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The Road to Damascus, the Road to Rapture?

I apologize for the lengthy span between posts. I am in the process of moving back to the mainland and have had to dedicate most of my time to that process the last few weeks. But, I wanted to take some time to discuss the latest development in the news concerning Damascus.

As most of us know, Damascus is the one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, if not the oldest. With a population of close to two million, it is the central seat for the Syrian government and its current President Bashar Assad and his regime. For the past few weeks/months Assad has been struggling to hold the reins on a bloody civil war by rebels who seek to unseat him and his regime from power. As a results thousands have been killed and many more displaced as Syrians flee the country in the wake of this brutal battle.

And, just this past week, hundreds in a Damascus suburb fell victim to the horrendous effects of Sarin gas used against the Syrian people by their very own government. An act that will not go unpunished says Secretary of State John Kerry, the threat of US strikes against the Assad regime likely before the week is out. Which is very interesting in light of the fact that we are about a week out from Yom Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets.

Besides being one of the oldest cities in the world and the source of much international hand-wringing at this present time, Damascus is also a city that figures prominently in Biblical history and prophecy.

It should not escape our attention that it was on this very road (to Damascus) that a certain murderous Rabbi by the name of Saul met the risen Lord, which exponentially changed not only him but, the entire world. Taking the message of the gospel for the first time directly to the Gentiles. God’s plan for Israel placed on pause (if you will) while the message has gone out to the Gentiles for the past 2,000 years ….. soon coming events (including Damascus) releasing the pause button for God’s focus to return to Israel once again.

I was discussing this with my daughter “Seven Stars” this morning and as it turns out she has been giving this a lot of serious study and thought. And, in so doing has come to the conclusion that Yom Teruah 2013 may indeed be the day we have been waiting for. The translation of the church in to heaven. The pause button released.

Keep your eyes on Damascus friends …. Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner. Let’s make sure our bridegroom finds us ready and waiting for his very soon return.

Grace and blessings in Yeshua!



  1. Hi Cindy,

    I find a beautiful description of Yom Teruah as an observation in Rev 12:1

    Rev 12:1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

    God placed these signs from eternity past to tell a story, His story about His redemptive plan for His creation.

    So based on the Bible I find the karate calendar accurate…

    With the visible crescent conjoining Venus on the 8th, no doubt the pagans will take that as a sign as its their emblem…
    Sep 8th: Mars-M44 12:00, Moon-Spica (Virgo) 16:11, Moon-Venus 23:04

    Civil Year 5999
    Year 7 in Shemittah Cycle 7
    Creation Shemittah Cycle 840
    Year 49 in Jubilee Cycle 120

    7 Sep 2013 C.E. sunset to 8 Sep 2013 C.E.
    Yom Teruah, Day of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah, Civil New Year

    (Traditional Jewish calendar) Tzom Gedaliah
    Fast of Gedaliah
    2 Kings 25:22-25, Zechariah 7:5, 8:19, Matthew 2:16-18

    9/8/2013 Yom Teruah
    12/26/2019 Chanukah

    — Lunar eclipses
    Tu Bishvat 2018 Jan 31 Total
    Tu B’Av 2018 Jul 27 Central *Mars at opposition under the eclipse >Pointing to Petra as viewed from Jerusalem
    Tu Bishvat 2019 Jan 21 Total *Jupiter/Venus Conjunct

    — Solar eclipses in Ophiuchus “binding the serpent, or crushing its head.”
    2019 Dec 26, Thu, 28th of Kislev, 5780 Chanukah: 5 Candles
    2020 Dec 14, Mon, 28th of Kislev, 5781 Chanukah: 5 Candles
    2021 Dec 04, Sat, 30th of Kislev, 5782 Chanukah: 7 Candles

    Keep looking up!

    [Thanks Mike! We have much to be hopeful for this year. Thanks for adding your insight and wisdom. C]

  2. Nice to see you “back in the saddle” again and posting.

    The days ahead are stacking up to be very ominous indeed, but thank God we have the great hope of salvation and eternal life thru Jesus.

    Maybe this will be the year of our home going.

    [Thanks Brent! The days ahead are looking to be very ominous indeed, I do hope that this will be the year of our going home! If not, look for me to keep blogging until that blessed day arrives. Will be sporadic though as I am in the process of moving and will be in Israel for three weeks the first week of October. May the Lord bless you and sustain you with exceeding great joy as we await his soon coming. C]

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Great article! The burden of Damascus seems in sight indeed which must mean the Rapture is close.

    [Thanks Stuart, I agree! Exciting times in which we live! C]

  4. It is ironic that the door for the gentiles may be opened and closed on the road to Damascus.
    As far as the “rapture”, for a while I have been leery of some of what I hear about it from men.
    Some say that the Lord is not going to pour out His Wrath on his people and they make the argument for a “rapture”.
    Are not some in great tribulation now? Did the Lord not send His wrath on the Egyptians? Were those whose door post covered by the blood protected?
    Are you (anyone reading), covered by the blood? So is it safe to say that you will not face God’s wrath? Does he HAVE to pull His people off planet to protect them?
    Not to say how much the American church deserves to be delivered from discomfort. After all those who have paid taxes by proxy have supported abortion. Should we ask for forgiveness for that? She has been so faithful right? The next big thing is the governmental takeover that has ALREADY been setup and in place. 501 (c) 3. in order to maintain tax exempt status YOU WILL embrace AND endorse same sex marriage.
    The American “organized church” is not what Christ has in mind.
    It is full of pastors who look at you like your a freak if you stand up to immorality in the church.
    What time is it?
    Time to stop looking for the easy road and be faithful to the truth. Speak the Word in season and out of season.

    [Hi Jeff, thanks for writing, its nice to hear from you. You’re right, we must always be faithful to the truth and ready to speak the word in season and out of season. Its true the church today (particularly the American church) has been weak and has failed in many ways. The Bible tells us that God disciplines those he love and it also tells us that we will face tribulation and persecution. No doubt, we should expect it – we were told in advance. This however, is not God’s wrath. His wrath is saved up for the day of vengeance against a wicked and unbelieving world. I truly believe that the rapture has less to do with giving us an “escape route” or an “easy out” as it does with the timing of the transition of God’s plan for humanity. When the times of the Gentiles is over there will be no need for the church to remain. Grace and blessings and thanks again for writing! C]

  5. Hi Cindy, I haven’t even read the article yet. I got so excited I just have to say WELCOME BACK!!

    [Thanks Linda, you made my day! C]

  6. Nice to hear from you, Cindy. What area of the country are you moving to? Best wishes with the move!

    [Thanks Jay, I am moving to the beautiful southwestern state of New Mexico. C]

  7. We all know it’s not about calendars, eclipses, wars, or politics.
    It’s about the person of Jesus Christ.
    What a wonderful savior!!!

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