Posted by: cindybythesea | April 22, 2012

Computer Problems

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Hi everyone!  I’ve been  experiencing some problems with my computer recently that have prevented me from up-dating my blog.  Right now, I am using a friend’s computer but, hope to have mine up and running soon.  I can access e-mail but,  when I try to log on to WordPress, my computer immediately freezes up. I suspect I may have a virus, but, not sure. Please bear with me and if you have any ideas on what how this problem can be solved, I would be more that happy to hear from you.

Grace and blessings in Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Time to get a Mac! Haha

  2. Always look forward to your post Cindy…. Will be patient.. 🙂

  3. I wondered what happened. Will be very patient. Good luck with your computer.

  4. Not sure if you solved your problem yet, but I got this advice from an IT guy I know when we had a virus. Open the computer in safe mode, and download “Malwarebytes” free virus detction software. (we got it from and save it to your desktop. Once downloaded, run a complete scan (mine took almost 2 hours) and then it will tell you to shut down the computer and reboot. It eliminated our virus’ (and found 7 things!) both times we have had problems. This last one was this week and was a ‘security alert’ that kept popping up every time we tried view a webpage. Good luck!

  5. You maybe infected by viruses, or your RAM and processor is low that cause your PC to freeze. If this is cause by a virus, and updated anti-virus must be installed to remove those viruses and protect your PC for getting other viruses. To make sure to get your PC problems solve, one way is by calling a computer professional. You can call 1-877-787-8749 to seek for help. SYNAFFMRKT2012 – mention this code to avail benefits.

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