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Pelican brief

To match Special Report OIL-SPILL/BP-LIABILITY   

             Oil covered Pelicans huddle together en masse

This photo of Pelicans huddling together caught my attention as I was looking through a series of photos of Hurricane Alex and the damage being done to the Gulf Coastal areas today as a result of it.  And, since I don’t know much about Pelicans, I thought I would google them and educate my self a little, as Pelicans are not something we have here in the Hawaiian Islands. And, here is what I found.

One of the first things I learned is that the Brown Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana.  I didn’t know that.  I also learned that the word Pelican, is derived from a greek word  “pelekys which means “ax” a word which is applied to all birds that cut wood with their beaks or bills.  I also found that in medieval Europe, the Pelican became the symbol of the Passion of Jesus and for the eucharist, because the female Pelican was thought to be particularly attentive to her young, to the point of providing her own blood, if there were no other food available. 

 * In another version of the same story, the pelican was believed to kill its own young and then resurrect it with its blood.  For this reason, the pelican was chosen as the symbol for the Irish Blood Transfusion System located out of the Pelican House in Dublin, Ireland and also for Corpus Christi College, Cambridge and Corpus Christi College Oxford – Corpus Christi which of course means, body of Christ.

We’ve seen a lot of photos in the past three months of various kinds of marine life covered in oil and they have all been tragic.  The photo above is just one example of many.  But, after I read the history of the symbolism of the Pelican, this photo took on even greater significance to me.   One of the first thoughts that came to mind was how these birds are huddled together as one body,  i.e. Corpus Christi.   It also made me think (because of the legendary care of the pelican for its young) of a recent post by Ultra Guy at New Wineskins regarding hurricane Alex.  Did you guys see that?  How the formation of Hurricane Alex as seen via satellite imagery appeared in every detail to be like that of an unborn baby.  Incredible!  Do you think God might be trying to tell us something here?   How can it be that birds of nature know more about caring for their young than human beings do?   And, if for some reason you missed this great post by Art at New Wineskins titled “Go ask Alex” – you can check it out here:

I find it sad that symbols which were once so rich in meaning from the influence of Holy Scripture have fallen by the wayside.  Instead, we choose symbols based on the icons of the hedonistic culture in which we live today.  And, while a statewide call for prayer was initiated in Louisiana for June 20 of last week, I can’t help, but, wonder how effective those prayers might be without a call to repentance behind them.

I was reading from the book of Lamentations today and these verses regarding the destruction of Jerusalem and the Babylonian captivity in 586 BC. seemed to apply:

“The visions of your prophets were false and worthless; they did not expose your sin to ward off your captivity.  The oracles they gave you were false and misleading. All who pass your way clap their hands a you; they scoff and shake their heads at the Daughter of Jerusalem: Is this the city that was called the perfection of beauty, the joy of the whole earth?”  Lamentations 2:14-15

Eerrily similar to the words of Revelation 18:18,19 by those who witness the fall of Babylon.

“When they see the smoke of her burning, they will exclaim, ‘Was there ever a city like this great city’ … in one hour she has been brought to ruin.”

As John McTernan mentioned on one of his recent posts, the Pastors from the pulpits of America have failed the flocks they are shepherding.  The call to repentance has not been sounded, and in spite of all that is happening today, the church remains asleep and the pulpits remain silent.  Here is how he worded it:

“Until life and power come back in to the church, America is racing towards judgment with God.”

My friends, the word is out – this oil spill is not going to get better. There are increasing reports of oil leaking from cracks on the ocean floor that will not be fixed by capping the well.  The possibility of a methane explosion resulting in fire and/or tsunami are becoming of increasing concern.  Even if the methane should not explode, the oil gushing from beneath the gulf could continue unabated for years.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this is going.   We are in deep trouble!  And, the pulpits of America remain quiet!  Shameful, the shepherds who have abandoned the sheep!  Take a stand on the word of God, you who are called to Shepherd the flock.  Tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear!

Friends, as I mention in my last post, keep your eyes on the period between Av 1 and Av 9 and the period shortly thereafter.  Av 1, I believe will be significant for the gentile nations due to the third and final solar eclipse which takes place on that day and Av 9 for its indication to Israel. 

And, something else you might want to consider  –

A few days ago, I received a comment from reader JERRY in the comments section of my post “The Sign of Jonah”.  In his comment, Jerry points out that from the May 8 sighting of the whale off the coast of Israel until Av 9 is about 72 days.  We all know that the number 70 in scripture is significant so, I think this is something  to pay attention to –  and, also by his calculation, it would have taken Jonah about 72 days to travel the 560 miles from Jaffa to Nineveh.  Might this 72 day period which runs from May 8 to July 19 be one which God has set aside for repentance?   I think it’s a good possibility, – and I think we’ll know the answer to that question very soon.  Great insight, Jerry and thank you again for sharing it with us.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee!  Psalm 122:6   Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy







  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Cindy. You are too kind.

    What an insightful post here! The pelicans huddled together paint an amazing picture of the church, seemingly boxed-in and dying, irreparably stained by the world.

    One way to identify them as allegorical of the church is that in Leviticus 11:18 and Deuteronomy 14:17 (in many mainstream translations), God specifically identifies pelicans as “unclean” animals — i.e., a symbolic reference to the gentiles.

    Pelicans show up just three more times in most mainstream translations. Each one is fascinating IMHO…

    Psalm 102:6 — chapter title: “Prayer of an Afflicted Man for Mercy on Himself and on Zion”

    Isaiah 34:11 — chapter title: “God’s Wrath Against [the] Nations”, and

    Zephaniah 2:14 — chapter title: “Judgment on Judah’s Enemies”

    Does anyone else see a theme here?? 🙂

    • I should clarify: SEEMINGLY boxed-in, dying, etc. The washing in Christ’s blood is sufficient to remove what seem permanent stains.

    • Wow, great scriptures there, Art! There is definately a theme there and one that seems more relevant than ever in light of the current situation. Thanks so much for sharing your additional insight into the theme of my blog, your comments really help it expand it. Blessings brother! Cindy

    • As I just posted on your blog, Art, I just watched an amazing sermon by Mike Hoggard which talks about the cycles of Christian growth which appears to be the same one that Israel and now America have gone through. Really worth watching. It explains so much about the Beattitudes, rain, clouds, the fruit of the spirit and new life. Looks like America is just about at the place where God says in Judges 10:13 Yet yet have forsaken me and served other gods; wherefore, I will deliver you no more. He has been long suffering and patient with our country since it began its moral decline and propensity to kicking Him out of our country and lives oh, say, since the end of WWII. How long ago was that? 1946. How many years ago was that? 64 years ago? Almost 70 years. What does Bullinger say about the number 70? Perfect spiritual order I believe. Only 6 more years to go, right? Have a great holiday, Cindy. God bless you for another excellent blog.

  2. Corpus Christi TX

  3. […] the Spirit. I’m not claiming prophecy. I am inspired by a post Cindy By the Sea put up today (“Pelican Brief”) to analyze the following prophetic scripture, out of Zephaniah which turned up in a short comment […]


    SEE POST #137. ISA 34:8 – 15 + STRONGS DEF. & LEV 11:13

    (too long to post here)

  5. Your article about the pelicans and then how the shepherds do not care for their flock reminded me of John chapter 10….as a rule every body looks at the chapter where it mentions the ” thief” and deduces that that is satan, But if we read the chapter correctly, the thief is a false shepherd who climbs over the wall to lead the sheep astray, the wolf is satan…..if not….who is the wolf the sheep needing saving from? As I see it the sheep need saving from the thieves who climb over the wall…..Just my 2 cents worth!

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