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a harry potter world

              Harry Potter and his magical wand

 As many of you know, the Harry Potter theme park opened Friday at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  It’s opening was received with great enthusiasm as anxiously awaiting crowds (some in costume) lined up outside the gates in the early morning hours eager to enter the world of Harry Potter.  The Harry Potter books and films have been phenomenally successful since the release of the first book in 1997 by J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

As I read about the opening of the park, I was struck by how the culture of our day seems to prefer a world of fantasy and the fantastical over the reality of the every day life.  And, I wondered why.

– Harry Potter’s wand

Harry Potters wand is a popular item being sold both on-line and at the theme park for about 15 dollars, and for little more than the price of two happy meals, a child can with wand in hand, enter the world of Harry Potter anytime he chooses via his imagination.  But, before we parents and grandparents shell out the bucks for this magical adventure, we might want to stop and ask ourselves -just what is Harry Potter’s world? 

Harry Potter’s world

Harry Potter’s world, as most everyone knows, is one of likable characters and whimsical adventure; where Harry and his friends through the use of magic and spells cause good to triumph over evil.  And, while this may sound like innocent fun, if one looks below the surface, it is easy to see, that although it may be fun, it certainly is not innocent and in all reality, is the subtle indoctrination of children (and adults) to a world which is nothing less than sorcery

Sorcery (aka witchcraft) is condemned by God in the Bible.  And, for good reason.  For sorcery is nothing less than an attempt to manipulate the world from the world that isto the world as we want it to be without seeking God.  The natural out working of the original lie by the serpent in Genesis 3:4  – “you shall be like God.”

I find it disturbing that books and films like Harry Potter have become so immensely popular. It’s like the symptom of a disease. The more secularized our culture, the less in touch with reality we want to be. I think in many ways, the pain of living apart from God (and the natural consequences thereof), have become so painful that most people seek an escape where ever they can find it, whether it be through alcohol, drugs, sex addiction or just a constant bombardment of entertainment. And, not only are they looking to escape it, they are looking for the power to change it.

 – twilight

Another book and film series which has risen to immense popularity in the last few years, is the book and film series Twilight.  Twilight offers impressionable young teenagers, of the ‘tween and teen set, an escape from the world that is to the world that could be through an enticing blend of lust, power and romance in the world of Vampires.  And, for teenagers who feel displaced and powerless in a society of fractured family relationships, this provides an irresistable place in which they can find identity.  And, you have only to walk through your nearest mall to see how pervasive this has become with the latest in goth clothing and accessories gracing the window of most every boutique. In my community, there is even a custom painted black car tooling around complete with Twilight logo, characters and quotes from the series painted on its exterior – driven by middle-aged woman no less!

This is both heartbreaking and a sad commentary on our nation.  That the nation perhaps blessed by God more than any other, (Israel withstanding), should leave our children in such a spiritually bankrupt condition is something which should give each one of us pause for thought.  In the wake of fractured families, abortion, drugs, abuse, addiction and materialism, we have left our children feeling powerless to escape the pain of the world we have created for them and instead of offering them a relationship with the one true God who loves them, because of our own sin and rebellion, we leave them as sheep to the wolves, for any and every seducing spirit.

This summer, many of our churches will be hosting VBS.  May we make every effort to invite the children in our neighborhoods to come and hear the message of Jesus. For some of them, this may the one and only opportunity in their young lives to hear about the Jesus that loves them so.  And, as parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, may we covenant before God to stop this shameful cycle.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do no hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19:14

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6     Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Wondering how many of our “churches” – seeking relevance – will opt for Harry Potter or Twilight (or similar) themes to allegedly attract the kids to Jesus.

    • well Steve, I hope none – but, such is the Laodicean church – keep praying! Cindy

  2. I have been “splurging” on Christian movies – buying them – and watching them with my son! It’s so worth it. Last night we watched “One Night With the King” about Queen Esther and Mordecai. It was wonderful, and my son loved it ! (He’s ten.) He keeps wanting to see these other movies, and it’s so hard, but with God’s help, I will prevail!


    • Hi Kim, I just want to encourage you. Its a difficult job being a parent (and a grandparent) these days! Although the Harry Potter stuff is certainly not new, it has been on my mind since my trip to the mainland to see my own daughters and grandchildren. I came home with a new awareness of the challenges they face in raising up their little ones in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord. May God help and strengthen us in these last days, as the pitfalls are many. Grace and blessings dear sister! Cindy

  3. Well said, Cindy. Btw, has many good Christian articles examining and warning about Harry Potter and similar issues in our culture’s entertainment that involves sorcery, witchcraft, etc.

    • So many think its just entertainment and what’s the harm. Thanks for sharing the link above – I’m not familiar with it, but, by a brief look, it appears to be a good one. Cindy

  4. Thank you for this article. I have heard in the past six months of two violent murders directly related to people who were introduced to witchcraft through reading these books. In both cases the murderer was highly involved in the fantasy of the Twilight Series.

    This is a very subtle way that Satan is creeping into the homes of Christians.

    We all need to start speaking out about this, before it’s too late for some of our kids and grandkids.

    This has been heavily on my mind for the last two days. Interesting to see how God reveals the truth “in the mouth of two or more witnesses” at the same time.

    God Bless!

  5. If you take a look at the testimony of a man like bill schnoebelen, (an ex vampire/warlock/mason/everything else bad!) It is very easy to see just why hollywood dumbs kids down to these very evil and very real. In one sense they see it and find it intriguing as visual evil always is, how else could Horror become an actual genre. But evil in real life is dull and boring, it is only Good acts in real life that become intriguing (read Malcolm Muggeridge, “Christ in the Media”). In another sense it is unbelievable, the western mind loves the fact that it is logical and can concieve a particular outcome, very left brained in a sense. When it comes into contact with something like a warlock and vampire, the average american will dismiss these tv shows and movies and go on watching not knowing what it is that they’re actually doing. Ravi zacharias loves to quote william blake:

    “This life’s dim windows of the soul
    Distorts the heavens from pole to pole
    And leads you to believe a lie
    When you see with, not through, the eye.”

    We see with the eye and evil can get in if we don’t have the blood of Yeshua. We see with the eye and because the eyes are the window to the soul the image passes directly to it, bypassing our mind. The devil works this way with music as well. Our right brain overtakes our analytical left brain, and because the words are moving with a beat, they get in because we aren’t analyzing the information. This is why, I believe any music out there any movie out there, you better have a well built discernment, because when I look at the music coming out new york and nashville and the the movies coming out of hollywood, be it “Christian” or not, there is nothing worth watching and nothing worth listening to besides Gods word. Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure we’ve been told that we should be apart from this world. The more we decide to bring in the harder I think it will be for God to pull you out! My family and I have taken a long journey through the counting of the omer in this past pentecost. God has cleaned me out and he’s putting a new man in. Amen. I’m just glad he did it, in the time he did.

    God Bless, Love the website, my Brother david and I receive a lot of great insight and have been reading for some time.

  6. Oh my… after all the bees and flies recently, now this on Drudge:
    A fly lands on President Barack Obama’s face as he delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act and the New Patients Bill of Rights, Tuesday, June 22, 2010, in the East Room of the White House in Washington.…

    Drudge captioned it: LORD OF THE FLIES

  7. The way we talk to our daughter and Sunday School about Twilight & Harry Potter is to show how they take the Gospel message and twist it. Who would not want friends that stay by you no matter what and are even willing to die for you!?! Who doesn’t want to be the hero? How many of us have gone through life not being excluded or feeling like we don’t belong and nobody understands us? How many want to believe that if they are good enough, they can prevail over evil. Twilight is taking the message that life is in the blood and that Yeshua’s blood atonement sacrifice and corrupting into you can save yourself with blood by your own means. As always, Satan takes a nugget of truth to get the buy in and then surrounds it with so many lies that the truth is hidden and corrupted. Sadly, it is a scheme that has worked literally since the days of Adam and Eve.

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