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Dark Skies – Part 1 of 8

 If the night had eyes what would it see?
On the night of November 5, 1975, a man by the name of Travis Walton went missing after he and a crew of men he was logging with spotted a large silvery disc hovering above a clearing in the mountains of Arizona. Stopping their truck to investigate, Walton got out for a closer look, where according to witnesses, he was struck by a beam of light emanating from the craft, which levitated his body in to the air before dropping it back to the ground. Terrified, the men fled the scene to notify authorities who on investigation were unable to find any trace of Walton until five days later when he turned up claiming that he had been abducted by aliens aboard the silver craft he had left his truck to investigate.  The story generated a good deal of publicity and was later made in to a movie titled “Fire in the Sky” which many of you may have seen.
It was in this same year – 1975 – that someone close to me had an encounter that would rival the Travis Walton story.  It’s a story I know well. And, one that has had a direct impact on myself and my family in the years that followed. A story that is both riveting in content and disturbing in detail.  A story (like that of Travis Walton) of such magnitude that if true, the world in which we live will never be viewed the same by those who hear it.
For  many, the idea of E.T. is completely laughable. But, in the last 20-30 years following a movie by the same name, there has been a growing acceptance of the idea that we are indeed “not alone”.  But, who are these space brothers?  And, if they are visiting us, what is their agenda?  Questions I ask in a rhetorical sense only as most readers of this blog would agree they are anything but what they would have us believe.  And, are in fact much more of the spiritual realm than of the astral –  a detail given away by their behavior and a careful study of the Bible.
That being said, I believe there are pieces of the puzzle yet to be uncovered and it is my goal in writing this series to try to understand (and bring to light) what happened under dark skies in May of 1975 in the hope and prayer that those affected would be freed from their long reaching tentacles and that they would be exposed for what they really are.
I like how LA Marzulli puts it (regarding the alien presence and their agenda) –
                    “it’s real, it’s burgeoning and it’s not going away” 
And, folks I’m here to tell you – he’s right.  It’s not going away – but, it will be exposed and brought to light just as Jesus said, in Luke 8:17 –
  “There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed, and there is nothing secret that won’t become known and come in to light”.
“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6
Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. Well written article. 🙂 Glad I subbed. Yeah, the “aliens”… I think they’re demons. God bless!!

  3. I’m in agreement with Laura (comment above). I’m looking forward to your blogs on this subject.

  4. There are so many people deceived who think that these are “aliens” from either a different part of the galaxy or another “dimension”. These are evil entities, demons indeed, who terrorize people and use them for experiments in order to try and creat a demonic, hybrid race. Interestingly, if people who are tormented by these night intruders call upon the name of Jesus, the demons immediately vanish! Please refer to a documentary available on You Tube entitled “Age of Deceit”. In the film this is revealed. Another deeply disturbing fact is that both the US and UK governments have dealings with these demons, and allow them to abuse human victims. The UN even has underground facilities for these demons to hold court and dictate their instructions to the government elites of this world. Do you think this is far-fetched? Friend, if you are reading this in disbelief, I urge you to prayerfully seek the Lord Jesus about this and be led by Him. For whoever seeks finds, and for those who knock the door will be opened. In this day and age, many individuals who have been involved in studying “alien abductions”, worked for agencies and government bodies are broadcasting their testimonies and knowledge on-line. I wish you every freedom from deceipt, peace and blessings in abundance, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • AMEN Diana
      It is the perfect strategy to bring something “new” onto the scene for people to accept.
      Do you think “they” will ever get muslims to abandon islam for Catholicism? Or baptist to become mormons?
      However all mystery religions have a common thread. It is about being able to find acceptance with “god” through allegiance and performance. That is EXACTLY how the devil manipulates people.
      Check out
      Its called conditioning.
      Hollywood has been the instructor.

  5. Cindy!! Hi ya darlin! Just wanted to pop in here & say you have my FULL attention …can’t wait for part 2 to show up! Soon, very soon we are going to see the KING! Everyone over at the Tribulation Now facebook page loves your articles…so we wait together!

    Buzz Hugs….Bee !

    • Hi Bee! Thanks for writing! It’s good to hear from you again. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about whether I should continue this series or not. Even whether it was wise to have started it in the first place. For one thing, its very personal ….. and doesn’t involve just me – so, there is a lot to think about. The subject itself is controversial and not well understood – which is understandable. I’m not sure how it will be received. I am working on part 2 …… and, if I don’t decide to pull the plug on the whole thing it should be coming shortly. Please keep me in prayer – as I know you do – the end times deception is great. Its important to know the difference sometimes between exposing it and/or inadvertently being used by it ….. not always easy (as I just said) to tell the difference. Grace and blessings, Cindy

  6. Hey Cindy, I think you would find interesting the work they are doing at the Would be worth your time and read related to aliens, the bible, demons, etc.

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