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2014 – A Year for Prophetic Fulfillment

First of all, I would like to say a collective thank you to all of you who took the time to write so many encouraging comments in the comments section the past few days; you have blessed me more than you know!

2014 – A Year for Prophetic Fulfillment

I don’t know about you, but, I am excited to see what God has for us this coming year. Already the year has started out with a bang and I don’t mean New Year’s eve firecrackers!  As I was looking for a 2014 photo to post to today’s blog, I came across the one above with the horse leaping through the O and thought it seemed fitting given the state of current events and what we may likely expect in the coming months.

Going back to our Ariel Sharon discussion. I still feel certain that his passing (and the coma he endured for 8 years) was a sign – whether for the Messiah, the anti-Messiah or both, we shall soon see. One thing I feel is certain – and, this more than the Kaduri prophecy may be exactly what the passing of Sharon signified – the end of a generation. This came to me as I read a very well-written tribute to Mr. Sharon posted on Drudge today titled – Ariel Sharon, the last lion of Judea.  Of course that is just a title. The last lion of Judah, as we know will be Messiah, King Jesus but, what I want to point out to you is not the title of the article but, one very important paragraph within. One that I think sums up the importance of Mr. Sharon’s passing more than anything else I have read thus far.

“The end of Ariel Sharon is the end of a symbolic generation. A generation of men and women who knew a world without a Jewish state, and fought on the battle field and in the political arena to establish it; who in its service endured the love and the hatred of many; and are now passing, as they must, from the world. A generation of lions for a people who had for so long been lambs.”

And that may be just the point – the end of a generation.

Remember when Jesus said,  “this generation shall not pass away until all these things are fulfilled” – speaking, I believe of the sign of the fig tree – the re-birth of the state of Israel. The generation that saw the regathering of the Jews to the land of Israel ( and, not just saw – but, actively participated in its prophetic fulfillment) is now passing away and I think the author of the article has inadvertently nailed the real reason the passing of Mr. Sharon is a sign – a sign that the time for prophetic fulfillment in regard to the second coming of Messiah Jesus is now!  Everything else after, I believe is going to happen in rapid successsion. To read this great article in its entirety, click here.

I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I have two more things on my mind to share today. The first is the coming tetrads.

We’ve all read a lot about this and some are convinced more than others of their importance. In my opinion they are of extreme importance. Having studied and taught on the 7 feasts of Leviticus 23 for over 25 years, I feel certain that the blood moons occurring on feast days are unmistakable signs intended by the almighty to show us where we are at on the prophetic calendar and what he intends to do in the very near future. If I wasn’t convinced enough already, the article (or study, I should say), posted by  Luis Vega on Five Doves yesterday sealed it for me. It’s a little long but if you have any interest in the tetrads at all, I recommend that you read it. It is excellent and really confirms in my mind the purpose for the tetrads.  Here’s the link.

The last thing I want to bring up is the discovery of King David’s palace or “castle” discovered in East Jerusalem. Apparently, this is not new information but for some reason has been suppressed until now – it’s exact location (according to the article) to be revealed on January 17.  The discovery (also, according to the article) is deemed to be “sensitive information”  –  which makes me wonder what it is that makes it so sensitive?  Is it because it is located in East Jerusalem – a discovery which could potentially cause a rift in the present peace negotiations –  or is it possible that it could have some bearing on the rebuilding of the third temple – something Mr. Vega believes is indicated before the end of 2015 according to the tetrads. Which if that be true – we should be seeing some very important news developing in that regard very, very soon.

Here’s a link to the story about the castle.

Yes, it’s a New Year and so much is happening that we could not have even began to understand or anticipate just a year or so ago.  I’m so happy that we are on this journey together. It’s such a blessing for me as I hope it is  for you.  Looking forward to seeing you all very, very soon!

And, as  always – “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122: 6



  1. Cindy:
    Thank you once more for your insight as it is both uplifting and encouraging in the times we are living. Please continue on the path the Lord has made for you and yes we are watching and waiting right along side of you.
    God Bless.

  2. Galatians 3:13-14 As we come out from under the law. We then must establish a generation.Gen 6:3…his days shall be 120 years Israel becomes a nation(branch is tender). The Day drawn short lest the elect be deceived. might be a little hard for americans to believe but last time I researched it. They weren’t in the top 10 if memory serves for the average lifespan let alone the longest living people.

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