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the blind side

THE BLIND SIDE –  The 82nd annual Academy Awards

Every spring the annual Academy Awards is held to honor the best films and the best acting performances of the year.  It is the SUPERBOWL of the entertainment business.  This year’s award ceremony takes place Sunday evening March 7.  Even now, in preparation for this event, GIANT sized Oscar statuettes are being unwrapped from the plastic they were shipped in and being set up along the red-carpet entry way into the event.  The date for this year’s award ceremony caught my eye after reading Charmaine Egger’s post yesterday at Running From Babylon concerning March 7.  

As George Mitchell arrives in Israel on Sunday in an effort to put continued pressure on Israel for dividing the land, a significant part of the American population will have their eyes turned not east to Jerusalem, but, west, towards the golden state and the american mecca of Hollywood.  Gathered in front of our t.v. sets, we will pay homage to the silver screen, woefully, unaware, that all the glitters is not gold, nor even silver and that this years 82nd annual academy awards could be the end of a very long run, as  8 + 2 = 10.   Ten, the Biblical number of the completion of a cycle –  i.e. ten plagues, ten commandments, ten virgins and so forth.  An interesting correlation to the year 2010 as well, a cycle of its own that may be ending.

March 7, is the one year anniversary of the warning given by David Wilkerson concerning judgment that may soon befall America.  March 7  also shares another interesting date in history, its the  same date on which Hitler broke the Versailles treaty by invading the Rhineland. Not good news for the Jewish people then, not good news for them now.  George Mitchell whose first name means “farmer” and last name  means, “one who resembles God,”(Mitchell, a derivative of the name Michael)  –  one can only wonder, what “seeds” this farmer who resembles “God” may be planting – a harvest of grapes i.e. Revelation/winepress ???? 


This year Academy award hosts will be Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin and will be the first time in Academy history that the awards  have been hosted by a pair of two, instead of one of more.  Two, a number which indicates division, enmity and opposition.  This will also be the first time hosting for Alec Baldwin, but, will be the third time for Steve Martin.  Steve Martin first hosted in 2001 for the 73rd annual academy awards. Another interesting 10, as 7 + 3 = 10.  Which is doubly interesting, when you realize, this would have been the academy awards preceding the 9/11 attack.  The same year, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon received 10 oscar nominations and also won best foreign film of the year.  Interesting, in light of the 911 attacks that crouching tiger, hidden dragonmeans, “to conceal one’s strength from another, in order, to preserve the element of surprise.”


This year’s academy award winners, nominees and guests will dine at the Governor’s ball at Hollywood and Highland’s grand ball room next to the Kodak theatre, where well-known Chef Wolfgang Puck has been busy preparing a lavish feast for the big day.  The ballroom will be elegantly attired art deco style in purple and bronze.  A color scheme, I might add, not without biblical significance.  Purple symbolic of wealth and bronze symbolic of judgmentThe first academy awards were held May 16, 1929 and the first statuettes were bronze overlaid with 24 carat gold.  Today, the statuettes are no longer cast in bronze, but, continue to be overlaid with gold.


Sunday’s big win at the Oscar’s is predictably James Cameron’s block buster film “AVATAR”, a movie about a blue skinned race of people on a planet called Pandora.  A place by its name alone, that I’m sure I would not want to visit!  I have not seen the movie, but, I was surprised to learn that the mountains in the movie were given the name, “the Hallelujah Mountains”.  I’m not sure why they were give this name as the film has a Hindu title, but, I can’t help but, think that some how it is significant.   Hallelujah, of course, is a Hebrew word, which means “praise God”.    Today in the news, due to the immense popularity of the movie in China, where the mountains are located, there is a movement to rename the mountain from its Chinese name “South Pillar of Heaven” to “Hallelujah Mountain”  Which, I think is incredibly beautiful, as the scripture says, even the mountains will praise Him!!!   For a look at this breathtakingly beautiful mountain, click here: 

Hollywood and America, have a blind side when it comes to the things of God.  They seek an Avatar from a planet named for the greek goddess Pandora, by whose curiosity in opening a jar, it is said, unleashed all the evils that have befallen the world.  Hollywood, may not have opened the jar, but, they have done all they can to make sure the jar has been turned upside down and emptied out. Every vile thing in the jar has been shaken loose.  And, in these days of earthquakes increasing like birth pangs in frequency and intensity, the decadence and  corrupting influence of Hollywood may have finally reached its full measure.  God may be ready to say, “enough is enough.” “Hooray for Hollywood”  desperately needs changing to  “pray for Hollywood.”  The full-length feature film you have just seen, is about over  –  and Hollywood and America are desperately lost.

 “The mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy”  Isaiah 55:12  –  HALLELUJAH!






  1. […] Reading Cindy-by-the-Sea’s latest on the Oscars, I’m reminded that Hitler invaded the Rhineland on March 7th, […]

  2. Great stuff, Cindy. I’m startled to remember the Hitler-Rhineland connection, as that was the home of one of the men who was killed on the Louis Majesty on Thursday.

    I’ve seen Avatar. It is an amazingly slick advertisement for New Age filth, and one of the films most aggressively antagonistic to the Christian worldview that I’ve seen in years.

    The Oscar statues remind me of the giant golden statue King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had built (Daniel, chapter three.) He commanded everyone to bow down to it. Daniel’s Jewish compatriots refused and were thrown into the fiery furnace.

    Here’s why I find that pregnant with meaning: Daniel, a ‘type’ for the church, had been sent away by the king on some state business (we presume). He was not there — removed from the scene, i.e., a possible ‘type’ for the rapture. We also need to remember that the only thing that was burned on the righteous men who were thrown was their bonds. AND they had a fourth man (presumably Christ) right there alongside them.

    Are we on the verge of the fiery furnace? We shall see. As for me, I will not be watching the Oscars, bowing, sitting or otherwise.

  3. One other thing: 1st Academy Awards = 81 years ago = 9 x 9. (Nine being the number of judgment).

  4. You write a lot of good stuff for us to study Cindy, thank you! Please see the following important study.

    The Church must fulfill the prophecy of Daniel in the lions den. This is a prophecy of the rapture out of end-time America Babylon. This explains the Fema camps, UN trucks, etc. See the link below for the study on this subject regarding, “Meat in due season” (Mt. 24:45).

    All the best in Christ,

    • Hi Theopilus, Thank you for your encouragement and thank you for providing the link above. I had never thought about Daniel in the Lion’s Den as a type of the church and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego as a type of Israel in the tribulation. The information in the link you provided is very good and I encourage everyone to take a look at it. I just read all the pertaining scriptures and it is certainly giving me a lot to think about! Grace and blessings my friend! Cindy

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