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healing the serpent’s bite – *revised


 The photo above is one you have seen before, the elm tree uprooted by a strong storm at the White House on the afternoon of June 9, 2009.  For many, this was viewed as a harbinger, a sign from God, that perhaps God’s hand of blessing had once and for all been removed from this great nation. It was a striking image, one that cut right to the heart, for those with the spiritual eyes to see.   And, although this is old news in some respects,  I found an unlikely tie to it through a dream  I had on Saturday night, one that connects directly to my last post.

 tsunami saturday

 I spent Saturday morning working on my last post amidst tsunami warning sirens blaring every hour on the hour, checking on emergency supplies and answering phone calls.  When it turned out that Hawaii had been spared, we were all very much relieved and thankful.  It was a rather tense day in many regards, so that night I was glad to go to bed and put the day behind me. Fortunately, I was able to get to sleep right away, but, awoke from a very vivid dream  early in the morning at *2:12 a.m.

  – In the dream, I was in the house of my childhood; a house which was flanked on one side by a large Poplar tree.  In the distance,  I could hear the rumble of thunder, soft at first, it became louder and louder until it finally erupted into an explosive crescendo of sound.  At the moment the thunder crashed the loudest, the Poplar tree  next to the house uprooted and fell onto the house caving the ceiling in and crushing one corner of the house completely.  For some reason, I had two  young children with me; I hurriedly  got them out of the house and into a car where we were safe, before the ceiling had a chance to cave in completely.  The car although blocked from moving by the numerous branches that had fallen, was not in any danger of being crushed.

 On awakening from the dream, I tried very hard to remember all the details,  because I felt somehow they were significant.  I closed my eyes for a few minutes and began praying, Lord, what are you showing me here?  When I looked at the clock again, it was *2:22 a.m. 

  **  two, the number of division, twenty-two, the number of cursing

the Poplar tree and american currency 

Doing a little quick research on the Poplar tree, I found out, that it is a type of Elm;  a type, whose bark according to ancient lore supposedly will, “heal a serpents bite”.    From Frasers Magazine, Vol II    

    “A Phoenician legend which concerns Hercules relates that, when suffering from a serpent’s bite, he sailed west, in obedience to an oracle to find a certain plant that would cure him.  The plant was found at Gades (Cadiz), the cure affected and the Pillars of Hercules raised to commemorate the event.  The tree, the serpent and the two pillars constituted a device on the coins of Tyre and are partly preserved on the American Dollar mark.  Could the Poplar tree have been the healing tree meant in this fable?  The strong belief of the Bohemian peasantry that the white poplar is an antidote to the poison of serpents is a significant fact.” 

 “and they cried ….

 Strange, when you think about the twenty dollar bill, which, when folded a certain way, depicts the burning twin towers of 9/11. Symbolism which I believes, becomes even more significant, when you realize, it is the burning of those “healing leaves (from the elm trees on the back of the twenty)  which form the smoke that rises from the towers.  To view this image click here:

 … when they saw the smoke of her burning.”  Rev 18:18

 I’ve really struggled with this post, in fact, I can count the number of hours I’ve been working on this in the double digit’s now. Many of you  by now, have no doubt, read varying versions of this same post.  I apologize. It’s been a tough one for some reason. So, what I’ve tried to do now, as of this last version, is to simplify things.  Sometimes, simplest is best. 

I believe the dream was very symbolic, or I would not have spent all these hours trying to blog on it. The symbolsim itself, is not very hard to figure out and in some ways, is not really new information.   The collapse of the house is obviously symbolic of the nation. The corner of the house which was crushed – (9/11 and the collapse of the economy)  represents the initial damage sustained, while the house itself remained standing.  But, the weight of the tree bearing down on the roof, will in time, cause the collapse of the entire structure.  Perhaps that collapse is near, imminent even. The Poplar Tree with its symbolic healing leaves, is perhaps like the tree of life in Revelation 22:2 , whose leaves are for the “healing of the nations” – (an interesting reversal of the meaning of the numbers 2 and 22 after things are restored, the numbers normally meaning division and cursing – now implying unity and blessing)  -but, instead, was uprooted, causing not only the destruction of the house, but, its complete and utter demise, as indicated by the burning of the leaves.   Fire and thunder, also, obvious symbols of judgment.   * Thunder, as defined by the Dictionary of Bible Symbolism, a symbol of divine control.   The escape from the house the rapture and/or protection of believers.

Thanks for bearing with me, until next time!  Grace and blessings in Messiah Jesus, Cindy






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