Posted by: cindybythesea | October 1, 2011

The Third Holocaust – A Generation in Despair

This has got to be one of the most bizarre photos I have ever seen.  And, while it is one of the more extreme examples of the current “fad” among teens for self-expression through body mutilation, it is, in and of itself, not all that unusual. I’m sure if you look around your community, you will see the same thing in varying degree among the youth in your own neighborhoods.

When, I look at this photo, I see a young man who has gone to great effort to drastically and permanently alter his appearance. And, while his face is greatly disfigured, it cannot hide, the overwhelming sense of sadness, despair and loneliness captured by the expression on his face.

A couple of days ago, I was watching the Ray Comfort movie 180. It’s a great movie (30 minutes long), in which, Ray goes out on the street to interview teens about the parallels between the holocaust of Nazi Germany and the holocaust of abortion.  It was surprising to learn, (although, it shouldn’t have been) that a majority of the teens interviewed had little or no idea who Hitler was or what the holocaust of the Jews was all about.

As I watched the film and listened to the dialogue exchanged between Ray and the  teens being interviewed, these words came to mind  – “this is the third holocaust.”

 I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but, in thinking about it over the past couple of days, I believe God was showing me this.  There have been two holocausts –

1) – The holocaust of the Jews in Nazi Germany

2) – The holocaust of abortion following the Roe v Wade decision of 1973

But, there is yet a third holocaust; this one slightly different from the other two and yet similar in many ways; while, the first two seek to destroy the body, this one seeks to destroy not just the body, but, the soul and spirit.

The enemy is not satisfied that any children escaped the killing fields of the abortion clinics. Unsuccessful in destroying their bodies, he now targets their minds and spirits. But, not without the help of compliant parents and adults, who have emotionally and spiritually abandoned their children in pursuit of their own goals and pleasures.

It is vastly apparent that our children today are in crisis. With no one to guide, they can’t even be sure what gender they are! In the most important years of their lives, when, they are searching for identity and purpose, they are completely at a loss. Adults have either abandoned them or use them for facilitating their own agendas.

This is a wicked thing and the selfishness of a generation, whose motto was “do your own thing”  is destined to come back upon their very own heads!

The generation who could not be bothered to take responsibility for the children they conceived will find that the decisions they’ve made come at a very high price. Numbers alone, tell us the current working population cannot sustain the number of aging baby boomers.  When the youth of this generation are called upon to shoulder the care for their aging parents and grandparents, what do you think their response will be?

Next time you see, a goth inspired, mohawked, tatooed, pierced and transgendered teen, pray for them, extend some kindness to them; they are the victims of the third holocaust.  They have been abandoned to a depravity of spirit by the very people God commissioned to love, care for and guide them.  May God have mercy on us and may God cause each one of us daily to make some difference in the life of a child or teen.

For those of you who have not yet seen the 180 movie – here’s the link –


“Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6   Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Thanks Cindy!

  2. Thank you Cindy for your great insight. Thank you for faithfully posting what God is revealing through His wonderous Holy Spirit.

    Bless you!

  3. Cindy, I’ve been seeing more and more piercings like this (and tattoos). And I’m seeing it in the church as well, which breaks my heart to see ALL of them (church and not) who do not see themselves as God does, because we (as a whole) have not shown them. I agree that we do have a responsibility to these children and young adults to show them Christ in action (not just words) and love them. You never know how much of a difference it could make, but it is certainly giving them a better idea of what it means to be loved.

  4. After seeing what was presented by: The Fuel Project
    It is clear that satan wants to destroy God’s image, and he will try that is any way possible.

  5. Your article is most definitely from revelation of God. I can confirm with my book Manifest-Before the Cock Crows written from revelation given me in 2004. The latter half of the 647 pg manuscript, expounds in depth on the subject of the abandoned generation and the accountable “elders”! Thank you for taking time to share this!!

  6. It’s important to have a burden for the lost, but don’t get trapped in Bunyan’s “slough of despond” .

    There are many excellent youth movements. Jesus has not abandoned even one of His sheep. Praise God, He Wins!!!

    Keep looking up!

    And talk to some teenagers about Jesus.


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