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when no man can work

     Sea of Galilee at sunset

“As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me.  Night is coming, when no man can work.”  John 9:4


For the first time perhaps ever, fishing has been banned on the Sea of Galilee.  Unbelievable when you think about the history of this lake, and with fish figuring so predominantly in the news right now, I can’t help but think, it must be significant.  Apparently, the once abundant waters for which the lake has been famous is now being depleted from chronic over fishing.  For this reason, a two-year ban on fishing has been put in to place.

The sea of Galilee is actually a freshwater lake, the largest in Israel.  It is approximately 13 miles long, eight miles wide and has a maximum depth of 141 feet.  At 209 feet below sea level it is the lowest fresh water lake on the planet and the second lowest lake in the world (after the dead sea) which is a salt water lake.  Situated in the Great Rift Valley, it is fed by underwater streams and the Jordan River.  The sea of Galilee, from the earliest centuries has been renowned as a place not only abundant in fish but, also in beauty, first century historian Flavius Josephus had this to say about it;  “one may call this place the ambition of Nature.”

When we look at the Biblical narrative and understand that the sea of Galilee is where Jesus first called his disciples to be fishers of men,  I am led to believe that the current ban on fishing, may signify that the age for fishing (the church age) which began on its very shores, may be coming to a close. 

-my home is over Jordan

In the 1929 film version of Showboat, the African-American Spiritual “Deep River” is featured.  “Deep River, my home is over Jordan, deep river, Lord”  For many, the river Jordan has long been a beautiful symbol of crossing over from this life in to heaven.  But, today, this same river where Jesus was baptized and which feeds the Sea of Galilee is drying up.  It is also according to one article, so polluted, that it is not much more than a canal of sewage, ankle-deep and narrow enough to jump across in some places.  You can read this heartbreaking article here:

 The symbolism is stark.  The life-giving water of the Jordan (the Holy Spirit) which precipitates, feeds and leads to the catching of multitudes of fish, (humanity) is now gone stagnant, its power choked and depleted by the worldly desires of the Laodicean church; the church who loved the things of this world more than the things of God.

Yes, Jesus said, “Night is coming when no man can work.”  All signs point to the end of the age.  Fishing will have been banned and the Jordan will have dried up and  … night will fall.  Jesus said, “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”  Will he, indeed?

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6    Waiting and watching with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy





  1. Very sobering indeed, and very well said. Thank you, Cindy by the sea. for such insight.

  2. Pretty picture, too!

    Btw: Giant Plumes of Oil Found Forming Under Gulf of Mexico…

  3. Where can I view a larger image of the Sea of Galilee, or obtain a print? It is beautiful.

    • Hi Bub, I found this photo on Google Images – try searching “night on the sea of Galilee” – Blessings! Cindy

  4. Okay, Cindy, let’s see what you make of this headline:

    You’re great at seeing God in so many things. When I saw this one, it really got my attention! LOL


    By the way, I loved this post! It reminds of an old hymn I used to play in my organ-playing days.

    (1)Work, for the night is coming, work, through the morning hours.
    Work while the dew is sparkling, work ‘mid springing flowers:
    Work when the day grows brighter, work in the glowing sun;
    Work, for the night is coming, when man’s work is done.

    (2)Work, for the night is coming, work in the sunny noon;
    Fill brightest hours with labor, rest comes sure and soon:
    Give every flying minute something to keep in store;
    Work, for the night is coming, when man works no more.

    (3)Work, for the night is coming, under the sunset skies;
    While their bright tints are glowing, work, for daylight flies:
    Work till the last beam fadeth, fadeth to shine no more;
    Work while the night is dark’ning when man’s work is o’er.

    God bless,


    • Hi Kim, Thanks for sharing the words to that beautiful hymn, I really enjoyed reading it. Some of the old hymn’s are just grand and are beautiful expressions of biblical truth. As for the headline – weird – very strange – who would want to be married by a robot. So impersonal – spiritual implications ??? – let me mull it around a bit and see what I come up with. Thanks for writing Kim and have a great day in the Lord! Cindy

      • Oooh, Cindy, I’m sorry, I copied the link to the story. You need to see the headline on Drudge….”ROBOT GIVES AWAY ‘THE BRIDE'”!!! LOL

        Now think about it.


  5. […] an oak in the Autumn, as signs of light and life begin to fade, you may get a bruised head (perhaps even bloodied by the sharp little points some acorns have). […]

  6. In light of this update (found through J.McTernan’s blogpost today)

    Given what it says about the counting of the Omer and the 49/50 days, I wonder if it’s possible that the 50 days then represent 50 years. Perhaps then from 1967 to 2017?

    Or what if it’s 49/50 generations, which using 40-year generations = 1,960-2,000 years from first coming to second coming.


  7. “When we look at the Biblical narrative and understand that the sea of Galilee is where Jesus first called his disciples to be fishers of men, I am led to believe that the current ban on fishing, may signify that the age for fishing (the church age) which began on its very shores, may be coming to a close.”

    Very insightful!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Cindy – curious for your thoughts on the concept of the spring feasts begin fulfilled during the first coming and the fall feasts during the second.

    For example:
    # Nisan 15 — The Feast of Unleavened Bread — Jesus Crucifixion on this day
    # Nisan 17 — The Feast of First Fruits — Jesus Resurrection took place on this day
    # Sivan 6 (May) — The Feast of Pentecost — the Holy Spirit given on this day

    Tishri 1 (Sept) — The Feast of Trumpets — (Rosh Hashanah, New Year) Rapture of the church.
    # Tishri 10 — The Day of Atonement — Jesus will be revealed as King on this day?
    # Tishri 15 (Oct) — The Feast of Tabernacles — Millennium Kingdom Rule starts on this day?

    This would also give time for the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 war to occur this summer where Israel wins a miraculous victory over her immediate neighbors via her military, returning them to seeking God (though still blind to Messiah until His return) and causing the Arab Muslims that survive to see that YHWH is the one true God, and expanding Israel’s borders to their full extent.
    This followed by the Rapture of the church on 1 Tishri, and the 70th week begins with the Gog-Magog/Ezekiel 38-39 war bringing Russia Turkey Iran and others against Israel with insurmountable odds, yet won by the supernatural intervention of God.
    Then a false messiah arises, etc etc, the events of the 70th week play out until Christ returns.

    Just some musings… =)

    • Hi Jay, For many years, I always believed the fulfillment of the feasts was split as you noted above with the rapture falling on the Feast of Trumpets, but, lately the more I’ve studied Pentecost, I’ve come to believe that Pentecost is a good candidate too. There is so much wedding symbolism in Pentecost that it would be hard to ignore it as a possible fulfillment for the rapture. So, when late May comes I’m hopeful for a Pentecost rapture, – but, if Pentecost comes and go’s without the rapture then I start looking toward September for a Feast of Trumpets rapture. To tell you the truth, I find good arguments for both and believe whole heartedly that it will be one or the other. I think the outline you’ve posted above is very plausible – won’t be long and we should know one way or the other! Cindy

  9. […] Cindy-by-the-Sea noted the other day that, prior to any potential future effects from this Syrian project, the Jordan was already polluted and drying up. Authorities have also recently banned fishing in the Sea of Galilee, which is fed by the Jordan. […]

  10. The Evangelical Reformed Far Eastern Bible College has been kicked out of its college grounds. May the LORD repay the government according to their works.

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