Posted by: cindybythesea | October 9, 2011

The Dividing of America and a Girl Named Anna

     Civil War Reenactment

I had a dream a few weeks ago, that still has me thinking. It was the kind of dream that by virtue of its clarity and the many details involved really gets your attention.

The setting for the dream was the green rolling hills of Kentucky or perhaps Tennessee, where, I was with a large group of people watching a reenactment of the Civil War.  Men in blue and grey uniforms could be seen on either side of the field gathered in tight knots around rolling cannons which they fired towards each other in great billows of smoke as they advanced towards each other across the field.  

As I watch the proceedings, I spot within the crowd a family I know from church. I  don’t know them particularly well and seldom see them, but, I had heard recently that they were moving from Hawaii to the Mainland and I wanted to tell them good-bye.   

For some reason, the dream takes this in to context and as we are talking, the focus of the dream seems to be the fourteen year old daughter Anna; the rest of the family is there, but, they are indistinct and seem to be peripheral to the dream. 

The dream centers around telling Anna good-bye. Perhaps, knowing that she will soon be starting a new school, I am trying to encourage her. But, before I can really say much of anything, she hugs me and looking directly in to my eyes, says;  “don’t worry about anything, Jesus will take care of you”.

I have to say, I was quite startled by her words as I had not thought that I was worrying about anything. But, in retrospect, I now believe that her words have not so much to do with the present, but, with the future.

We are all watching for the rapture and the soon return of Jesus, but, should Jesus not return as soon as we expect, we need to know that no matter what happens; Jesus will take care of us!

Anna is a derivative of Hannah, which means “grace” or “favor”.  It is also the name of the aged prophetess, who prophesied in the temple along with Simeon at the time of the dedication of the infant Jesus. (Luke 2: 25-35). 

From an article at “” titled – “The Riots Are Getting Closer” – the author Robert Morely points out that America is at a pivotal point in history; from his blog dated October 4, he had this to say:

America is indeed verging on a pivotal moment in history. The nation is divided, it is financially broke, radicals are reaching for power, disgruntled masses are ready to be manipulated—and most important of all, …. there is no “deep, moral center” in America that will magically save it.

America’s “deep, moral center” may have existed in the past, but it is long gone.

I couldn’t agree more, the moral foundation, the spiritual principles this country was once built upon have eroded away. The country is ripe for a revolution and revolutions as a rule never turn out quite the way they are promised.  Therefore, we need to be ready, our feet placed on the solid rock, knowing that in spite of what may be coming, that Jesus will take care of us.

As it turns out, the very next Sunday after I finished my last post, “A Generation in Despair” – Anna and her family for the first time I can remember, sat directly in front of me at church.  I contemplated telling them about the dream, not sure they would understand. But. when the service was over decided to go for it.  I said, “Anna, I want to tell you something” and I proceeded to tell her and her mother about the dream.

When I came to the words that she had quoted to me, “don’t worry about anything, Jesus will take care of you,” I couldn’t help but, choke up and my eyes filled with tears.  Over come with emotion and I said, “I think I am going to cry”.

I wondered how silly I must look to this fourteen year old girl, but, with eyes wide and blue, she listened attentively and held my hands as I spoke. I finished by saying, “Anna, I’m not sure why it was you that God used to convey this message to me, but, I want you to know that I am very grateful and I have no doubt in my mind that God has a very special calling on your life.” She seemed to understand and nodded, and with both our eyes now glistening with tears, we hugged and said good-bye and somehow I sensed that we both knew, this had been a Holy Spirit moment. 

Pray for Anna as she starts a new school in the mainland, pray for our country and as always,

“Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122: 6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy



  1. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and seeing your insight. I think dreams are super important in fact if you want a good book to read try Perry Stones interpret dreams and visions.

    [Thank you so much Rachel for your very kind comment. I’m just beginning to understand how God uses dreams in our lives, I’ve not yet read the Perry Stone book, but, will look for it on your recommendation. Grace and blessings to you! C]

  2. Cindy..that was an amazing & most uplifting post…so many brothers & sisters seem to be getting discouraged about His return…all I can say is that I am closer to Him now than I have ever been in all my 50yrs! That speaks volumes dosen’t it? He has called us all together at this most critical time to draw closer to Him…so here I plan to stay..I am doing my best from this time on to make certain I am ready no matter what..that I have my oil supply on “high demand “in my inventory status! is so true my sister…”Jesus will take care of us, we just have to have faith & be patient for His perfect timeing!” I am feeling certain that He is waiting on a “number” to come in…you know as in the last child to cry out “Abba, save me!” before He returns…maybe that’s why there is no date, nor hour? I don’t know that’s for certain…I just know “He will take us through & I am going with Him!! Love ya sis….Beverly/Bee

    [Thanks Bee! It’s so great to hear from you again! How great it is to know that God is working in us and through us (sometimes in ways we could never have imagined) – and, with our “oil supply in high demand” as you phrased it, anything is possible! Grace and blessings to you! P.S. How are the grandchildren? C]

    • So blessed I am indeed…the little buggers are right here with me! They are doing well…actually I have all 4 of them with me tonight!! Whew, right? We have been on the deck looking at the moon. Grandma (me)
      fixed a big southern Sunday supper & we are all stuffed like little pigs!

      Cindy, I don’t know what I would have done without all the prayers during that time..thanks sister & thanks for asking about the babes!!


      [Oh, Bee, that’s just wonderful!!! How blessed they are to have you in their lives. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time, enjoy a piece of fried chicken and okra for me!! C]

  3. You still go to church? I don’t even attend those churches anymore, they are all fallen away. I haven’t attended one for years.

    [Hi Kim, Yes, I still go to church. I agree Bible teaching, spirit filled churches are hard to come by these days, but, they are still worth seeking out if you can find one. We are blessed here in Hawaii to have a number of Pastors, who teach the word of God cover to cover. Calvary Chapel does a great job of this (some of you may be familiar with Pastor JD Faraq of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe – he’s becoming quite well known, thanks to youtube – he is a wonderful teacher and man of God). But, there is no church that can substitute for a daily personal walk with God, for that we are responsible ourselves. Grace and blessings! C]

    • All churches are fallen away now, Cindy, its the falling away that Paul spoke of. I know you may feel that there are some very good pastors in these churches, but there is much rebellion in these churches. It’s a delusion, the great delusion. You can read about it on YouTube with men like this finalcall007. You can also search for “harlot church” on YouTube and learn more about it. Those who have been called out of the churches are now starting to meet together. This is no lie, God showed me this 29 years ago, we are very very close to the end of things now. Really be careful! These churches that look good really aren’t. They are VERY DANGEROUS and HARMFUL now.

      [Hi Kim, Thank you again for writing. I think to say ALL churches is to sweep with a very broad brush, but, I do appreciate your comment. I do agree that is more important than ever to make sure that it is Jesus we are following and not any man or organization no matter how good they look. Grace and blessings! C]

      • Oh, but I do say all churches are fallen away now. Which part of the Laodecian church do you want to be part of? It’s important now to really becareful and not let any one decieve you by any means. Even though I go around looking for groups of people who are assembling together outside the church now, there are many who will lead you astray even among them. We can’t let anyone decieve us anymore! Watch our crowns! It is almost to the point that said wonderful it wouldn’t get to, that almost all real faith now as gone from the earth. Just a very few that know the real truth anymore and even among those many are called but few are chosen.

        Sister KIm

  4. Hi Cindy,

    The idea of a modern day civil war comes to mind when reading your post. But, this time it will between light and darkness as lawlessness continues to grow and abound.

    Satan, using the casual rebellion of men to incite in ways most never intended, leads misguided, demonically influenced, people into riotous behavior, For instance, the story of the young girl in England who was chosen to be an ambassador for the Olympic when they come to England, comes to mind.She got caught up in the frenzy of the riots and was rioting with others, Her poor parents saw her on the news rioting in the streets and decided that loving her meant turning her in. In one article, the young girl stated that she had never behaved like that and didn’t know what had come over her. We do!

    In the book of Acts a similar situation occured in which Paul was asked not to go into the theater for fear of what the people would do to him:

    Act 19:29 Then the city was filled with confusion; and they rushed together into the amphitheater, dragging along with them Gaius and Aristarchus, Macedonians who were fellow travelers with Paul.

    Act 19:30 Paul wished to go in among the crowd, but the disciples would not permit him to do it.

    Act 19:31 Even some of the Asiarchs (political or religious officials in Asia) who were his friends also sent to him and warned him not to risk venturing into the theater.

    Act 19:32 Now some shouted one thing and some another, for the gathering was in a tumult and most of them did not know why they had come together.

    ..”.and most of them didn’t know why they had come together”. I wonder how many caught up in the Wall Street protest are caught away and don’t really know what they doing there.

    As, the days of lawlessness increase we will see more and more chaotic and erratic behaviors from those whose minds are open targets for the demonic.

    The Lord has been impressing on me how imperative it is for those called by his name to understand the fierceness of the battle we are entering into and walk mindfully in the full armor of God. We need to understand the intensity of the days that lay ahead and be ever watchful.

    Just a side note of interest:

    A year or so ago, my brother had a dream. In this dream he was awakened by a messenger of the Lord who told him to get up and come quickly, He was sleeping in the bedroom of his youth and was ushered out into the hall by tthe messenger. In the hall was a dresser. On top of the dresser, were two flags crossed. The messenger said, “What do you see?” To which my brother replied, ” I see two flags crossed.” The messenger said, “Yes, you must warn the people; there will be two Americas. My brother, feeling the full intensity of the warning, ran into my parent’s bedroom which was filled with people and began crying out the warning. Some looked at him as though he was nuts, some were angry and annoyed, some were disinterested, and some were confused. At that point, my brother realizing that he didn’t know what he was really saying, ran back out into the hallway to ask the messenger what “there will be two Americas” meant but the messenger was gone. The dream ended

    . The theme of a divided America has been echoed throughout the prophetic community for a while.


    [Hi Donna, Thank you so much for writing and for sharing your brothers dream. I think it is very interesting. You are right, many in the prophetic community have been warning about a divided America for some time now. I think we are entering a period of great strife that will rock the very foundations of this country. The protests of disenchanted Americans is just the beginning as no one wants to admit we are in serious trouble, many are in denial, just like in your brothers dream. Thanks again for writing, grace and blessings to you and all those you love, C]

  5. Hi Cindy-
    I have been reading your blog for a while now and like so much of life that I (we) view continuously from a distance – I feel like I know you; when I do know you in a way but you don’t me!
    This dream…!
    I have a portfolio of God-given puzzle pieces that both annoy and intrigue me; challenging me to continue my pursuit of truth, hopefully with humility & thanksgiving. Your dream immediately fell into the annoying category until I worked it through; I went from pleasantly surprised to “Ah, of course!”
    I am of the school of thought that when God speaks to a group of people, individually & corporately, the message although rooted in eternal truth, is often revealed in layers. A new Christian reading the Bible will get something life changing from a scripture which is truth and yet several years later as that same person reads that same scripture – God downloads an additional truth into their hard drive – so to speak.
    Anyway, I said that to say that this dream seems to have a greater meaning to the Church at large.
    Some symbolism I picked up as I studied your dream via the scriptures-
    Civil War is in truth an old war being fought in the heart of the mainland.
    Mainland is Heaven while your little island is Earth.
    (Therefore, the war is in the heavenlies)
    Anna is symbolic of a change in a spiritual paradigm just like both Hannah & Anna (the daughter of Phanuel) are in scripture. Hannah’s life and son, Samuel were the hinge-pin from the time of the Judges to the era of the Kings while Anna we know as declaring the arrival of the “redemption of Israel” after so many years of expectation. (Both are significant era changes)
    Your young, Christian Anna in truth is leaving the island for the mainland… I cannot help but notice through the scriptural description of Anna daughter of Phanuel, 14 year old Anna as a type of the Bride of Christ. The scripture that immediately comes to mind because Anna (& Hannah) is Jewish is Romans 2:28 & 29 – For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh; but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God. Also, Phanuel means “face to face”.
    I hope you see what I am alluding to here…?
    Your name is Cindy and not “Anna” and you are not moving to the mainland therefore, the Holy Spirit used you to represent the Church body as in Laodicea or Sardis, etc. BTW, that is why I found this dream “annoying” at first!
    Once the symbolism is worked out, then we can understand what the Spirit of God is saying and not take it personally – unless of course, we need too!!!
    In no way am I implying your dream isn’t what you concluded but to me there seems to be a much larger and time relevant message. The Bride is leaving and her farewell message is one of comfort – “Jesus”.

    Yes, one more piece! This particular piece of the Big Puzzle is disturbing, confirming & comforting all in one bite… reminds me of spinach Quiche (eggs for dinner? No one is suppose to really like spinach but this dish taste great after all!)
    Well, that is all… that is enough. Praying for you – Missy

    [Hi Missy, thank you so much for writing! I find your analogy of the dream to be quite interesting and one I had not considered. It is certainly possible that (as far as dreams are concerned) there is more than one interpretation. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I appreciate the time you have spent giving it such detailed thought. I think you hit on some interesting points. I had never thought of Anna as representing, the virgin bride about to depart. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean I’ll be left behind!!!! But, as I am the older woman (as opposed to the young virgin), perhaps, I do represent the part of the body not ready for the rapture. Well, I do appreciate your very valuable insight.
    And, although, we don’t know each other personally, its through dialogue such as this that we become friends. Thank you for your prayers, blessings and grace to you and your family! C]

  6. Cindy, this is an absolutely beautiful story- it brought tears to my eyes! Many thanks to you for sharing! The setting of your dream led me to recall a visit my family made to a Tennessee Civil War battlefield, “Shiloh”. I was in my teens, and the trip made a lasting impression on me, as we actually spent several hours at the site and took both the driving and walking tours. I will never forget what I learned that day . . . how the battle had raged around the picturesque little “Shiloh Church” and through the “Peach Orchard”. The battle took place in early April of 1862 and the peach trees were in full bloom. Here is the recollection of one of the soldiers about his experience- “peach blossoms covered the dead like a fresh-fallen snow”. The Shiloh, Tennessee area is gorgeous country, and to imagine the horror and the carnage that took place there less than 150 years ago is so difficult. I for one still have unanswered questions about the American Civil War. Yet today, I see a spiritual American Civil War in full swing.

    But, back to your dream. Isn’t God wonderful and amazing in the way He communicates with us through dreams? I agree with Rachel that you absolutely must read Perry Stone’s book; it is awesome, overall the best single Christian dream interpretation book I have read.

    I think that you should feel greatly blessed to be the recipient of this most amazing and re-assuring dream! Bless you, dear sister, and of course you are always in my prayers and now so are Anna and her family!


    [Thank you Carlos for your poignant and beautifully written comment. You have the amazing gift for painting a scene with words and I enjoyed it very much. You are also gifted in the prophetic understanding of dreams, something I am just beginning to learn about. I haven’t had a chance to aquire the Perry Stone book yet, but, look foward to reading it as soon as I can. Thank you too for your prayers for Anna, I really believe God has something special for her life. Grace and blessings, C]

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