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Caught in the Net

      A little different subject matter for today. I received an e-mail from a friend yesterday warning me about the safety of eating food produced in Asia (particularly China). Evidently there are a great many food products being imported into the United States from other countries under labels we would never suspect if not for the very small print on the package.  Some of the products of concern are chicken, fish and fruit – with fish high on the list.  I checked my freezer to look at a bag of Yellow Fin Tuna filets that I had purchased sometime back. I’ve eaten all but one and while looked they looked and tasted ok, I now have serious reservations about finishing the package.
   The Ahi or yellowfin tuna I purchased at a nationally known food outlet. It was frozen and marked at an incredibly low price. I was amazed as I had just about given up purchasing Ahi in Hawaii as the price had skyrocketed over the past few years. How thrilled I was to find it so affordable in frozen packages. I should have known there was  something wrong with that picture – and, sure enough, when I went to my freezer – in very small print – produced in China  – Singapore to be exact.
   According to the e-mail I received fish and other food products from many other countries (Asia and China in particular) are unregulated and often grown in filthy conditions including contamination with feces and, in some cases even being fed it.  After reading an article from MSN money,(which I have posted below) I will never eat Tilapia again or any other farm raised fish for that matter – for me now, it’s “wild caught” or nothing.
   This may not be “new” news for some of you, but, it certainly was for me.  For those of you interested in reading more on this subject I’ve added  some links below.
   Discouraging news, I know. For it seems  harder and harder these days to eat a healthy diet – as if GMO modified foods were not enough.  And as someone who has always loved fish I was especially dismayed at this information. And, it’s not just fish but, chicken as well.  With the change in policy regarding food imports we will soon have no idea where the chicken in our chicken nuggets is coming from nor the chicken soup we enjoy.  This just isn’t right. So, what can we do?
   1) Take the time to read labels. Reject anything that may have been produced in unsafe conditions. This way you are making known to your food retailer that you care about what you consume. It may cost more to purchase an alternative but, it is worth it – either that or do without – that’s my thought. Let’s put our retailers on notice that will no longer be caught in the net of deceptive food production practices.
    2) Shop at your local farmers market.
   3) Grow your own food, if possible. Even a few pots of tomatoes or herbs will at least give you a sense of taking control.
   4) Last but not least – prayer for wisdom and guidance regarding feeding ourselves and our families. Surely, the Lord hates the despicable practices that are contributing to so many being sick and even dying. The Bible already has much to say on the subject of food and health practices. What do you think? Have you been applying it?  Information, thoughts and ideas welcome for sharing.
Articles of interest:
   From MSN Money – “Tilapia raised on feces hits US tables”
   Disturbing news from NPR article regarding poultry production –
   From USA today, “Imported Food Rarely Inspected” –
  * I apologize for the lack of spacing in the article – having trouble with format again.
   “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6
   Waiting and watching with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy !

    Very important post ! We have been vegetarians for 45 years now. At first we used dairy products but soon dropped those too as we learned how contaminated they all are even in the US and Canada !

    We decided to follow the original diet given to man before the flood which is a variety of fruits, grains, nut and veggies prepared in a simple manner but very TASTY !

    I was raised on farm in north western Manitoba. All of our 30 head of cattle were free running i the pasture eating only grass and a few weeds. The 4 – 6 milk cows each got some rolled oats at milking time morning and evening.

    After leaving home to go to college in Alberta, I worked on a large farm feeding beef cattle and also in the dairy milking 80 cows night and morning. We had to give a lot of penicillin to the cattle as well as shots for mastitis.
    The grain the dairy cows ate actually had urea mixed in it. We had to add regular household bleach from time to time to the milk storage tank to keep the bacteria count down till the milk tanker arrived each week !

    Besides the chemicals given the cows at the farm, more chemicals are added to give the milk that comes from hundreds of farms all the same flavor, so what you have when it heads for the supermarket or convenience store is a jug of poison, full of cancer causing bacteria and chemicals !

    There is no safe meat or dairy products anywhere at this time in history !

    The Eden Diet is the only way and even then the source and methods of the growing process must be researched and carefully monitored. Even some
    items that are labeled “organic” are not really organic ! But, we have such a variety to choose from that it is not hard to choose the best of a great variety The Dear Lord has provided for His Children ! Praise His Lovely Name !

    Love & Blessings,

    Rich & Joyce

    [Thank you Rich and Joyce for sharing this information with us. I appreciate what you have shared from your own personal experience. I work hard at staying active and try to eat as healthy as I can, but, I can see that I have a long way to go in this area. Thanks again for you input! I will be thinking about it alot! Grace and blessings! C] .

  2. I would go on to say that unless you are eating food grown on another planet you are eating food that is contaminated.
    Fukushima has been puking radioactive material into the environment since the earthquake in Japan.
    Any food that is commercially grown has been altered in many different ways.
    Aborted babies have been used in research development of drugs and food. Some containing actual human material in them.
    There is an even bigger problem. The spiritual food, the Word, has been contaminated as well.
    That which the Lord will preserve is not our flesh. If we belong to Christ, we are more to Him than that. When He returns will He find faith?
    If He can part the sea He can take care of me. Right where I am with even the most common things.
    I often think back to the first passover and the instruction to put the blood of the lamb who was slain over the door post that the angel of death would pass by.
    That which has been washed by the blood of the Lamb will be preserved.
    Exercise faith and caution not fear.

    [Thanks Jeff for writing. Indeed we are exposed to much more than we even know. Of course our lives are in the Lord’s hands – we need not fear but, obviously it is to our benefit to be informed. The Bible is replete with instruction regarding diet and health – worth taking a second look at (in my opinion). C]

  3. Hi Cindy

    I enjoyed the posts on Isaiah 29 and Mr. Sharon, Glory be to God, when we read a post such as this one Caught in a Net, do we go back to Isaiah 29, does The Lord God to his Glory lead us to another post by Daniel Eggers The House of Nets:Blindness and again to Isaiah 29, can we in all sincerity and humbleness examine ourselves and say we the fish have been fed feces and are contaminated, Revelation 2:20, 2 Timothy 4:3., do we have The Unity of the Sprit Ephesians 4:13, I wonder how many of us would answer yes.
    1 Thessaloians 5:15
    Would we read Romans 11:20:21
    Thankyou again for your post
    Much Love
    Thankyou Father


    [Thanks Tom for writing! You have made some very interesting connections! Like the fish being fed detestable waste products – how much garbage (spiritual and otherwise) are we Christians/fish ingesting as well? Very interesting! No wonder the body is sick and weak! Good observation! And thank you for your continued encouragement, greatly appreciated! C]

  4. Praise be to God

    I enjoyed your post out of the mouth of babes, “football Stuff” Broncos
    Broncos Seahawks Super Bowl 48-Isaiah 48
    Broncos 26-16 your post on a level plain Isaiah 26
    Today i just visited a Catholic Website called Spririt Daily in it a strong quake rattles New Zealand, the picture that is posted an Eagle fell from the ceiling at Wellington Airport and fell to the ground it fell at a dinning table as if to feast
    Several years ago i read a post about the 171 days in between Chritchurch New Zealand Quakes-171 Gematria-The Face of God

    Revelation 19
    Ezekile 39
    Much Love
    Thankyou Father

  5. Cindy thankyou very much for your shared testimony, to The Glory of God.

    I just finished rereading your blog post the title which i stand corrected before God was From the Mouth of Babes.
    20 cells 3 breathing holes
    Revelation 20
    March 20, 2015 you have written of the Tetrad on March 20 of that year there is a Solar Eclipse
    In the post correct me if i am in error but the dream given was on March 2, 2013-We had just shared above to The Glory of God ofSuper Bowl 48 and Isaiah 48, in your post of Ariel Sharon you mention Ezekile 4:6-six years old 1967-Jerusalem
    8 years 7 days
    Between March 2, 2013-March 20, 2015=748 days
    Verse 748 in the bible wheel-Genesis 27:20-The Broncos first points of the game 27 yarder.
    Much Love

  6. Hi Cindy

    In regard to Isaiah 65:24 and Isaiah 48 to The Glory of God
    The leafs won their fifth in a row in the desert in Pheonix on Monday it was the first time they had won 5 in a row since the 2005-6 season. While watching the game last night in Colorado against the Avalanche the announcer came on and gave a further stat it was in 1967 when Punch Imlach stepped down due to stress and was replaced by King Clancy that the Leafs had won 6 in a row after losing he said 5 but i believe there streak before was 4 losses
    Thankyou again for your shared testimonies
    Glory to God
    Much Love

  7. Hi Cindy,

    I thought I should highlight this. I chanced upon your blog and have read this post. Singapore and China are two different countries, Singapore, where I am a resident of, is a small island country in South East Asia, that is located near to Malaysia and Indonesia. While China is a country in North Asia. My country get exports from China, which I avoid, ESP the fresh fruits and vegetables. But if u are getting things from Singapore, it is a different story altogether. Singapore is developed country in South East Asia, and is one of the world’s top 3 most expensive cities to live in, so u can expect that we have stringent quality control of anything that is produced here. I do understand that there are many Americans tend to think that Singapore is part of China, just to assure u, it is most definitely not.

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