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The Eyes of a Wolf and Redeeming the Times

“Be very careful, then,  how you live –not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, (“redeeming the time” ) because the days are evil”  Ephesians 5:16

“Redeeming the time,” this was the theme of the annual “How to Walk” conference I attended yesterday at Calvary Chapel Honolulu hosted by and in support of Christian radio station KLHT radio here on the island of Oahu. And, it’s a theme that is still very much on my mind this morning, as I sit down to write.

The Eyes of a Wolf

“Redeem the time, for the days are evil.”  Yes, the times we live in are evil, we have only to listen to the latest news broadcast to know that this is true.  And, while each news report seems more depraved and more wicked than the last, we can take heart in knowing that every generation of believers has faced evil and that Jesus has instructed us in advance by telling us –  I am sending you out like sheep among wolves, be then wise as snakes and gentle as doves”  Matthew 10:16  In other words, if we are are wise, we will not only suspect that there may be wolves, we will know that there are wolves and, we will expect them!  Let us not be like Little Red Riding Hood, who, fooled by the wolf’s cover, said, “Grandmother, what big teeth you have!!!!” – just as the wolf was ready to chomp her to bits!

Red Riding Hood Politics

In a few weeks, we will be called to the voting booth and most Americans will be checking off one of two boxes – Republican or Democrat.

It takes some digging, but, the shocking truth is that at this point in time, it really doesn’t matter.  For if you look closely, the eyes of one wolf differs very little from the eyes of the next.  And, unless we are “wise as serpents, and, as gentle as doves” (as the Bible says), we will never know the difference.

Many think this country can be turned around by electing someone who “shares” our conservative values. But that simply is not true. For unless this country repents in sack cloth and ashes for its collective sins before God, no politician can set right, what has been made wrong. And, especially a candidate, whose God is not even the God of the Bible and whose religion has a political agenda of its own.  I ask you then, “what fellowship does light have with darkness?” And, the answer, of course, is none, therefore, the salvation of America can not be found in any one candidate  or another, but, by a sincere turning to God through Jesus Christ, his son.  *For an in-depth look at Mormonism and the rise of Mitt Romney, click here:

Redeeming the Time

Friends, it is my prayer that we will put down the political signs and pick up the baskets of bread and water (of the word of God) for feeding those who are perishing in the kingdoms of this evil age. We must minister the love of Jesus by being his hands, his feet, his mouth and we must always remember that the kingdoms of this age were never meant to last – our King and his Kingdom is not of this world – and, he is coming soon!

Therefore, redeem the times, dear friends, the age is evil, but, God is good! By his grace, may we be found doing the things that he cares about (things that are of eternal value), when he comes.  

 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. In all honesty, I haven’t seen a president yet that has attempted to place his religion before his office, or force the rest of us to accept his own religion. On the contrary, most presidents have not even upheld their own God or religion after entering office, thinking of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton! It is my understanding that our Lord and Savior stated this kingdom was not His kingdom and give to Caesar what is Caesars, which He did with tax found in a fish. I am not afraid of Romney and his crazy religion, although I will give him credit for his dedication and concern for his life long wife, who is now gravely ill, and his exemplary well mannered children. The fact that he is showing to be a family man, in a nation that has attempted to overthrow the family and marriage at every attempt, is commendable in my opinion.

    I sincerely don’t mean to sound mean spirited, or political. I am not for any of the politicians running in this race. The powers-that-be are orchestrated and controlled by the evil one that offered it to Jesus once. Jesus refused it, but not so with those allowed or selected to office, thus the reason we continue to see the same growing evil and decay.

    I don’t know if it really matters at all, but for what it is worth, Obama has shown himself as a wolf and no friend to Israel. I don’t know his father, his birthplace, his family, his schools, or his god. Do we vote to keep him, or vote for one most of us know more and has proven more, although we don’t like his religion? Does our vote really count? Is refusing to vote the same as giving a vote for the wrong party? I honestly don’t know, but I seek the answers in prayer like all of you.

    [Hi Tamra! Thanks so much for writing! I think there will be many readers of my blog, who will feel exactly as you do. And, part of the reason I have written is to give us all something to think, discuss and pray about before the elections get here.

    As you mentioned in your opening paragraph, most politicians don’t uphold their own religion after entering office much less try to force it on anyone else. With all due respect, I will offer this up – none of them have been Mormons. Mr. Romney is a dedicated member of his Church/oganization – to suggest that it would have no bearing on his policies is to be naive. Would Mr. Romney have to call Utah everytime he made a decision? – of course, not – he already knows their theology and the political agenda which accompanies it. It would simply be a matter of putting it into action. If you are not familiar with the theology and history of Mormonism before the election, I suggest you take the time to do so. I grew up in Utah and my grandparents were temple Mormons. My great grandfather was one of the early pioneers to the state and my grandfather was one of twenty children in a polygamous family. I have many Mormon relatives including my own dear brother.

    That being said. Mitt Romney appears to share our conservative values – but, is that enough when going into the voting booth? For me, knowing the history and the theology of the church, their political aspirations and the god, they serve (who is not the God of the Bible); it is not. Unless the Lord shows me differently, I could not in good faith vote for this man. And, since I most definitely would not vote for the current man in office, I guess, that means I will not be voting (at least for President). Therefore, when people ask who I will be voting for this year, I tell them “Jesus”. I vote for Jesus – it is he and he alone, who, in my opinion is our real hope anyway.

    Tamra, thank you again for writing and for sharing your point of view. This is a very important issue and one we must all look at closely and pray about as we approach election day. Thanks again for adding to the discussion. Many blessings in the name of our glorious Savior and Redeemer, Jesus! C]

  2. This has been a hot topic at our home. I simply cannot vote and my husband thinks it means that we will continue on from where we have been. Rather than strive over the issue I will remain a non voting citizen and to each make their own decision.

    [Hi Jane, Thanks for writing! I suspect you are not alone in this. I too have family and friends, who disagree with me as well. All I can do then is to encourage them to “do their homework” and then, decide what God would have them to do with what they find. Many blessings! C]

  3. [Great video Michael! I hope everyone will take a few minutes to view it! Many blessings! C]

  4. Very difficult decisions indeed. Here is another take on the non-voting angle if you so wish to link to it after viewing it. God Bless.

    [Hi Alencon, Thank you for writing and sharing this video. The speaker raises some interesting points, although, I personally think scrapping the current parties, for a new (and more moral) one is an idea that is doomed to fail. What is needed here is not so much an infusion of moral leaders as it is, a nation in sincere repentance before God and a turn towards his Son Jesus Christ. Once our hearts are made new, we can rest assured that God will do the rest. Thanks again for writing and adding to this very important discussion. Blessings in Jesus! C]

  5. I’m not voting this year either for the first time in my adult life. I just cannot vote for either candidate. It’s not going to matter anyway. No one can save us now but God. So like you , I am voting for Jesus this year.

    [Hi Linda, This will be a first for me also. And, while in some ways it feels kind of sad … in another way, I feel good about it …. I can’t help but, believe that God has brought us to this point without a purpose. Voting just so one can vote for whoever is considered to be the “lesser of two evils” seems like a mockery of the whole process to me anyway. Let’s concentrate on getting our hearts right before God and believe in faith that he will take care of the rest. Many blessings! C]

  6. Hi Cindy, I suggest you and other readers prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit whether you should vote and if so, for whom. I know I myself forget to ask for guidance often but in important times, shouldn’t we all go to the fount of all Wisdom for guidance? Sometimes elections are hugely important in the history of a country and I think this one is. May God’s will be done in the outcome.

    [Hi Margaret, Thanks so much for writing! You are absolutely right, we must pray before this election. We know from scripture that it is God who establishes kings. And, while he may use us in the process ultimately, whatever happens it will be by God’s choice. I feel like it is possible that our country has slipped so far down the tubes that God has allowed us to have two very bad choices. Neither party or candidate is the solution to all of our problems as they would like to have us believe. Where in the scripture do we see Christians trying to get Ceasar removed from office? I say preach the gospel, bring people to Christ and let God handle the rest. To vote for one who is viewed to be “the lesser of two evils” is just ludicrous to me. But, that’s just me – and, I am still praying. Thanks again for writing, I’m very glad you did! Many blessings! C]

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