severely damaged. The doctor I saw this past saturday tells me there is less that 20% chance that any hearing will return to my ear. Of course, God has the final say on that! I will certainly check out the website. Thank you so much for your concern. Many blessings in Yeshua! Cindy

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