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One Stone at a Time

   the empty tomb

When I was a little girl, Easter meant two things.  I would be getting a new dress and our family anxious for the arrival of spring would attempt our first picnic outing of the year.  There was church, of course and the coloring of eggs, singing in the choir when I got a little bit older and fresh bouquets of Easter lilies for marking the occasion.  My grandmother sat at the organ in the small church I grew up in; her deft hands striking the first mighty chords to “He Arose” as the congregation exuberated in song.  It was a wonderful and happy time.

This was the 1960’s and in the small rural community I grew up in, life was a peach.  The turbulence that would eventually mark the decade, seemed far removed from our little hamlet.  The Viet Nam war, the civil rights movement, hippies and flower children were all images as foreign to us as the rice paddies our soldiers were being sent across the ocean to.  Flickering black and white images invaded our homes every evening courtesy of Walter Cronkite and the CBS evening news. But, these were far away images and had little to do with our day-to-day lives until some one’s son or nephew came home draped beneath a flag.  For the most part, we lived simply and happily, our neighbors were good and decent people, teachers actually taught and policeman were our friends.  It wasn’t a perfect world but, it was a good world.  But, it wouldn’t last forever.

Who would have believed in those years that a war on terror would be in our future, that millions of babies would be sacrificed over the next 30 or so years and that the American family as we knew it at the time would be on the fast track to becoming an endangered species.  Looking around, its obvious to see that the world is in the process of collapsing and someone or something is hard at work knocking out the few remaining pillars that support it.  It’s easy to see, the world is in desperate need of a Savior.  But, then again – it always was.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9 that the “heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can understand it?’  In other words, even on our best days; we are in desperate need of a Savior.  The era I grew up in was a good one, but just one decade earlier, war on a worldwide scale brought suffering and death to millions upon millions.  And, this was the second war of the century.  The first one was supposed to have been the war to end all wars!  No, contrary to what many would like to believe – mankind is not evolving in to something better than what he was before. We are what we have always been – sinners in need of a Savior.

A few thousand years ago, a world enamoured with itself gathered together to build a tower to heaven.  Brick by brick, stone by stone, they labored until God saw fit to end the building project.  The world gathers stones, but, God removes them – one stone at a time.  And, on Easter morning, that beautiful resurrection Sunday, death and the grave could no longer hold him and the stone was rolled away.

In Ezekiel 36:26 it says:

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh”.

You see, God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow is still in the stone removing business.  How greatful we are!

May the joy of knowing the living Jesus fill you to over flowing this beautiful Easter season!

Grace and blessings!  Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy and everyone else who reads this,

    Our hearts are wicked to the core indeed! The REAL problem that man has with God is that man does not truly comprehend with his conscious mind and heart how desperately wicked he really is, and the consequences of this blindness. Man does not realize that God has reconciled Himself with ALL human beings through the complete work of Christ on the cross, but man has not reconciled himself with God THROUGH FOLLOWING/OBEYING THE INSTRUCTIONS JESUS GAVE TO OBTAIN SALVATION. Jesus teaches us in the Bible, an the Old Testament teaches the same that the fallen nature of man has huge barriers erected towards God. Even after initial conversion towards Jesus Christ (which is only the first step on the difficult road to be granted Salvation) these barriers are not automatically removed. Therefore, conversion alone does not make a person fit, thrust worthy and faithful to God, and therefore suitable in spirit for life in Heaven. We have been told a FALSE, UN BIBLICAL GOSPEL in the majority of Churches. It’s actually A LIE. This false Gospel does not save anyone for eternity. It’s a master counterfeit of Satan, of which both Jesus and Peter and the Apostle Paul warned that it would creep into the Churches and deceive many. Read on to learn more.

    Many, if not the fast majority of Christians worship the historical Jesus on the cross, they even worship the cross itself. But this will not make them suitable to live and reign in Heaven with Jesus Christ as His Bride. We have to be in experiential union with the RISEN Jesus Christ DURING THIS LIFE; BECOMING HIS BRIDE/ BECOMING MARRIED WITH HIM, we have to really from EXPERIENCE know Him, like we know our spouse, in order to be clothed with His Righteousness/ Bridal Gown/ self sacrificing and to our fallen nature completely unknown kind of Divine AGAPE Love that only Jesus displayed on earth. Then He will say that He knows us, not before that time. This unification with the Living Jesus Christ happens ONLY after we have walked the narrow road of crucifying our selfish, fallen nature TO THE FULL with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is “only” a helper, He does not save us. This walk on the narrow, painful and self-humiliating road asks for patience and endurance on the part of the Christian, and does not happen instantly, but over a long period of time (usually years). Many Christians do either not even start on this painful road AT ALL, or turn back somewhere along the road; they backslide. Hence they do nor arrive on their destination which is salvation through real spiritual union with Jesus Christ, THE KING. This is caused by un Biblical doctrine and theology that comes from satan to deceive many professing Christians. Modern theology as taught in most Churches, however, teach that unification with the living Jesus Christ happens automatically when we are converted, after which we simply have to CLAIM THIS UNION IN BELIEF. This is a grave error with very severe eternal consequences. Hence the MANY Christians that are rejected by Jesus Christ as described in Matthew 24.

    And are lost for eternity, forever separated from God.

    Because they did not love Him with the Divine standard of love, the totally unselfish love, but from their fallen natural love, that in reality HATES GOD, THEM SELF, AND OTHERS; that is selfish and self seeking in nature, and that God calls EVIL. This is the EVIL FORM OF LOVE that every human being is born with, and that needs to be crucified and buried out of sight. We are unaware of our evil self, until the Holy Spirit reveals it to us IF we are willing to be exposed to it on the narrow way. This willingness is the straight gate that leads to the narrow way. Adam and Eve lost their Divine Love essence/personality after the fall. This PURE LOVE was exchanged for the EVIL SELF SEEKING LOVE (compared to God’s PURE LOVE). This evil form of love brought death into the world; both spiritual death (being separated from God) and physical death (we are mortal and die).

    It becomes clear therefore that the total lack of REAL, PURE love for God, our self and others in fallen man is the REAL ISSUE between God and man. Therefore THIS REAL love, the AGAPE LOVE must be restored in a person while still living on earth/ during his or her life to be suitable for life in Heaven at all, lest to speak to reign with Christ.

    I can really urge you to read the Bible study that helped me to know about the TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Because most Christians are walking in a false salvation with a false sense of security. Here is a link with the study titled “Dark Light” in PDF format: (copy and paste in your browser)

    The study is very long, but only reading the first 50 pages already gives a good impression of the Biblical truth, that is not taught in most Churches, throughout ALL the different denominations. Jesus and the Apostle Paul warned that this false Gospel, that sounds very much like the real Gospel would defile and pollute most Churches throughout the ages before Christ’s return on earth.


    Much Love In The Lord Jesus Christ,

    • Good word Cindy and I enjoyed your’s too Dorien. The conflict between the loves of the carnal nature with the love of the spiritual man has been on my heart for a few days now . . . been praying the Lord help me assemble these thoughts shortly for sharing.



  2. Good Word Cindy (and Dorien). I lived in the same era. It was not totally free of drugs – but for the most part the biggest sin for a teenager was taking a drink or smoking a cigarette. Things were beginning to go downhill, though.

    I often think back – the beginning of the Vietnam War – our young men – dieing for what? I was not afraid to walk down the streets at night for the most part – I can remember a sense of really feeling “clean.” It was a much more wonderful world here in America- we have been blessed beyond measure.

    Dorien said: THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB IN HEAVEN IS AFTER THE MARRIAGE. THEREFORE THE ACTUAL MARRIAGE MUST HAVE TAKEN PLACE DURING OUR LIFE ON EARTH! I agree with this statement, Dorien. The Lord actually gave me a vision – a short lesson – to support it.

    I was very angry one day – I have spent a great deal of my adult life raising kids and being totally on my own. No backup or support and things were beyond difficult. One day I just broke – “Lord, I could go down to that bar, sit on a stool and come home with someone tonight.” I am SO VERY TIRED of living alone!

    His reponse was a picture of a black and white pinwheel – spinning. He said, calling me by name, where is the black? I said, Lord, I can’t point it out – the pinwheel is spinning. He said, okay – where is the white? I said, Lord, I can’t point that out either because the pinwheel is spinning and it all is one color.

    He said, that’s the point. It is a picture of you and me. You have walked with me now for many years. You could not separate the “me” out of you if you wanted to because you don’t know where I start and end and where you start and end. The two of us have become “one.”

    I have never ever forgotten that lesson, because in my life it was absolutely true. I want(ed) to be more like Him every day. And although I still fall very very short, I know that I am a much different person today than I was 5 years ago – or 10 years ago – or even 30 years ago!

    I have had dreams of being married at the altar to Jesus (and the Holy SPirit) and dreams of Him showing up and walking out of the room with me to the marriage ceremony. I have learned a lot about the “marriage” of the bride through the study of the Jewish wedding.

    He is all I have ever had that I could rely on – and He has been all I ever truly needed.

    • Hi Jeane!

      Wonderful to hear from a Christian who KNOWS she is married to The Lord Jesus Christ already during this life on earth!

      I would like to ask you to pray for me and my husband that we will be granted worthy and truthful by Jesus Christ The King to be chosen as (part of) HIS BRIDE.

      ( I haven’t had confirmation of the Lord as of yet that I would be AT PRESENT regenerated enough; indwelled enough by His Divine AGAPE LOVE Nature).

      Thanks, and much blessings,

      • Dorien – I will. I have had many wonderful Holy Spirit dreams. I believe this is because I have had to walk so very alone for many many years and it has been a very hard road.

        But believe it or not – I still pray and worry every day that I too will be counted worthy. How can any of us say that we ARE like Christ – sinless – beautiful, incredible in every way.

        As the world goes on it is SO VERY EVIL. EVIL surrounds us. I have noticed that those without Christ rise up in anger and bitterness at me before a word is even said. We are supposed to love them when they are so very evil – to love your neighbor as yourself. Even today I can say that my neighbors are FULL OF EVIL and it is the hardest thing in the world to let it roll off you when you have been (so to speak) kicked in the stomach!

        I have no family here with me so I have lots and lots of time with Him. Sometimes it is like an ongoing language; HOWEVER, I cannot for one moment believe that I have arrived! I havn’t. I struggle and struggle and struggle – more so today than one year ago – or five years ago.

        I ask Him repeatedly How He could think that I could have any value in His Kingdom when I see others that truly DO have value and appear to have “overcome.”

        I will pray for you – but please pray for me, also. Heavenly Father help us to see the world through your eyes and respond the way that you would respond.

  3. Hi Jeane,

    What a wonderful reply; thanks!

    Concerning the matter of usefulness to the Kingdom of God:
    I have been thinking about what Jesus says concerning bearing good fruit; some 30, some 60 and some 100 fold.

    Could it be that this is referring to the amount of GOOD FRUIT ONLY the REGENERATE , really born again – and therefore to some extent walking in the Divine AGAPE LOVE – Christian is bearing? We can not bear ANY GOOD FRUIT when all we ARE is the BAD TREE of EVIL PHILEO LOVE, isn’t it?

    Are the Christians bearing 30 and 60 fold GOOD FRUIT the one’s that are going to be saved as through fire (because most of their works will be destroyed totally when these works will be held up by God the Father against the Perfect Love of Him and His Son Jesus Christ? They are then barely saved as through fire. Isn’t it?

    It makes sense to me that ONLY Christians bearing 100 fold GOOD FRUIT (done out of selfless, pure, divine love) will hear God the Father say whithout ANY condemnation of the works done during their life on earth: “Well done, go into the marriage feast of thy Lord”.

    I asked the Lord to show me if I even bear 30 fold GOOD FRUIT AT PRESENT. Possibly the MINIMUM REQUIREMENT to be granted access to Heaven, lest to speak to reign with Jesus Christ.

    Jeane, what is your present understanding in regards to the 30, 60, and 100 fold Good Fruit in the character of the Christian?

    I so much appreciate that you have prayed for me and my husband, because you really UNDERSTAND the TRUE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

    ALL people are/were created by God to be tested for fitness, trustworthyness, and reliability to marry Jesus Christ His Son WHILE HERE ON EARTH. This life on earth is a testing ground. Only a small remnant out of the entire group of people that were, are and will be created by God will pass this test, because they literally followed the example Jesus gave while living on earth 2000 years ago. They LITERALLY FOLLOWED IN HIS FOOTSTEPS.

    This includes having their fallen nature judged and condemned by God the Father DURING THEIR LIFE ON EARTH, feeling totally forsaken by God the Father, just like Jesus experienced on the cross and during the 3 days in Hell.

    When our fallen nature is judged during our life on earth, comparable with the White Throne Judgment, we do not have to go through this anymore AFTER WE HAVE DIED, now do we? Hence Jesus Christ can step in as our Kinsmen Redeemer when our 3 days in “Hell”, while still living on earth, are behind us. No wonder most Christians shrink back from being crucified IN THIS MANNER.

    But we NEED TO go through this awful ordeal in order to have the work of AGAPE LOVE bestowement on us COMPLETED, and we therefore resemble Jesus Christ from our inner being.

    Thus He can say, like Adam when he laid eyes on Eve for the first time, “Now THIS is flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone”.

    And it all comes full circle again: the Old Testament teaching the same principles to be saved as the New Testament does. Both Testaments are in complete harmony with eachother.

    Could it be that most of my life as a converted Christian has been full of loneliness, mental anguish, and despair, because I indeed have gone through the judgement and condemnation of at least some part of my fallen nature by God the Father?

    I do hope so!!!

    It becomes clear then that the TRUTH, the REAL GOSPEL, is diametrically opposed to the “bless me” Gospel that is taught in almost ALL Churches. Most Christians think, even though they are not aware of this, that somehow they are the VICTIMS of being born here on earth, and that they DESERVE IT to be “rescued” by God, through only professing with their mouth that “Jesus Christ is Lord”. They really think, and I did the same for years without being aware of this, that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are alife TO SERVE THEM. That God is somehow OBLIGATED to save us the moment we profess Christ with our mouth, are baptized in water, and profess our sins on a daily basis, and when we do “good works” by going to Church, tithe, going on missions, and outreaches, even helping the poor and needy.

    And it’s all a lie!

    It is GRACE FROM God the Father that He send His Son to earth AT ALL, so we would have AN EXAMPLE, by how Jesus lived, HOW to OBTAIN SALVATION AT ALL. Grace of God is not a licence to keep on walking in the fallen nature that can ONLY produce BAD, EVIL FRUIT, because God’s grace and Jesus’s Blood are supposed to cover All our sins. What a deception!


    It’s my prayer that everyone who reads this comment will come to Eternal Salvation through following the example of Jesus’s life when He lived here on earth. WITH THE END GOAL TO BECOME LIKE HIM IN NATURE.


    Bless you Jeane,

  4. Wow- Dorien – you are speaking very deep things. You said,

    ALL people are/were created by God to be tested for fitness, trustworthyness, and reliability to marry Jesus Christ His Son WHILE HERE ON EARTH. This life on earth is a testing ground. Only a small remnant out of the entire group of people that were, are and will be created by God will pass this test, because they literally followed the example Jesus gave while living on earth 2000 years ago. They LITERALLY FOLLOWED IN HIS FOOTSTEPS.

    Life is a test – life is a test – YES – LIFE IS A TEST. So many are going to learn after our lives are over that they were not on the “narrow way” after all. This thought truly shakes me – I AM fearful of the Living God who has the power to cast me/us into hell!

    I call out to everyone to read Mathew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament and measure “your walk” with the early church – the disciples. Absolutely nothing was easy for them.

    What I have learned – my life is tougher because I (try my best) to stand for the truth of Jesus Christ. The closer I come to Him – the harder the walk. The greater the level of truth revealed in and through you, the great the struggle that comes against you! Satan wants desperately to take us offtrack. I don’t (anymore) believe in once saved, always saved. However, I do believe we serve a loving Father and He will not easily let us turn our backs on Him. (I did – this is a personal testimony here.) I call Him an “in your face Savior” because that is what He has been to me. Over and over He told me in His loving way I was offtrack. I listened. But I can also tell you that there were many years I had such a hard time hearing His voice, because I had hardened my heart. You do not just get offtrack and then turn around and expect to continue the same relationship you had before – without much soul searching, cleansing, and crying out for His presence again.

    You have to search for Him with all your heart – not just a scripture or two here or there. You won’t “hear truth” by going to church on Sundays and then closing the “Book” during the week.

    I believe I’ve said enough. But just a few final points I feel are important:

    1.) Why was David the apple of God’s eye when he committed such terrible sins! Because David never blamed anyone else. When God pointed out His sin, he repented and turned away from his sin IMMEDIATELY. Big lesson here. He made no excuses for himself or tried to “reason away” his sin or pass his sin off on a set of circumstances that were presented to him.

    But Lord – if you hadn’t put Bathsheba right in front of me!
    But Lord – if you hadn’t sent her husband away …
    But Lord – if he had JUST gone in to Bathsheba ..
    But But But But

    2.) God looks at the heart – he searches our hearts for our motivation. It isn’t what we do for the Lord – it is what drives us when we DO something for Him. Are there “hooks” in our gifts? What do we expect to get back? Are we just “words” – or are we speaking from a road well traveled? Jesus was proud of Mary when she was NOT helping her sister feed the guests, but chose instead to sit at His feet and listen to Him speak and teach! Do our actions point people to Him (rather than us).

    I don’t think “the way” is incredibly convoluted – but it must come from the heart. No masks – no hidden agendas – no “hooks” in what we do. He has shown me again and again that a “pure” heart is one that is not always sinless, but one that seeks Him, ready to repent, and ready to try and change to the way He would do things.

    Life isn’t about our “stuff.” He promises something to put on our bodies and food to eat. Period. He is such a loving Father, but HE is also the Judge – and He works both ends of the spectrum. Jesus didn’t have a bed or a pillow or any place He could call His own. We have been blessed beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations – and I believe most all of it is going to get taken away not far down our road.

    His true nature (love AND judge) is throughout the entire Bible and what I have seen in our churches is a one-sided God.

    Thanks Dorien and Cindy. He is coming. He is checking our hearts and our motivation. He told the rich young ruler to GIVE IT ALL AWAY and come follow Him. Stuff – the selling in our churches – our idols of movies, TV, sports, cable, internet, games, entertainment – these are “big ticket” items I believe He is about to “blow” out of our lives.

    • Hi Jeane!


      A while back, I started to suspect that David Wilkerson might be one of the MANY false Pastors. Holding David’s teachings and sermons up to the REAL Gospel of AGAPE LOVE bestowing, I was not sure David Wilkerson was born again himself. That he EVER has had an real live ENCOUNTER with the living Jesus Christ THE KING. That he knew Jesus Christ personally, as differing from “only” having been aware of the Holy Spirit during his life, and the subsequent workings of the Spirit through him, (like prophesying, having Words Of Knowledge, etc). that should lead the converted Christian to a real life encounter and CONTACT/UNION in spirit with the KING, the ONLY ONE WHO saves us by stepping in as our KINSMEN REDEEMER after our fallen nature has been judged by God, has died and has been buried out of sight during his or her life.

      Now he is killed in a car accident, with his wife (who is at least well in her seventies) severely injured.

      Was this car accident with David Wilkerson a warning from God Himself to search for the REAL GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, and not to follow (a popular Preacher like) David Wilkerson?

      This is a sobering contemplation indeed!

      I listened to quite a few sermons of David Wilkerson, and NEVER did I hear him preach the Gospel that Jesus, Peter and the Apostle Paul preached. NEVER! And while listening to some sermons of the associated Pastors of Time Square Church I NEVER heard the REAL GOSPEL preached either!

      I hope I am wrong! I was always inclined to look up to David Wilkerson as a real shepherd .

      David Wilkerson DID WARN for the Apostate Church at large, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he knew THE TRUTH, THE LIVING JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, that he had (sufficiently) come to regeneration; REAL REBIRTH. That Jesus Christ Himself lived in his heart as differing from “only” having been led by the Holy Spirit during his life. AND not having reached the DESTINATION of having his stony heart replaced by the heart of flesh; the NEW HEART that can not do anything else then love unconditionally EVERY PERSON, like God the Father and The Lord Jesus Christ love. THEREFORE FULFILLING GOD’S LAW to be granted eternal life/salvation. This is very different from having only head knowledge ABOUT SALVATION, and then CLAIM SALVATION IN FAITH AND BELIEF AS IF REAL UNION WITH THE KING IS A REALITY.

      David Wilkerson might POSSIBLY have been indeed an ambassador for Christ, but only in the sense that he presented the way to obtain salvation from an intellectual head knowledge, not knowing the full truth about how to obtain salvation himself, because he might never have walked the narrow way, the way of literally having his fallen nature judged and condemned by God the Father during his life, allowing and voluntarily receiving the punishment BY God for not loving God, himself and others according to God’s Standard for REAL LOVE (agape love as opposed to man’s natural fallen evil phileo love.

      Did David Wilkerson preach THIS GOSPEL? I NEVER HEARD IT!

      The reason I write this email is because I want to know the TRUTH, not to condemn anyone. Jesus and the entire Scriptures teach that everybody can know the TRUTH IF THE PERSON SEEKS, ASKS AND KNOCKS (MATTHEW 7:7) UNTIL REAL ETERNAL LIFE WITHIN the Believer is accomplished , and that this TRUTH will set the person FREE (from legalism, doing “good works” for God, going to Church, “tith” and the subsequent spiritual bondage that follows). Having doubts about ANY PASTOR or PREACHER is not the same as condemning that person. The Scriptures teach we have to test and examine thoroughly ALL “Leaders” in the Church against the light of Scripture, before we follow their example.

      God wants every person on earth to be set free from illusions, delusions, and deceptions OF ANY KIND. He wants us to become spiritually FREE INDEED. Free to do WHAT? LOVE God, our self and all others UNCONDITIONALLY with DIVINE LOVE.


      [Hi Dorien, I was very sad to hear about the death of Pastor David Wilkerson. I have always considered him to be a great man of God and have held him in high esteem since first reading his book “The Cross and the Switchblade” many years ago. I have no doubt in my mind that he was greeted with these words, “well done good and faithful servant” when he entered the kingdom. In my opinion, we have lost a great patriarch of the faith. My sentiments on the loss of Pastor Wilkerson are eloquently expressed by Joseph Herrin on todays post titled “Changing of the Watch” – I agree with Joseph Herrin that the death of this dear servant at this time is somehow significant and his loss is greatly and deeply felt. My heart and prayers go out to the family of this dear man; may the Lord bless them with peace even in the midst of tragedy. C]

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