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Separating Light from Darkness

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“This is the verdict: Light has come in to the world, but men loved darkness instead of light …” John 3:17

I’ve noticed two things over the past few years which have led to the writing of this post. The increasing popularity of Halloween not just with children but with adults.  And the increasing darkness, depravity and lewdness that surrounds it. If you don’t believe me just visit any (especially major city) Halloween parade or party.  You would probably be astounded.

Few would argue that the roots of Halloween are not rooted in paganism. Most of us understand that it is. If you are not convinced,  a quick google on the subject will take you to more information than you would probably want to take the time to read. I could recount it all here but I think most of us already know it on one level or another.

The problem is not so much that we don’t understand it …. but, the more obvious fact that we choose to ignore it ….. under the serious illusion that by skirting the issue it simply no longer exists …. after all, a girl (or boy) just wants to have fun.

Separating Light from Darkness

As Christians, we know that from the very beginning God separated light from darkness. Calling that separation good. This is a major, overwhelming and constant theme throughout scripture ….. making it very plain as it says in 2 Corinthians 6:14-15

“….what fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Belial (the devil) …”

To which of course we must say, there isn’t any. None!  For the true purpose of light is to dispel darkness not to contribute to it. Yet, I dare say the number of Christians who participate in this holiday (Halloween)  are as close in number as to those who are not (Christian).

Listen, it has taken me years to come to this conclusion. I dressed up as a kid and so did my kids. No one came home with a bigger bag of candy than my youngest (and her best buddy, the preachers daughter, I might add) so its not like I don’t understand. But in my walk with the Lord the past few years, I have began to see things much, much differently. The problem is we often want to see what we want to see ….. and  I think that is how it was for me.


But things have changed mightily in the last few years and darkness and outright demonism is engulfing our country (and our world) like never before. The signs are everywhere. If there was ever a time to be salt and light in our world its now!  The time for straddling fences is over ….. if you are for God, say so!  For Jesus has made it plain …. if you are “lukewarm” …..”I will spit you out of my mouth”. One foot in Jesus and one foot in the world is not going to cut it anymore. I can assure you when Jesus comes he will not be carrying a jack o lantern ….. when Jesus comes he will be armed with justice and truth.

When God called Israel out of Egypt he called them to leave all their former “gods” behind. Yet for some reason, we have this penchant for clinging on to ours — because in our minds …. its all in “fun” …. therefore God, by golly, must like it or at least understand. Why? Because we said so.

Hello! This is God we are talking about …. not the fictional easter bunny, will o the wisp or Santa Claus. What part of “its a fearful thing to fall in to the hands of the living God” do we not understand? Yes, God is love. Yes, God has shown us grace through his son …. but, we make God out to be some kind of heavenly fluff ball in the sky …. that exists solely to make sure we have fun. You want to be scared …. skip the haunted house and think about the day you will come face to face with the living God ….. for that day is coming as surely as the sun comes up each morning …. an appointment that every one of us must keep. Think about that the next time you’re tempted for that weak in the knees feeling.


As Christians our greatest responsibility is for what we teach our children. Why when God offers us life would we dress our children as skeletons, skulls or any other image of death, destruction and God’s adversary the devil?

Do we not know the devil comes  for the sole (soul) purpose – to kill, steal and destroy? He wants your children and he wants their souls. And if he can trick you in to thinking its all just in fun … all the better.

Why oh why, then would we want to participate in a holiday that glorifies the very things that God gave his most precious Son to defeat? It surely must grieve him as much as it angers him.

I don’t know about your neighborhood but mine is rife with death images. Graveyards, ghosts, ghouls, headstones, “bodies” hanging from trees, a “severed head” in a bag and so forth.  Witches, black cats, jack o lanterns and various accoutrements of the same. All images that relate to the occult, sorcery and magic …. all an abomination to the Lord.

Yet in spite of this we see an enormous enthusiasm for a holiday that says nothing about Jesus …. in fact, the direct opposite.


Image result for jesus with children

Jesus said ….. “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them ” …. Luke 18:16.

Did you get that? Do not hinder them. Have we considered that the mixed message we give our children by participating in holidays like this could be hindering, stunting or minimizing their coming to Jesus or walking with him?  If so, then perhaps we should reconsider it.

Jesus had this to say:

“And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But, if anyone causes one of the little ones who believe in me to sin it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Matthew 18:5-6

A charge, in my opinion we should all take very seriously.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy



















  1. LOL – God’s word is always a good word…

  2. This is a very pertinent issue. It is very revealing of the condition of those who are unwilling or unable to discern the simple things such as this.
    It is most interesting to me that the thing that is sought,(candy), made of sugar is very addictive and feeds many human malady’s. The human body can use it as fuel but it is destructive. It also feeds a portion of the flesh that is a very powerful force to continue after it.
    At the instruction of the Lord the Hebrew people who sought redemption were given very specific dietary commands to prepare for the first Passover. They were spared because of the Blood of the Lamb. Not heeding the very clear instruction from the Word opens the door for death.
    Christ came that those who would have Him as Savior and Lord might have eternal life.
    John 1:1 say’s it all belongs to Him.

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