Posted by: cindybythesea | January 8, 2017

Meeting Jesus

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How many of you have heard the phrase “come to Jesus moment“?  A tongue in cheek expression often used (by those in the secular world) to describe a moving or enlightening experience of some kind – usually trivial in nature – so profound (that’s why it’s tongue in cheek, because it’s trivial) it borders on a religious experience. Example: “I had a come to Jesus moment when I discovered “no hamburger in the world compares to one topped with green chile”.  And while I would not use that particular phrase to describe a hamburger, I will say there is no hamburger in the world that compares to one topped with green chile, but, that’s a subject for another day.

Every person who is born again of the Spirit has a time when they came to Jesus. For some it may have been a process – for others more suddenly … a specific moment in time when one realizes that Jesus is both who he said he was and of their own personal need for him. I love these stories and find them as delightful as they are inspirational for each one is unique and speaks of the incredible love Jesus has for each individual. These days you can find many of these stories on the internet …. particularly YouTube and once I discovered these I have not been able to stop watching.

One that really caught my attention this past week was the testimony of a young man by the name of  David Wood. David by his own admission is (or was, I should say) a violent psychopath. It’s an amazing story that still has me shaking my head. How David came to faith in Jesus is as fascinating as it is riveting. And chilling. For the thought of people like David walking the streets is part of our worst nightmare. Yet, he (and those like him) are not too far for Jesus to reach. In dramatic fashion, David takes us with him in to the depths of the New York Subway for the telling of his story. A fitting background for a man caught literally in the labyrinths of hell. A story you won’t want to miss and can watch  here. .

I have also enjoyed immensely listening to the testimonies from One For Israel. Most of these are about ten minutes long and are as incredible in their own way as the testimony of David Wood. For a sample of just a few click here, here and here. Or just go to Youtube and type in One for Israel. And while these in particular are Jewish there are or course a plethora of others out there as well.

For me testimonies are more than just interesting. They are faith building. A reminder to me that it is Jesus who does it all. Individuals we think are unreachable, not so. Our job simply this – go and tell. Jesus will do the rest.

If you would like to share in the comments section how you met Jesus. I would love to hear it. Or if you have a testimony you think others would be blessed by hearing by all means post the link.

And, as always – “pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy








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