Posted by: cindybythesea | June 24, 2010

Days of Deception

Barack Obama   Return of the fly

The White House is evidently in serious need of pest control!  Almost one year to the day, President Obama is hounded by a pesky fly during an interview.  Last year, it was during his interview on June 16 with John Harwood, while he was speaking on financial reform, this year, it was while he was giving remarks on the Affordable Care Act on June 22.  It’s amazing to me, how in the course of one year, this President could have so many public run in’s with insects?  Flies, bees, rodents and now, flies again, -all caught on tape!  What are the odds?  When was the last time you can remember having a fly land on your face? … on camera???? 

The comparison was made last year, when fly #1 made it’s appearance, to Obama, the world’s newest Pharoah and the fourth plague, the plague of flies.  During last years encounter, President Obama tried waving away the irritating insect telling it to “get out of here” until he finally succeeded in squashing it on the back of his left hand.  This year, flailing at fly #2, he again mutters, “get out of here“, but, this time the fly prevails and scores a landing on the Presidents upper lip.  And, although you often hear the phrase “like flies to honey”;  I would not bet place any bets on a pot of honey as the last place this fly had been!

I think the twin appearance of flies in regard to Mr. Obama is far from coincidental. These flies were on a mission!  In Exodus chapter 8, God sent swarms of flies to convince Pharoah to let the Israelites go.  And, after dealing with what would be fourth in a series of ten afflictions, Pharoah relents and tells Moses, “you may go, but, don’t go very far.”  Pharoah concedes but, maintains the upper hand.

 “I really nailed that sucker!” 

 – This time though, instead of being flattened on the back of the Presidents left hand, the fly gets away. But not until it had first made a very bold and dramatic statement by landing on one of the most important parts of the body, (as far as God is concerned); the mouth. 

Jesus said in Luke 6:45, “For out of the overflow of the heart, does the mouth speak.”  

For a fly to land next to someone’s mouth while they are speaking, is in my opinion, a very strong word picture of the disingenuousness of the words being spoken by the speaker, in other words, – a heap of dung! 

As President Obama and his administration go forward in dealing with Israel in the coming months, it might be well to remember this incident. You will notice in Exodus chapter 8 verse 28, that Pharoah asks Moses to pray for him. But, no sooner does Moses leave his presence, than Pharaohs heart is hardened.  With these thoughts in mind, be prepared for more double talk on the part of the Obama administration; while they publicly pledge their loyalty and support support for the Jewish state, they quietly slip a noose about their necks. 

These are the days of deception, my friends.  It is imperative therefore, to pay attention to what is being done and not what is being said.  As pressure mounts from the oil spill and other world crisis, the enemy will be looking for a scape goat – and that scape goat will be Christians and Jews.  For this reason, I encourage all of you, (myself included), to quiet your heart before God, to train your mind in listening to the Spirit and to pare down all the things in your life that may be distracting you from hearing his voice. 

And, please don’t forget to –

“Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee”   Psalm 122:6         Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. I told my husband last night, “He draws things that are unclean”! And how insightful, Cindy, with regard to the scripture you quoted. Sometimes I stop and ask myself, “Could this really be the one”? I’m starting to answer in the affirmative more often.


  2. I’m glad you covered this one, Cindy. Great job!

    Regarding lips speaking lies, I also find Psalm 12, Isaiah 59:1-7 and Ezekiel 36:1-7 instructive.

    I took the unusual step of listening to O’s speech from the Rose Garden yesterday and found his words heard in real time to have a relentlessly perverse, worldly logic to them. Yet when you dig into them they crumble like dust.

    One of the sources of his power, I believe, is the “big lie” — a deliberate intent to confuse and destroy covered by the impression that he is merely inept of the victim of bad luck. It is so broad that nobody would believe it if he laid it out.

    • Thanks Art! I like how you summarized that, looks like the fly is not the only one on to him! Grace and blessings my friend! Cindy

  3. He is a man of unclean lips. As we would say in Hawaii, his mouth is “pilau.” Translation rotten, putrid, to cause a stench.

    • Hi Stuart, Aloha and thanks for writing! Thanks also for teaching me a new Hawaiian word. I’ve been in Hawaii a little over ten years now and that is a new one for me. Grace and blessings brah! Cindy

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