Posted by: cindybythesea | February 24, 2010

when pigs move in



I’ve borrowed the title of today’s post from a book I’ve been reading called WHEN PIGS MOVE IN by author Don Dickerman.  A book for Christians, the synopsis on the cover of the book reads “How to sweep clean the demonic influences impacting your life and the lives of others.”  It’s an excellent book and a real eye opener describing how believers can  wittingly or unwittingly open the door to demonic oppression resulting in some of the very real struggles in our lives that we just can’t seem to get victory over.  Don Dickerman helps us to understand “the spiritual warfare” involved and how to get final and complete victory over the demons that plague us. For more on this excellent book, click here:


Pigs have a long history biblically speaking as an “unclean animal”.  From the time of the giving of the Torah to Moses in the book of Leviticus, pork has been restricted from the Jewish diet.  In the New Testament, it seems, that at least for us gentiles, that restriction has been lifted, which is a good thing given my affinity for bacon. But, beyond the dietary regulations, we see something else interesting regarding our mud loving, cloven footed friends. In at least three of the gospels, we read an account of Jesus driving demons out of a man and into a herd of swine. He was going to send them into the abyss, but, they beg him rather to be sent into a herd of swine.   In Matthew 8:30, 31 it says: “And there was a good way off from them, a herd of  many swine feeding.  And the devils besought him saying; ‘ If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine.'”   See Matthew 8:28 – 34, for the full account.  This at first glance, seems like a very odd request.  Why would demons prefer being cast in to swine?   Might they just as well have requested being cast into a herd of cows?  Well, probably not for a variety of reasons, but, one of the reasons, is quite simple.

Demons, like us, are spiritual creatures with the exception that they do not have bodies and they exist with but one goal in mind – to kill, steal and destroy“.  Because, they lack a physical place of habitation from which to operate, they are always seeking a physical body to possess and oppress through which they can act.   Not sons of Adam, they have  no natural authority in the earthly realm for authority and dominion were given to Adam and his descendants.  Also, Apparently, pig flesh is similar in make up to human flesh, (which is why pig valves are often used to replace human heart valves) and could be why swine are the preferred vessel of demons next to humans.


As I look at the culture today, I see a culture infested with the habitation of demons. It’s important to note here, that demons must be invited in, –  just like we have to invite Jesus in –  demons have to be invited in as well; for both are spiritual transactions.  While Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.   Demons are deception, lies and death.  Which means, the hapless and the unwitting can be victimized as well as those who knowingly offer a habitation for unclean spirits.   Remember the Sunday school song “Be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little feet where you go”.  There is a lot of wisdom to be found in this simple song.  That is why we are always told to guard our hearts and minds –Proverbs 4:23.  For an abundance of doorways exist through which unclean spirits can find access and they lay in wait for just such an opportunity.

The baby boomers, to our shame have deliberately or through laziness allowed God to be removed from our culture.  For this reason, we have a generation of young people, who for the most part, know nothing of the God of the Bible.  In doing so, We have created a spiritual vacuum, one  of which the enemy is more than happy to fill.  At this point in time, the infestation has become so great and so prevalent, that the enemy, who once operated by hidden means, through the occult – now, boldly operates in the open.


hissssss ….

I think everyone took notice of  the unusual costume worn by Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek in the recent Men’s figure skating competition.  His unusual costume, featured two serpents in 3-D, one which was draped about the neck and the other which came rising across the chest towards the heart.   To me, it was not just the use of the serpents on the costume, but, rather, the placement of the serpents on the costume, – how they were arranged.  You see,  snakes when they kill, strangle their victims about the neck and chest by squeezing and exerting a tremendous amount of pressure on these areas.   So, symbolically, the serpent by strangling the neck and head,  affects our souls; our ability to know God,  – and by strangling the chest, the home of the heart, our spirit, by which we are able to love God.  If you haven’t already seen the costume, check it out here and  while doing, read an awesome post on the same subject by Ultraguy over at New Wine Skins . 

the BRAZEN brass serpent

brazen: 1- insolent audacity, shameless  2- brass

A similar photo appeared a few months ago with actress Meghan Fox as she appeared at a Hollywood premier for her recent movie “Transformers.”  In this photo, Meghan is seen wearing a sultry red dress, her waist encircled by a golden serpent.  In the link below, you can see a full length photo of Meghan in the dress and in a second photo below, a close up of the belt. 

 After you see the photo of Meghan, continue to scroll down, where there is a third photo.  This photo is not of her, but, is of American Idol contestant Adam Lamberth.  In this photo, you will see a green snake positioned very suggestively at Mr. Lamberth’s groin.  When you see these photos, realize, it is not by  accident that the snake and the belt are positioned in the way they are, about the waist and loins, in fact, it is key to understanding the true nature of the serpent.

 Serpents have long been symbols of fertility in the occult and probably hearken back to the garden of Eden when the original sin may have involved more than eating forbidden fruit from a tree.  For more on this, check out a study at Open Scroll titled, “the father of Cain“.  In this post, the author explores the Genesis account from a different view-point, one, which is, frankly different from anything I have ever read before.  You may or may not agree with it –  but, I do believe, if, you choose to  read it – (and please be advised, it is for mature readers), it will give you something to think about and will perhaps, help you to connect some dots that previously were either missing or unclear.  For me, I’m not entirely sold on this interpretation, but, I will say this, even if the author has not entirely nailed it, I think he makes some valid points and may definately be on to something.


– the BRAZEN insolent, shameless serpent

A few weeks ago, actress Lindsay Lohan made news by posing on the cover of PURPLE FASHION magazine in a startling photo in which she is  posed as the crucified Christ in a low cut gown with arms out stretched and a crown of thorns on her head.  Miss Lohan, a practising lesbian is dressed in white, the color of righteousness and purity, an audacious mockery by the evil one of the sinless nature of Jesus and his redemptive death on the cross.  Sadly, Miss Lohan, knowingly or not,  is being used by the evil one to keep her in bondage and slavery from the outstretched arms and the love of the one she mocks.

The cultural trend today is toward the demonic. From Hollywood to the kids at the Mall, it’s more than evident from what we see everywhere,  “that the pigs have moved in.”   It saddens my heart to see the bondage of so many, especially so many who are not much more than children,  it saddens my heart,but, it grieves the heart of God.  Pray with me will you, for their deliverance.

 Grace and blessings in Messiah Jesus, Cindy






  1. Thank you for your post that causes more awareness of this deceptive culture. I still
    have to wonder why the pigs, because as
    you said, demons need a body and they ran
    to their death. I am sure that discovery will
    be learned some day.

    Speaking of discovery, I did read the “Father
    of Cain” story that you referenced. I believe
    it does make more sense than the fruit tree.
    As you are pointing out, the evil one is still
    using this deception very wisely, by hiding this
    from the understanding of what really happened
    in the garden. There is nothing new under the sun and I believe sex is front and center of our culture
    as it was in all instances that Yahweh had to intercept and bring it to an end. If we look around us with open eyes, we will see that sex is
    being manipulated and perverted to be a weapon of mass destruction that is probably capable of
    destroying more lives than any man made war weapon. It invades the mind, heart and soul. It
    becomes an addiction. I hope and pray that more
    people will be made aware of what really happened in the garden of eden, so that as Yeshua said, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one”.

  2. […] this theme, I recommend a fine new post (“When Pigs Move In”) by Cindy-by-the-Sea, who […]

  3. I have read the blog about Cain’s paternity, too. There are others “out there” who perpetuate that theory. It makes very good sense to me. I don’t know if you have read this study by Joseph Herrin, but it is excellent.


  4. I too have read the book by Don Dickerman and it was excellent. I believe that the church today has been weakened and become sickly due to the lack of understanding demonic oppression. As Don states in the book, he was never taught in seminary about demons and the entrances they have into our lives.

    As we know there is a spiritual battle taking place, yet many christians are unaware and or refuse to recognize the existence of demonic oppression. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about the process of learning how to get rid of the demons in ones life. However to do nothing out of fear of angering the demons, is to say that you fear demons more, than you have faith in the protection, that Christ can provide for you. In essence it’s aggreement with the demons and that right there allows them legalized rights to remain and continue the oppression. Many times the oppression comes in the form of illnesses.

    Knowing who we are in Christ is key to having victory over the demonic forces oppressing the church today. We are in the last days, Satan will be bringing his “A” game to the fight. Our focus is to be on Jesus, but he didn’t leave us here helpless, there is power in the name of Jesus. So many unsaved and saved loved ones are bound by satanic oppression and aren’t even aware of it. Let’s bring our “A” game, fight for our loved ones refusing to allow demonic oppression a place of refuge in the Church

  5. Cindy,

    Praying for your safety!


    • Kim, thank you so much for your prayers! Right now I am safe as I live in a higher part of the island, but, they are evacuating all shoreline areas, so, from what I can see on the news, highways coming in and out of those areas are a real mess jammed with traffic as you can imagine. All though I am not in danger here of a water surge per se, I will be affected if power is knocked out for the next few days. So I have spent the morning kind of readying my emergency supplies. They are advising everyone to have a 3-5 day supply of food and water on hand. All My family is on the mainland so its just me and Jesus here,but, I have his word to comfort me and his presence to sustain me what ever comes. An earth quake here, would not be out of the question, so I really think anything could happen here in the Pacific rim – Japan had a 6.9 a couple of days ago and there was a substantial quake in Argentina this morning. Taking the time now, to work on my next post, God willing, I’ll have it finished this afternoon. God bless you sister and thank you again for your prayers! Cindy

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