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the number 11 and practicing contentment

the eleventh day of the eleventh year                  

“Now the people complained about the hardships in the hearing of the Lord, and when he heard them his anger was aroused.  Then fire from the Lord burned among them and consumed some of the outskirts of the camp”.  Number 11:1

The number 11.  What is it about this number and why have so many people been seeing it the past few months?  According to EW Bullinger the number 11 signifies disorder, disorganization, imperfection, disintegration and by implication division.  Frightening words when you think about it.  And, if the death of fish and birds is any indication (disorder of nature), the next few months will make 2010 with all its earthquakes, volcanos and tragedies of one kind or another pale in comparison.

I was reading on Five Doves this morning and want to bring your attention to two excellent articles.  One posted by Jim H. titled “Bulls Eye Red Blood Moon” by master Navigator, astronomer and friend Michael Wellman and the other by William F. Dankenbring posted by Fay under the title, Timeline.  In my opinion the information presented in both these articles is more than outstanding and will dispel any doubts about the time in which we are living if thoughtfully and prayerfully read.  Great material, I might add for sharing with friends or family who may still be on the fence.  

  The signs which appear in the heavens and the mathematic perfection of prophecy as demonstrated in these articles speak overwhelmingly of a God who not only loves us, but, is absolutely in control.  Words of comfort for those of us who know and understand.   For those who don’t,  it will seem as if the whole world has gone crazy.

Which reminds me of a verse from Proverbs I read this morning.

“The Lord works out everything for his own ends – even the wicked for a day of disaster”.  Proverbs 16:4


Numbers Chapter 11 – the danger of discontent

In Numbers chapter 11, (and I encourage you to take the time to read the entire chapter) – we find the Israelites becoming discouraged and dissatisfied after leaving Egypt.  Not satisfied with the manna God provided for them, they longed for the days back in Egypt where in spite of the bondage they were under, they enjoyed many of the luxuries the culture provided.   Forgetting the bondage they had endured at the hands of the Egyptians and their miraculous deliverance, they longed for the “good life” –  the fruits provided at the hands of the masters they despised.   And, the scripture says the Lord’s anger burned against them.  

Although I am expecting the rapture any day now,  I feel strongly led to comment on this passage – for myself as much as anyone else.   By all appearances, 2011 will be a year for disintegration, disorganization, disorder and division.   The question is – how will we react when the “good life” we have grown so accustomed to comes to an end?  When we don’t have all the many luxuries that living in this country has afforded us.  Are we prepared?  And, I don’t mean prepared in the sense of how many cans of beans we have  stored away.  I mean prepared in the sense of  knowing and living our lives today like Christ is sufficient for us.  If this isn’t our mind-set now, we can hardly expect it to be in the future.

Is there dissatisfaction, discontent in your life?  If there is, get it out.  Discontent is sin, because what it says is that you are not satisfied with what God has given you, where he has placed you in life.  Brothers and sisters, it is imperative that we practice contentment now.   Does that mean we don’t work hard, strive to do better for ourselves?  Of course not, that’s not what I’m saying.  Discontent is something else.  Something that tells us we can never have enough, be enough or do enough. Discontent is boredom from a life so filled with luxury that we no longer see or appreciate what God has given us.

When I go to Waikiki and walk among the homeless living on the beaches there, I am reminded of how little we really need.  Shelter, food and warm clothing pretty much covers it.   Yet so much of our time and energy goes to providing so much more for ourselves than that.   With this in mind, are we certain when the time comes, that we, like Lot’s wife won’t be tempted to look back?   Something to think about.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6    Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!   Cindy







  1. Blessings and Happy New Year, Cindy!

    The eleventh day of 2011 is a just another Tuesday…a day of double blessings and a day of many Jewish weddings…wouldn’t it be fabulous if this were THE day we were to hear His shout of command?!!!


    [It would indeed! Grace and blessings to you as well for a very Happy New Year! C]

  2. Mom~ Love your posting, and I agree that contentment is very important. Now days everyone is consumed with “keeping up with the Jones”, and like you said its not bad to want good things for your life, but when those things make Jesus further and further from the center of your life, that is where “things” really lead you astray. Contentment really is something that we all have to work at, and when you find that peace, it really is wonderful and that is where you find concentrating on Jesus easier and more fulfilling.

    Love you!


    [Well said! My prayer for you now and always is that God will bless you with peace and contentment. Keep your eyes on Jesus, the world may fail you, but, Jesus never will! I love you very much and thank you for being such an inspiration to me, how blessed I am to be your Mom!]

  3. God spoke to me in the night last night saying, “You must want me more than anything…food, water, medication, shelter, warmth, love of others”, “you must be willing to do without everything else as long as you have me”. That is a hard order, you must admit. My prayer today is that God will make me want him more than ANYthing, that He will increase and I will decrease and that my faith will not fail me. Without Him, I am lost. I cannot do these things on my own. Thank you Cindy, looking forward to meeting you someday.

    [ Thanks Kim for sharing your heartfelt prayer. Your words remind me of how important it is to come to that place of surrender on a daily basis. How often I fail, yet know in my heart that when I am weak, he is strong. When I am lost, that’s when I’m found. In giving, I receive. God always blesses when we come to that place of surrendenr – makes me wonder why it is so hard to do. Blessings sister, looking forward to meeting you some day as well! C ]

  4. Similar to what Kim is hearing, I have been sensing God calling me away from some ‘ordinary’ and seemingly ‘innocuous’ day-to-day treats which, in subtle and gradual ways, had become mini-strongholds in my life — things I had begun looking forward to each day in competition with (and perhaps sometimes in preference to) my simply spending time with Him with no preconditions or add-ons.

    I’ll be specific: coffee and wine.

    Though I wouldn’t have called myself addicted by any means, I enjoy both and have for a long time. It was not fun to give them up. I don’t even know how long he wants me to give them up — perhaps forever. I don’t know. I have back-slid here and there but he gently leads me on. The first time he told me to ‘go there’, I brushed it off because it was so open ended. But the sense kept coming back so I finally obeyed and I’ve already seen fruit from it in ways I did not expect.

    This is by no means a universal prescription… not some special route to purity. It’s just what he asked of me at this particular time… just one example.

    Yet when I step back from it, I now realize that this is exactly the KIND of preparation he would have of his saints so that when he eventually takes these things away from everyone (so they will turn to Him) we, as his servants, are not inclined to groan along with them but to say, with both conviction and empathy:

    “I’ve been there. It’s not so bad. Come, walk with me. You’ll get through this. Come, walk with and in the body of Christ. He is much better.”

    P.S., Numbers 11:5 is the answer to one of my favorite Biblical trivia questions: What’s the only verse in all scripture that mentions GARLIC?

    [ Thanks Art for sharing with us how God is directing your personal walk. I truly believe that God wants to do a work in purifying and sanctifying the body right now. For each one of us it is different, because we’re all in different places in our spiritual walk. For me, I’ve been thinking alot about simplifying my life and thinking about what that means in practical terms. Letting go of a lot of things my spirit has a white knuckle grip on – if you know what I mean ….. C ]

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