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Ingredients for life

     Yin and Yang Symbol

Recognize this symbol?   With the growing popularity of Eastern religions in America more than likely you do.   This symbol according to Taoist tradition represents balance – balance in opposites such as light and dark, high and low, male and female;  opposites which according to eastern mysticism  balance each other out.  Each half containing a light and a dark dot which represent seed and the flowing together or mingling  of the two halves – as the light half contains a dark dot and the dark half contains a light dot  – important symbols representing the connectedness of the two.  

 On January 8, a terrible tragedy took place outside the entrance to a Safeway store in Tucson, Arizona.  Interestingly, the Yin and Yang symbol is a prominent part of the Safeway logo.  You’ve all seen it;  the large red S flanked on each side by the white Yin and Yang symbol.  (Sorry, I could not reproduce it for you here as it is a registered trademark).  But, symbols are important and the awful tragedy that unfolded in Tucson that day is chock full of them.

 Why symbols ?

I think of symbols as something like hieroglyphics – word pictures – which assist in the  interpretation and understanding of a story – especially the underlaying story.    Because we are in a spiritual battle, there is often more going on than is visible at the surface.    What we see may be just the tip of the  iceberg so to speak.  It was not the small piece of ice jutting up from the cold dark waters of the Atlantic that sunk the Titanic, but, the larger unseen chunk hidden below.  For this reason, symbols are important – the Bible is full of them and so, might I add are the plans of the enemy.  The enemy is boastful and likes to hide in plain sight – their agenda revealed in the symbols they use.  

 A man named Sam and a store called Safeway –

According to Wikipedia, the Safeway chain was started in 1912 by Sam Selig who came to California from Arizona in the year 1911 –  (a full hundred years before the Tucson tragedy).  Selig is a Jewish or Yiddish name which means “happy” or “blessed,” –  a name which is certainly appropriate as the  supermarket chain started by Mr. Selig has been blessed with phenomenal success.   In 1912,  Mr. Selig opened a single grocery story in Los Angeles at the corner of Pico and Figueroa Streets and by 1922 the chain had expanded to 71 stores and today numbers in the thousands with stores around the world.

Tragedy and houses made of clay –

On January 8, at the entrance to a Safeway store in an area near Tucson, Arizona called Casas Adobes,  22 year old Jared Lee Loughner deliberately shot and killed  6 people and wounded 12 others, one of which was  Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford who was severely wounded.   Casas Adobes is a Spanish name which means “House or houses of clay.”   Adobe as anyone who lives in the southwest know is clay mixed with sand and organic material such as straw, sticks and/or manure which is shaped in to bricks and then dried in the sun to be used for building material.   The store was also located at the corner of Ina and Oracle Streets.   An oracle which is by definition a prophet or person who divines the future and comes from the latin which  means  “to speak” – in otherwords, divination.  This tells me that this was no random act (in the spiritual sense) against vessels of clay. Loughner who was a practicing Satanist chose this site under the direction of fallen angels otherwise known as familiar spirits.

  the mingling of seed  and Genesis 6:1-4 

I’m not sure why Safeway adopted the Yin and Yang symbol as part of their logo, but, I find it interesting that this obviously occult symbol is coupled with their slogan “ingredients for life.”   An odd statement until you realize, that  groceries, i.e. crops, food all have to do with seed and the Yin and Yang symbol as I mentioned above, contain within them symbolism of seed.  The light and the dark each containing the seed of the other suggesting the mingling of two opposites –  in the spiritual realm this mingling has to do with heaven and earth.  A concept which goes back to Genesis  when the “sons of God married the daughters of men” and is found within the mystery religions as well as Masonry to this very day.  For excellent teaching on this click on these two links to videos by Pastor Mike Hoggard, one titled “The Mother of all Secrets” and the other titled, the Triple Helix”.

famine and Revelation chapter 6: 1-5 –

I received this article from friend Steve Coerper of Steve Coerper Blog Talk Radio yesterday regarding the very real possibility of famine and food riots as early as this spring.  This story was also posted by him on Five Doves today, but, if you didn’t catch it there, you can check it out here.  Which by the way, if you are not already catching Steve’s daily radio programs on prophecy and the news, you are missing out!

Why God chooses to reveal certain things in this manner, I’m not sure.  But, as pointed out by Pastor Mike in his video,” the mother of all secrets,”  it most likely has to do with God bringing to light everything that is hidden. 

“Fear not therefore, for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.  Matthew 10:26

Mystery religions always operate in an air of secrecy with special rites and knowledge only for the initiated.   Beware of any religion, denomination or organization that holds anything in secret! 

the black horse of Revelation 6 – 

 This story out of Wisconsin today –  200 cattle found dead in the field.  Wow!  Two hundred!   At even a penny for pound, that’s a lot of beef!   First birds and fish.  Will other animals of the food chain be next????   I wonder.  With the current devastation of crops around the world from extreme weather conditions,  it’s not hard to envision that the black horse of Revelation chapter 6 has begun to ride.

 Jan.  8  – the story within the story –

Date:  January 8, 2011  (Shevat 3 on the Jewish calendar, Shevat the 11th month of the Jewish religious year).  11  – the  number for discord, division, disorganization, disintegration.

Location:  A Safeway store in Casas Adobe, Arizona at the corner of Ina and Oracle.  A store which despite its name “safeway” is represented by the pagan Yin and Yang symbol.     

the Perpetrator –22 year old Jared Loughner.  Jared which means descendant, descent or “to fall”.  Jared was also the name of the father of Enoch (who was taken before the flood) and who lived 962 years.  The name Jared when you think of “descent” or “fall”  is eerily reminiscent of  Revelation 12:9 where rebellious  angels  (along with the dragon)  are cast out or  fall from heaven – their goal – to mingle with the seed of man in an effort  to corrupt God’s special creation;  mankind, who was created in God’s  image and whose spirit dwells within (for those who are believers in Y’shua) these jars of clay.  Jared Loughner by evidence of a makeshift shrine found in his backyard was also a Satanist, a symbol of his own personal  fall and rejection of God.  

the Victims

  Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford who survived and is making remarkable progress.   Gabrielle, a name which means “woman of God” or God is my strength”.

Christina Taylor Green.  The youngest victim of those slain.  The nine-year old girl born on Sept 11, 2001.  Christina which means “anointed, Christian”.   Green the color of spring, new life and by implication resurrection.  9 in the Bible the number of finality; judgment.

It’s also interesting to note that both the shooter and his most prominent victim Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford are Jewish.  Which reminds me that Israel in these last days will be viewed as both victim and perpetrator and in spite of this; will survive.  Young Christina reminds me of the young Church, the body of believers, the bride of Christ who will be taken from this life by either rapture or by death (martyrdom) yet remain “green – alive- viable” through the hope of the resurrection.

The story of these last days – played out in front of an ordinary supermarket whose slogan is: ingredients for life.  Jesus said“I am the bread of life”  – in other words, he is the ingredient for life.  He  is the one and only “safeway”.    Aside from him there is no other.   The adding to or mingling of anything else is a corruption of God’s perfect design.  The world tells us we need balance but, God’s word tells us we need a Savior.  

In the very near future, bread will become a very dear thing, a scarce commodity.  Therefore, it is more important than ever that we make certain that we have the only bread that matters, the bread from heaven Jesus.  He is the only bread that will sustain us in to eternity;  aside from Him, there isn’t anything else that we need – for Jesus, is the real ingredient for life!

*There are many threads that run through this story which I have only began to touch upon.  The political fall-out from this incident -in my opinion – speaks alot on its own.  The battle is intensifying.  May God help us be ready. 

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6     Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!   Cindy







  1. Let us sings our songs unto the Lord. Sings forth the royal diadem and Crown Him Lord of ALL.

    The body of the Lords’ Christ has been made ready. The body of the Christ has been made ready! The final body members have been prophecied on 7:11 AM 11 January 2011.

    Let the sons of God be revealed and the Lawlessone be made known.

    Fear not for the Lord of Hosts and His Christ are with you and all that are of you.

    YosoY Chilqiyyahu


    • Brother YoSoy,
      Que significa 7:11 AM? What does that mean that all the final members are prophesied? Thanks ….. Steve

      • Dear brother in the Lord’s magnificient Christ,

        The only significance in the time was that the prophecy of the body was made, unknowning the time, but that it was done before the Light of the Cross. My nephew and I prayed it after my spirit professed it aloud, then, immediately seeing the Light of the suddenly appearing Cross, through a central Texas hill country, foggy, curvy, road before sunup. We have been praying for the completion of the Heavenly Father’s Will, the Eternal Purpose of God the Father , that His Son would have a body to express himself. This body, the Lord Yeshua’s body, must be whole before He returns.

        We have been beseechinig the Heavenly Father to have His Christ return for the better part of 6 years. On that day, it became clear to me that the body must be made whole for the Son to return. It was requested at that time, on that day, in the Light of the Cross. I hurried in my speech to have the AMEN with my nephew because my spirit understood the significance of Our Words, for the Lord sends servants for men’s words.

        Oh Daniel, greatly beloved, ….. Daniel 10:12 Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since …

        … for from the first day that you did set your heart to understand, and to chasten
        yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I am come for your words. …

        On that day, it happened. My spirit never prophecied before this time, I thank the Lord for His choosing me as a small part of His body and welcome you to the same.

        YosoY Chilqiyyahu

  2. One thing I thought about when you talked of the young girl, Christina, being representative of the church was this article:

  3. This is so very strange! Immediately after reading this, I go to my Yahoo email and I notice an ad placement that is right above my folders on the left hand side. It is the same symbol in your article, the Yin & Yang. It is associated with a link for a Free Credit score. I clicked it and it went to Free Credit Report. Not sure if it was the .com site now. I was freaked. This symbol was not on that site.

    I go on with what I’m doing and don’t think about it again. A few minutes later I click back to my Yahoo mail and now it’s the Wedjat, eye of Horus! Also associated with Free Credit Report.

    [ Hi, Cathy, thanks for writing, I’m not surprised, once you begin to recognize these symbols, they are everywhere! C ]

  4. Thanks so much for the link to the video by Mike Hoggard. That one pretty much summed up what Tom Horn, John B at Tribulation-Now and others are all pointing to as well. Interesting coincidence – in the last minute or so of the video he mentions that you don’t need a psychologist telling you here are the 7 keys you need….immediately brought to mind the new book by Dr. Keith Ablow and Glenn Beck to a T and this video was posted back in March 2010. Wow. God is great!

    [ Thank you for writing Pam and you’re right, Pastor Mike’s work ties in perfectly with what Tom Horn has already done. Thank God for men such as these who devote their life to prayer and study in order to share with the rest of us. C ]

  5. Hi Cindy. As I was reading your article on symbols, I remembered another article I read on symbols from Watchman33. His article blew my mind away as it will yours and anybody that reads it. So much symbology involved and it all makes sense. You will need a good half an hour to read it but it will be worth it. May our heavenly Father continue to use you and people like Watchman33 to continue to preach the word of God in these final days. In Yeshua’s (Jesus) name Amen.

    [ Very interesting! Thanks for including the link. I had not even started looking at this year’s Superbowl (in a prophetic sense) and Watchman’s article was a real eye opener! I’ll be keeping my eye on that one. Thank you too for your encouragement, I really appreciate it! Blessings, C ]

  6. Great insight mom!When I heard the name Loughner I immediately thought of the root word of Loughner as being lofty or high. I then gave it no further thourght however in light of the word studies you have done, it would make sense, with the name Jared meaning to descend or fall and lough ( high or lofty).Jesus spoke of Satan as falling from the heights. Not saying that Jared is the anti-christ but maybe just a confirmation that the anti christ is among us, by definition someone whose name does fit…(Barack Obama)… Loughner may or may not mean lofty or high but wouldn’t it just be fitting if it does…word studies are great way of painting a picture for a watching and ready bride.

    [ I liked how you picked up on the surname Loughner as perhaps being tied to the word “lofty” it would certainly fit. I hadn’t thought of it until you mentioned it. Thanks for your addtional insight, you always seem to find some of the holes I’ve missed and are a constant source of information and inspiration! Love, M ]

  7. How wonderful to share this watching and waiting with your daughter in such an intelligent, mature way. If only I could do the same….pray for my daughter’s scales to be removed.

    [ Thank you Kim, it really is a blessing! Both of my daughters know the Lord and support me with their own special insight. I’ll be praying for your daughter. Keep me posted! C ]

  8. Oracle and Ina Road
    Ina – Latin=Christian Woman … could that be the Bride?

    [ Hi Kev, Very interesting! After reading your comment, I googled the name and found out it can also mean “pure” – lending even more credence to the idea of a bride. C ]

  9. hey cindy

    I sooo enjoy your writing! God has given you such a wonderful gift of insight on things happening around us. And, I can understand what you’re saying. Some out there gets way too deep for me. I’ve had you on my fav bar for quite a long time. I’ve just never sent a comment until now.

    Question…could there be a link somehow with the little girl’s birthday being on 9/11/2001? That caught my eye. Just seems interesting to me.

    Also, what website do you use to find out the meaning of names?

    Thanks for all the wonderful writing you do and sharing it with us. We so enjoy it!

    GOD’S GIRL!!

    [ Thank you God’s Girl for taking the time to write and for your sweet encouragement, you really made my day! Good question regarding the birthdate of young Christina – it does seem more than coincidence that her life would be tied together by these tragic events. As far as websites for finding the meaning of names – I usually just google the general topic and a number of websites will come up – I then try to look at two or three to see if the information is consistent. Blessings sister, I’ll look forward to hearing from you again! Cindy

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