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Two Towers, Two Flags – Surrendering to the New World Order

      On the morning of July 22, 2014, New Yorker’s awoke to the sight of white flags fluttering in the breeze atop the twin towers that serve as brackets for the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.  As of this writing, it is still a mystery as to who placed the flags atop these extremely difficult to reach towers and why.  Adding insult to injury, the bridge is under heavy video surveillance and police protection leaving one to wonder how a “stunt” or” a prank” (as it has been called by the NYC authorities) could have been carried out without a hint of detection.  But, is this all it was – a stunt or a prank?  If  you buy that story  then all I can say is this – “ I have a bridge in Brooklyn, I would like to sell you!”
    In the early hours of the morning, (3:30 a.m. to be exact) –  the lights to one of the towers above the bridge flickered out followed 13 minutes later by the light to the other tower. The next morning,  lo, and behold – the American flags that normally grace these towers had been replaced by bleached American flags – the source of the snuffed out lights – aluminum foil baking pans of the type turkey’s are basted in used to cover the lights that normally illuminate the towers.
    As I started to investigate this story I was initially convinced that the bridge which spans the East River was the focal point of the story,  but have since changed my mind. I now believe that the focal point is the towers themselves and not the bridge. Take a look at the photo above.  In the background to one of the bridge towers, the One World Tower can plainly be seen standing where the other twin towers once stood. The date of the bridge  incident (July 22) – 51 days short of the 13th anniversary of the fallen 9/11  towers.  Which leads me to believe that these two events are somehow connected.  The date of July 22 possible chosen to represent a doubling of the number 11 – the two towers of 9/11 and the two towers of the bridge.  But, if this is so – why?
I think it would be safe to say that the America we knew pre 9/11 has faded from its former glory – much like the faded colors on the white flags.  Not erased, but barely visible. The powerful red, white and blue that stood watch over a nation now faded to but a ghost of its former glorious self.  A once valiant young man, now aged and decrepit – impotent of strength and purpose – now more dead than alive.
High towers in the Bible are often symbols of pride. And, on 9/11 – a nation proud and arrogant in its own strength was brought to its knees.  But, instead of being humbled –  it was determined – yes, even vowed,  – that we would come back better and stronger than before.  But, has that been the case?  Realistically, we know it has not.  The nation has steadily been in decline and seems to be even now in the throes of death – the faded white flags a possible acknowledgement of that fact.
     The use of white flags as a symbol of surrender (or truce)  date back many centuries and  is universally understood by just about everyone. But, these flags weren’t just white – they were American flags deliberately bleached to fade the colors. This I believe was done as a statement.  In other words, the nation represented by “Old Glory” is set to fade from history – the goal of the One World Order has been realized at last and is  coming in to view.  The bleached white flags on the twin towers of the bridge may be an acknowledgement of the realization of these goals.
     As a side note it is interesting that the aluminum pans used in this incident were turkey basting pans of the type used in almost every American home on Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving, pilgrims, founding of the nation etc.  A holiday that commemorates blessing and thanking God for all he has done for the people of this nation.  In this incident – the aluminum foil pans were used to block rather than illuminate light – which, I find to be interesting given the current state of the nation and its attitude towards God.
     Most will view the switching of the flags on the Brooklyn Bridge as nothing more than a prank. I suppose only time will tell.  If nothing else, it serves as a reminder that in spite of our high-tech precautions and often intrusive procedures put in place after 9/11 – we remain as vulnerable as ever.  There is no safety outside the protection of God – if you think otherwise, dear friend, you are sincerely deluded.  I encourage you now, if you have not done so already – make God your hiding place – there is no other.
     “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6
      Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!   Cindy


  1. Miss Cindy, I have been praying for you as you are missed and I know that you were adjusting to your hours on the job you have. I am so happy to hear from you. The Lord bless you and keep you dear sister until we meet up yonder. Your comments are always excellant in that we should be watching and praying as we are ready to step out into eternity. Love you


  2. You have been definitely missed. Your spiritual insight is missed. Thank you for posting again. Blessings. Karen

  3. Some people will go to eternity waving old glory and never get it. While America has been the place of finding salvation (by the shed blood of the Perfect Lamb of God Jesus the Christ) it is also the place of finding damnation. Hidden in the folds of time the enemies tares have come to full ripeness.
    The time of the harvest is near and then the only thing left is the threshing.
    I too made some observations on 7/22/14 and at 3:30 am Check out what happened in my comment at:
    The account described on the fifteenth comment.

    Reading about the lights going out thirteen minutes apart. The code? One if by land two if by sea and then, on 7/28/14 multiples of seven, again and common denominators of 777
    Revere Mass. hit with an EF2 tornado I looked for the time but this is what I found here.
    65 residences damaged, a multiple of thirteen.
    13 homes uninhabitable
    2800 without power

    These comments about numerical oddities are not meant to describe or predict what might happen, but what is happening right before us.

  4. “A once valiant young man, now aged and decrepit – impotent of strength and purpose – now more dead than alive.”

    Woman. A Mary Ka is female. Always has been, even to her original moniker, which was Columbia.

    Masonic fraternities didn’t erect a statue of a Valiant Young Man in the nation’s premiere harbor. They set up the Spirit of America, on her pedestal. Just as Zechariah was shown by the LORD. Neither is the Whore of Babylon a male.

    • Thank you Ray for your comment. Yes, Columbia is indeed female. Poor choice of metaphor on my part…… point being – weakened of strength. Thsnk you and God bless! Cindy

      • She is weakened indeed but you, I think, are not. Not in any way that really matters.

        You have a keen eye for detail, including images contexted with Scriptural and current events. Not asleep.

        This is the finest moment in all of history to offer sincere works to the Lord. Therefore continue in them. cheers

  5. I agree with your analysis of this incident, and that it represents capitulation to the NWO — which was always the intention of certain groups and individuals, even before the founding.

    Correct that the Twin Towers destruction was a clear warning from the LORD. Doesn’t matter who ‘did’ it; what matters is that God permitted it to be done. Instead of humility and repentance, America’s response was increased and deepened rebellion, externalized especially in the twin elections of Barack Obama, which (eventually) will result in a single global antichrist.

    The near future indeed will prove that for all of us, our only defense is the LORD. Praise his mercy and protections.

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