Posted by: cindybythesea | April 26, 2012

A day of frustration, a day of blessing

It’s been one of those days!  You know the kind, when nothing seems to go right? Actually, its been more than a day, more like a week of two. First of all, computer problems and, then problems renewing my driver’s license, neither problem completely solved yet. I thought this afternoon, I might have a meltdown after having been to the DMV twice in the past few weeks, only to come away empty-handed both times.

As of March 5, in order to renew a driver’s license in Hawaii, you will need a social security card, birth certificate and/or unexpired passport and marriage certificate.  None of which is explained clearly, in my opinion, on the information card that was mailed out.  So on my first visit, I was under the impression that I had only to produce one form of identification, in addition to my present drivers license. So, with SS card in hand, I waited in the never-ending line at the DMV only to find out that two forms of identification are required, not just one.  Not having a passport or a copy of my birth certificate, I  was at a loss as to what to do until someone suggested ordering one on-line, which I did, and a little over a week later, I had a copy of my birth certificate.

So, with a fair amount of time remaining until my birthday, at which, time my license will officially expire, I waited until my next day off, (which, was today) to go to the DMV again. Happy to think that I would soon be able to cross this off my “to do” list, I once again waited in line, my impatience at the long wait, tempered by the thought that I would soon be finished and walking out the door with my new license in hand.

When it came my turn, I walked up to the clerks desk and handed him my documents.  Looking them over briefly, he said, “do you have a copy of your marriage certificate?” “My marriage certificate?” I said – not grasping, what he was getting at.  “Yes,” he said, “Your marriage certificate; you’ll need it in order to prove how your name was changed.”   I was stunned!  I couldn’t believe it!  The card in the mail had not said anything about needing a marriage certificate.  “Come back”, he said, “when, you have a copy of your marriage license”.  Knowing it would be futile to argue with the DMV, I once again, left empty-handed.

All the way home, I brooded over this. When I got home, I called the DMV to complain that the information on the cards they send out, is incomplete.  Their response –  “did you see the part on the card, where it says, ‘for more information, go to the website? -that’s where you’ll find it!'”  Oy!

Now short on time, before my license expires, I came home and tore my house apart looking for my marriage license. After an hour, of fruitless searching. I decided, the next best thing to do would be to go “on-line” and order it, and, hope that it would arrive in time.  So, I went on-line, (same web site as before) and found that copies of marriage certificates only went back to 1978.  1978!!!!  You’ve got to be kidding!  And, I need 1975!  For records prior to 1978, it would be necessary to call the state office.  Easier, said than done, when you work a full-time job and are calling from Hawaii.

About to have a melt-down, hot flashes included, I called my youngest daughter on the mainland to unload.  Listening patiently as I carried on for about 15 minutes without coming up for air, she finally said, “don’t worry mom, I’ll help you,” then, she asked, if I had prayed about it.  Well, “yes”, I said, “sort-of,” –  if you count, “Oh God, please, help me find this” while tearing apart boxes and shelves. So, after we had talked for a little while longer, I then hung up and this time stopped to pray properly as I should have in the first place. And immediately, I started to feel better. Thank you God for the blessing of wise and godly children!

Feeling much less frazzled after talking to her and then praying, I began to realize that my marriage certificate most likely was not even in Hawaii and was most probably in storage with some stuff I had left at my Mom’s on house on the mainland.  So calling my mom, she went out to her garage and looked through some stuff, I had left, and, Praise God! – there it was!  Thank you, Mom, you’re my hero!  Mom will mail it tomorrow and I should receive it, God willing, with time to spare before my license expires early next month.

It seems a little silly now, (getting so worked up about it) but, in retrospect, I can see how the day is coming and is in-fact, very near, when, without proper documentation, aka, “the mark” people will not be able to buy, sell, drive or anything else. It’s almost that way now.  This is my third time getting a license in Hawaii, and it has never been this difficult before – changes, I’m sure, thanks to the Dept. of Homeland Security.  I don’t know if these changes are nationwide or not, but, if you will be renewing a driver’s license anytime soon, I suggest you check your local DMV for any changes in  regulations well in advance.  I also noticed as I was waiting  in line that people getting their licenses were being finger printed. I don’t recall that being part of the process before.

Thank you every one for your patience, prayers and advice as I have endured computer problems the past couple of weeks. I have not officially solved the problem, but, have at least found a way to circumvent it. And, so far it seems to be working just fine!

Yes, it’s been a frustrating day and in some ways, a frustrating couple of weeks, but, the blessings have also been many.  I had a wonderful time teaching on Passover just a couple of weeks ago and an out-standing encounter with two non-believers (one Jewish and one Muslim) on Waikiki this past week – both of which, I hope to write about soon on a future post.

Forgive me Lord, when I get so wrapped up in the experiences of the day that I forget to just quiet my heart and come before you. Thank you for a daughter, who had the wisdom to know and remind me of just exactly what was needed. Yes, God, you are good, you are good all the time!  And, I thank you for your many blessings, big and small.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee.”  Psalm 122:6  Waiting and watching with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. I went through the same thing to get my last driver’s license in CO. They can’t just tell you everything you will need, but make you come back again and again. They take fingerprints and now, according to Homeland Security requirements, you must prove your residence address. This will be very difficult for anyone not currently working, without bank accounts or not having graduated from a “certified” high school. The noose is tightening.

  2. Mom- Im so pleased that things worked out! I attribute my love for Jesus from a wonderful Mother like you, who without your failth and love for Jesus I would be like many children of this world, LOST.

    Even I as a mother of a 5 yr old, she reminds me by telling me that – Jesus loves the little children… how simple and sweet! I thank you and the many woman of our family for passing on the Gospel to each of us! And some day when I have a dilema she will tell me “Mom did you pray about it?”

  3. well, if i hadn’t also had frustrating run ins with the DMV in NYS which were very similar in nature, i would be tempted to suggest that, if it weren’t for the general competence, patience, magnanimity and good will of the obama administration, et al., one could almost believe “they’re” getting their digs in against the American public for even suggesting that hawaii allowed someone to get away with a phony birth certificate?!?!!…… just sayin’.

  4. I had the same kind of story except try being married more than once and using your maiden name as your middle name,
    moving several times, and now living in a new state with no job yet, no bank account having to prove residency and producing a paper trail for all the name changes. I can certainly relate to your frustrations. 🙂

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