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don’t tread on me


Many of you will recognize the flag above as “the first Navy Jack.”  This flag with its rattlesnake emblem has  long been considered a symbol of the irrepressible spirit of our country since the days of our founding fathers.  From information I found at, the rattlesnake is an american emblem  which dates back to 1751 to Benjamen Franklin and the newspaper he published, The Pennsylvania Gazette.  In one of his newspaper articles, in a warning to the colonies of the danger of disunity, a fragmented snake is depicted, along with these words “join or die”.   During the Revolutionary period, this theme was picked up by patriot Colonel Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina  “who had seen and liked a bright yellow banner with a hissing, coiled rattlesnake rising up in the center.”  He made a copy of the design and submitted it to congress and by 1776 it was in use by the Continental fleet; at which it made its first appearance on the flag ship Alfred. The First Navy Jack is still in use today and was in fact, made mandatory on May 22, 2002 to be flown on all navy vessels during the war on terror. *Note, the double two’s -per E.W. Bullinger, 22 is the number 11 doubled, 11 the number of disorganization and disintegration.

The history of the Alfred is also very interesting.  The Alfred was actually a merchant ship named The Black Prince.”  In October of 1775, it returned to Philadelphia from England carrying private letters to congress informing them that two ships would be arriving from England  carrying arms and gunpowder with which to supply the British troops.  At that time, it was decided by congress that four ships would be purchased for the creation of the continental Navy and one of the ships purchased was the The Black Prince, (possibly named for Edward, the prince of Wales in 1330 who was dubbed “the black prince” for the black armour he wore ) and, was subsequently re-named the Alfred, which means “wise counsel”.   For more on this, read here: 

Early images of the flag, depict a coiled rattlesnake on a yellow back ground, but, by 1776 with the adaptation of the red and white stripes that comprise our current flag, the look of the First Navy Jack changed from that of a coiled rattle snake on a yellow back ground to an extended rattle snake crossing a field of red and white stripes.  From –  The First Navy Jack:  “One of the first flags flown by our Navy may have been an adaptation, of the rebellious stripes’ created at the time of the Stamp Act congress. It featured 13 red and white stripes. Stretched across them was the rippling form of a rattlesnake and the words ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ – a striking indication of the colonists’ courage and fierce desire for independence.”

The purpose in bringing to your attention the early american flag is neither to bore you nor entertain you with tidbits from maritime history.   The idea actually came to me recently as I was considering the words of Jesus from Luke 10:19, where we are told –    “Behold, I give you the power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”  It seemed strange to me, that if our founding fathers were Christian, which I had always believed, why would they adopt a motto which is obviously in direct contradition to the words of Jesus.  And then, when you consider the verse which precedes it: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” Luke 10:18. (Which translated from the aramic –  barak o bama –  means “lightning from the heights” i.e. heaven) it becomes even stranger.  The answer, at least partially, I found lies with its originator Mr. Benjamen Franklin.

the Hell-Fire club

As mentioned above, the first use of the rattlesnake in american history dates back to Benjamen Franklin and his Pennsylvania Gazette. Most of us grew up with a very fond view of Mr. Franklin, a beloved patriot and inventor, whose face graces the back of our twenty dollar bill. But, it has recently been discovered, that there was a side to Mr. Franklin that many were not previously aware of.  Apparently, Mr. Franklin, was a member of a little known group in London known as  “the hell-fire club”.  An group known for its orgies  and occult/satanic activities.  From what I’ve been learning from people like Tom Horn in his recent book Apollyon Rising and others about the Masonic and occult influence of our founding fathers, I hardly think this was an accident.   For more on Benjamen Franklin and the hell-fire club, click here:


In the last few days, we have seen the Obama administration make changes to two things which I believe are significant.  One, is the change in the name of the war in Iraq from Operation Iraqi Freedom to Operation New Dawn.  The other is the change in design of the Missile Defense Agency logo.  The change in design has drawn a lot of criticism for its Islamic appeal with its crescent moon and star design.   My daughter, Kara of Seven Stars made an interesting observation about it. One, which I found far more chilling than any Islamic implications it may have.  What she saw in the logo, is a circle within a circle, –  or a picture within a picture – with one of the circles eclipsing the other, giving the appearance of the morning star venus rising between the sun and the earth.   I believe this is extremely signficant, especially when you consider the trip by President Obama to Indonesia in the next couple of weeks.  If, the scenario Charmaine Eggers at Running from Babylon proposes in her last post “Footsteps Upon Borobudur actually takes place, we may see Obama’s star rising as he receives the mantle for which he has been prepared.  If you have not yet read her excellent post, I encourage you to do so.  For more on the Missile Defense Logo and Lucifer the morning star, check out the link for Seven Stars.

* “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning, (son  or star of the dawn) you have been cast down to earth, you who once laid low the nations.” Isaiah 14:12 


I believe the time is urgent!  Regardless of how much time we have left, it’s time for the body of Christ to re-discover and be encouraged by the power  and authority, we have in the name and blood of Jesus!   In his name, we have the power to tread on the enemy, in his name, the sting of the scorpion is made null!    I have found out first hand, from personal experience with demonic attacks, that the enemy must and will flee at the name of Jesus. It has too!  We must be confident in this!  At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow!  It is important that we never show fear, never back down.  One of the ways the enemy operates is by trying to destroy us through the use of intimidation.  But, Jesus did not give us a spirit of fear!  So, stand your ground Christian!  NEVER give up and never give way!  It is imperative that we know who we are in Christ in these last days. The battle intensifies, but, the victory has already been won!

Grace and blessings to all of you in Yeshua and thank you to all of you who I know have been praying for me in Hawaii today.  Until next time or until we meet face to face around the throne – Cindy





  1. Cindy, I thank the Lord every day for you and other Watchmen on the Web who bring these precious words to those of us who glean knowledge from you in spirit and in truth. I have had such a hunger to understand this foreboding presence I have been feeling. Our churches are dead — they offer no spiritual fulfillment. I have found that fulfillment from you, ultraguy, gardengirl, joseph herrin, john mcternan, tom horn and others. You are such a blessing! I start each day checking your latest blog — thank you. I appreciate each of your blogs and look forward to the next — I take each warning to heart and prayer.

    • Hi Connie, I am extremely humbled by your words, I too, find a lot of encouragement and strength from the other watchman on the wall, those who post, as well as those who don’t. A lot of wisdom comes through the comment section and we who write depend on readers to share their insight. Its always appreciated when people take the time to write. Grace and blessings to you, I look foward to hearing from you again! Cindy

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