Posted by: cindybythesea | January 14, 2015

Fast Food Generation

Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice hot, crisp French fry as much as the next guy (or girl in my case). In fact, there was a time in my life when any city with a plethora of fast food restaurants made me happier than the big red smile on Ronald McDonald’s face. I’ve since learned after packing on a number of pounds and huffing and puffing to bend over to tie my shoelaces that I needed to make some serious changes in my lifestyle and eating habits. It’s been a number of years ago, but, I dropped about 40 pounds and have kept it off by maintaining those lifestyle changes.

In case you are wondering, no,  I have not switched my blog to a health and exercise forum …. nor am I here to nag anyone about their eating habits. Rather, I have been thinking about the “fast food” approach most people take when it comes to their spiritual lives.

There is a fast food restaurant here that has been getting a make-over on the exterior of their building. It now looks a little more trendy, a little more friendly and a little more upscale. But, unless the menu inside has changed it’s still the same old, same old ….. last time I ate one of their products I had to wonder, where are they getting this stuff! The beef, if indeed it was beef tasted like cardboard. The same could be said for what many of us pass off as our spiritual diet. We consume it because its fast, easy, cheap and sometimes even tastes good – or at least smothered in enough condiments that you can’t tell the difference. But is it good for us?

When you think about this in spiritual terms, how many of us want to run in and out of the door with God. A drive-through relationship centered more about what we want from God than what he wants from us. We pull up to the menu board, punch in or voice our selection and then pull forward – voila!  Done. Instant gratification!

We do this in a number of ways. Maybe we seek out spiritual leaders who offer the feel good approach but, very little substance in their spiritual teaching, shallow and without the depth that should lead us into a deeper relationship with God and a closer walk with Jesus. Maybe we’re part of a religious organization that provides us with a sense of community but, whose teachings are aberrant from the Bible or maybe, we have a self designed God, who functions more in our lives like Santa Claus, the good fairy or a genie, who never requires anything from us but simply exists for those times when we need to pull something out of the bottle quick!

There was a time when the majority of the nation revered the Bible and churches were full with people hungry to hear the word of God. This served as a strong foundation for families and for the culture. But, today with our fast food spiritual mentality, we see society crumbling and in disarray in almost every arena. Therefore, it might be a good time at the start of this new year to take inventory on our spiritual condition.

Are we where we need to be or want to be in our relationship with Jesus? Do we even know him as Lord and King?

Something to think about.

Yes, we are a fast food generation physically and spiritually speaking and like the fast, easy food we consume, it will kill you …. it’s a slow kill, yes …. but, still …. the effect is the same.

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6



  1. It reminds me as a believer, many of us do not pick up God’s word and search him riches through his word that he speaks to us and have a relationship with our Savior. Yes, many church pastors are in it for the money and do not even study the word and lead the sheep of God in the right direction, I am in property management and a pastor a a very large church her in California called as he owns a home in one of our gated communities that must use a transponder to gain entrance or they would have to get in the visitors lane which is always full of cars, so he called to complain the Ford Company gives him a car every 6 weeks and he could not provide the vehicle information for his vehicle since Ford provides him one every 6 weeks or 6,000 miles on the new vehicle so as we explained to him he could not have the transponder and would need to use the visitor gate and security will let him in with proof of his residence. Well, he just went bonkers stating my other two homes in gated communities let me have a special prevlidge with a special transponder, ( noting these homes are $1.6 million ) as we manage all the communities that he owns in. So he will meet with the board thinking he can push his way into getting his way, to where the board commented that he changes cars more than his underwear. The point is we live in an entitlement generation of me, me, me. This pastor I will not judge but it kinda of blew my mind.
    God Bless you Cinty it is right on the mark.

  2. I too have been thinking of food value. That which is simple and as the Lord made and intended is able to keep the body healthy. MAN u fractured foods and GMO foods disrupt that which God has intrinsically placed into creation to allow it to function properly. The same goes for the Word, something added or removed and it will not function as intended.
    The Word of God is bread, not merely paper.
    The woods are full of them who say they are but their works declare otherwise. Merchandisers.
    ANY with 501(c)3 affiliations and those who just have to hang onto tradition that has NOTHING to do with the birth of Christ or his bunny. Are being set up to be forced to comply with the already in place anti-christ beast system.
    Altering DNA in anyway changes the image that was created in man.
    Are you ready to do what Matthew 16 tells you to do?

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