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the dividing line


In the early morning hours of September 4, a powerful earthquake shook residents awake in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. At an estimated 7.1, it was the most powerful earthquake to strike the region in many years.  I find it interesting that the epicenter for this earthquake should be a city called Christchurch on the day following two very signficant headlines making news on September 2.

On the day prior to the New Zealand quake, two headlines (among others) competed for attention.  One was the Mid-East peace talks taking place in Washington DC and the other was the announcement by world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking that the universe was not created by God, but, was rather a spontaneous event related to the law of gravity.  For these two headlines to share space on the same day can hardly be called coincidence.

The Bible tells us of course, that the heavens declare the glory of God and the reality of his existence. It doesn’t take the mind of a Stephen Hawking, a powerful telescope or a degree in physics to tell us this. All it takes is a look in to the night skies for the simplest of people to understand. 

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands, Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.”   Psalm 19: 1-3

 Through the heavens God has made himself known; through Israel, God has made himself knowable.

 Chosen for a purpose

In Isaiah 43:10, speaking of Israel, God says:

“You are my witnesses saith the Lord, my servant whom I have chosen that you may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.”

In other words, it is Israel who bears witness to a knowable God.  A God who has made himself known, a God who loves us so much that he sent his only Son, a God who has a plan for our future and knows the beginning from the end. A God who chose Israel to be his instrument of grace (specifically fulfilled in the coming of the Messiah). I believe the headlines of Sept 2 clearly outline the choices we face today, whether people realize it or not.  Do we choose a Stephen Hawking world and the humantistic philosophy which naturally follows or do we stand with the God of the Bible in support of Israel.            

                         Choose this day whom you will serve!

Lines are being drawn now and in the not too distant future, it will become increasingly difficult to have a foot in each camp – in fact, it will become impossible.

I thought it was interesting that the James Lee, Discovery Channel hostage situation occurred the same day as the Hocking announcement.  A clear indication to anyone paying attention of the natural outcome (tragedy and death) of a humanistic, self-centered, “no-God” society.  Mr. Lee, a deranged individual (or perhaps just a strong proponent of the earth first propaganda that has been force-fed to us by the humanistic environmentalists) who believed with such fervor that humans and the birth of new babies are the scourge of the earth; so much so, that he was willing to take up arms to prove his point.

 When the walls crumbled in Christchurch, it may have been a warning for the church of Laodicea, that you can only straddle the fence so long before you will fall.  Like the house built on the sand, without the firm foundation of Christ; collapse is certain.  Sadly, the humanistic philosophy of the culture has infiltrated the teachings of the church which bears his name.  And, among the many heresies which have crept into the body, none is more insidious and sinister than that of doubting the truth and infallibility of his word. Evidenced by a number of things such as – the acceptance of the gay agenda, support of abortion rights, denial of creation as outlined in Genesis, denial of the miracles of the Bible, denial of Jesus as the only way and denial of God’s calling and purpose for Israel, among a whole host of other things.

 In these last days, God has brought Israel to the forefront and what happens with Israel is instrumental to the return of Jesus.  In Matthew 25:31-46, we read of the judgment of the sheep and goats -in this passage, the sheep and goats are separated.  And, the basis on which they are seperated is this: how the brethern of Christ (Israel – the Jews) have been treated.  Take note Quartet and all others who doubt God’s word and who seek the division and destruction of Jerusalem, this is the dividing line for nations and it is on this basis, by which you shall be judged.

Two headlines – two choices – 

*Up-Date – I saw this a couple of hours after finishing my post and thought it was an amazing fit to my article.- “New Zealand Quake Rips New Fault in the Earth” 

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6    Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy




  1. Official USGS is 7.0M for the quake, and it was 7 days before Rosh Hashanah. Also, despite the destruction not one person in Christchurch was killed. A very interesting sign indeed. 🙂

    And Hawking is the epitome of “claiming to be wise they became fools” (Romans 1, 1st Corinthians 1), in that even a child can point out that you can’t have laws without a Lawmaker/Lawgiver to create/give them. Laws aren’t self-existent, except to the one who presupposes there is no God. That one is also known as the fool, according to King David (Psalm 14).

    • Hi Jay, Thanks for your comment. I was just thinking about that a few minutes ago, how by God’s grace no one was killed in the Christchurch earthquake – it happened in the early morning hours as you know and most everyone was safe at home in bed. An interesting sign indeed! And by the way, I just saw another article regarding the New Zealand quake which I found quite interesting – check out the link at the bottom of my post. Blessings! Cindy

  2. Great post, as always, Cindy. This is, indeed, a time of choosing… a time when the choices are being made ever more stark, the existence of a realm we cannot see ever more obvious.

    FWIW, the EQ took place Saturday morning, Sept. 4th, NZ time, during the “fourth watch”… a little over 2 hours before dawn, and about 45 minutes after local moonrise on “Shabat Shuva”, as lays out:

    The special character of this Shabbat, as opposed to all others, is that it is focused on assembling congregations of the Jewish People not only to commemorate HaShem’s Act of Creating the Universe and of His taking the Jewish People out of Egypt, but also to direct their attention to the need to Return to Him.

    That one seems to speak for itself.

    In a related vein, I’m still trying to make sense of, 1) Andrew Strom talking, last week, of returning on NZ to focus his ministry there and, 2) the late Art Katz referring, cryptically, some years ago, to NZ becoming a refuge for Jews in the Great Tribulation.

    FWIW, Hawking is a diminutive of Hawk, which in turn is a surname meaning someone who “acts in a fierce manner”.

    Denying Christ is bad enough, but even demons recognized him. They also believe in God (and shudder) we are told. Chuck Missler, among others, has noted that God may have special disgust for those who go all the way and deny the Creator.

    • Thanks Art for catching my error on the date of the earthquake, correction made and much appreciated! I really enjoyed your post on the same subject. Thank you for bringing our attention to the passages from Joel 2 and Hosea 14, the perfect lead in to the feast of Trumpets and the possible catching away of the church.

    • Egg-on-face… Apologies for my error. Shabbat Shuva actually takes place on 9-11, not 9-4. An event in Christchurch seven days BEFORE a big Jewish day strikes me as even more prophetically “pregnant”, i.e., perhaps signifying the 70th week of Daniel (aka, Time of Jacob’s Trouble, aka Great Tribulation) with a church rapture at the beginning and a Jewish eye-opening at the end.

    • Great Post Cindy,

      You and Ultraguy’s spiritual understanding is profound and I thank you both for writing. I have simply one comment that I did not see in either of your posts (I perhaps missed it though)…In the New Zealand town of ChristChurch, a state of emergency was declared. I see this, along with everything you both have stated, as the Lord saying that Christ’s Church is called to be in a state of emergency, for the as the prophet Dr. David Owuor said, “Time is Over!”

      Blessings in the name of Jesus!


      • Thanks for your kind words and encouragement David, good observation – so much symbolism in the NZ earthquake – I agree, the time is short, a state of emergency for those who are not ready. Keep the oil burning, brother – Jesus is coming soon! Blessings to you and your household! Cindy

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  4. Wow, great post! I was also thinking about Jay’s post and it came to me that the Church may go through some hard shakings but not one will be lost. The fact that the quake was 7 on the Richter means that God is in control of the rumblings and we should not worry when it happens since we are under His protection. Also, it happened while everyone was sleeping which could be symbolic of us being in His rest.

  5. Wonderful post. There was something else that jumped out at me concerning the earthquake.

    It is the account of a woman who was asleep at the time of the earthquake who said she would likely have perished if she hadn’t been awakened and dragged out of her bed by a friend. I believe this to be a parable or harbinger of those who are asleep, or at ease, who must be awakened or pulled out of their comfort in order to be saved. All the trials, tribulations, and shakings are truly from our gracious God and Father who’s purpose is to save.

    From the article,

    “Personal accounts: Residents ‘lucky to be alive’

    Marsha Witehira, 30, was rescued by friend Tama Wharepapa, who literally pulled her to safety by her feet as a wall in her bedroom collapsed around her.

    “It just missed my head,” Ms Witehira said. “I’m very lucky to be alive. If Tama wasn’t here to wake me from my sleep and pull me out, I really wouldn’t like to think what the result would be.”

    Knee Doherty was asleep in her central Christchurch home when the building next door collapsed.

    “We didn’t even notice the movement as much as the noise,” she said. “The back of the house is pretty much gone. All the house next door is gone. It was just a massive noise.”

    • Thanks for sharing the video Andy. You really have a heart for Jesus and the salvation of others, I’ll be keeping your brother and your Captain in prayer! Cindy

      • Please also pray for a Jewish woman named Martha that I had a chance to talk with today.

        I gave her bits of my testimony and our love and prayers for Israel.

        She embraced me so tight when I left.

      • Hi Mary, That’s just fantastic! From her response to you, I think that God was really speaking to her heart. I will definitely be praying for her. Please keep us posted on what happens. Perhaps she is one of the remnant that God will bring to salvation. I love the two names – Mary and Martha – when you think about it, both names fit the situation. Blessings in Yeshua sister! Cindy

  6. She was in a kiosk at the mall we visited. She was adamant and insisted that I come over so she could wash my hands in the dead sea salts products they were selling.

    I have bought this stuff before and it is good, but kind of expensive. As she introduced herself, I started grinning and she commented on my reaction. I said, “It is just that Yeshua told a story about Martha and Mary”. I told her briefly of my testimony and how God is using the direct peace talks to bring His people back to Him, as their only King.

    Then we talked a bit about Rosh haShanah coming up this week, and how we felt led to start observing the Feasts of the Lord.

    I told her that our family loved the Jews and that I did not agree to what was taking place in our country concerning the peace talks. …that God has begun the restoration of the Jewish nation, but is now using these things to teach them they cannot depend upon the U.S., but that He wants to be their only King.

    Mostly then, just shared some interesting anomalies concerning our family and our spiritual ties with Israel.

    It truly was an divine meeting. THanks , Cindy.

    • Wow, Mary! What an incredible meeting – I loved how you brought your names in to the conversation, that was just awesome! Its interesting how you met this young woman at the mall kiosk, hopefully, you will get the opportunity to see her again. My aunt and uncle have a great love for israel and the Jewish people and on meeting a couple of girls at the mall kiosk where they live, they developed a friendship with them and were actually able to invite them to their home for dinner where they shared Yeshua with them. Making this story even more interesting is that my Uncle is of Lebanese descent and the girls could not understand how some one of his cultural back ground could have such a love for the Jewish people. Will be praying that you have a second opportunity to share with Martha – but, if not, you have planted a wonderful seed. God bless you Mary!

  7. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

    The line has been drawn. Stand and deliver.

  8. Dear Cindy by the Sea,

    The earthly church cannot tell the difference between Profane & Holy. The eathly church loves this world and does not know the Word of God.

    The Lord is given this momemt as well as the ChristChurch shaking to help us Stand & Deliver. Fear Not, for the Word of the Lord is with thee. There is but One Word, Christ is the Word.

    In the beginning was the Word and ………and darkness it not.

    Let us know the Holy from the Profane. The Word is Holy all others are profane in the eyes of the Lord.

    Let us not be the same in the eyes of the Lord. Be of great courage, for the Lord of Hosts is with you and all of His church, for it is the bride of His Son.

    This same Lord will handle all others, including the sons of Ishmael.

    I am a Freemen, born not of the bond servant


    • Great comment thread! Re. “profane vs. holy,” and Cindy’s theme of division…

      I was grieved to hear a sermon recently, at a packed mainline church in a Southern state, that ended with the superficially nice-sounding phrase, “only with healing is there holiness”. It somehow stuck in my ‘craw’ but my brain was in “slow” mode that morning.

      It was only hours later that I realized the preacher had gotten things precisely backwards!! Only with holiness (separation, purity) is healing possible (including the ultimate kind — from death). If that doesn’t make sense, go to your medicine cabinet and note how bandages, e.g., Band-Aids, are wrapped in sterile wrappers, separated in a container to keep them pure until needed.

      • Well said my christian brother and sister. Bien hecho.

        Oh Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us and come quickly, for our hearts await thy presence and are thirty in this dry land. Send us your spiriti of steadfastness. Please Come home soon.

        YosoY your sons and daughters and bride.

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    • Welcome and thank you so much for linking to my post! I am truly humbled and appreciate your encouragement. Cindy

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