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the un-welcome sign

I-Fairy the robot with the bride and groom, Tomohiro Shibata  and Satoko Inoue in Tokyo.   

 Marriage by robot, Tokyo

Just when you thought marriage vows couldn’t be trivialized in our society any more than they already have, this story out of Japan (thanks to reader Kim for bringing this to my attention).  Headline to story,  “Robot gives away the bride”.   The caption beneath the accompanying video “Robot takes on role of priest”.

When I first read the story, I pretty much categorized it as just one more odd ball wedding.  You know the kind that have become so popular today, weddings where couples want to get married in their own unique style – such as getting married underwater while wearing scuba gear, or getting married while jumping from an airplane with a parachute on your back or getting married to the theme song from your favorite movie or television program while dressed as the main characters.  But, this seemed somehow a little bit different.  And, after giving it a little thought, I realized this strange wedding is not only symptomatic of the times we’re living in, but, prophetic as well  in a telling sort of way.  Do I think robots who can marry us and bury us will be the new trend?  You might be surprised.

– the secularization of society

What I see in this photo is a shift in society.  From the earliest annals of history in every major world religion or tradition, pagan or otherwise, there has always been a a need for someone to officiate over the people in a priestly type of role.  Not in the same sense that Jesus functions as a high priest for us as Christians, of course, but someone whose role it was for officiating over and marking important life events such as births, marriages and deaths.  Has our society become so secularized that we have finally reached the point where our most important life rituals have become so meaningless and so impersonal, that the officiate presiding over them need not be a he nor a she, but, an “it” ?

-the un-welcome sign

 After giving this a little more thought, I prayed and then opened my Bible to read. The passage God brought me to was Matthew 8:25-34.  It’s the passage where Jesus casts demons from two men into a herd of swine. At first I didn’t see how it pertained.  But, after reading it a second time, I realized it pertained a lot. In this passage, Jesus and his disciples are traveling through an area known as the Gadarenes.  Apparently, there were two demon possessed men in the area who were so violent that travelers were fearful to pass that way through the region.  When Jesus encountered the men, the demons immediately recognized who Jesus was and knew that he would drive them out so, they spoke to him, begging him to send them into a nearby herd of pigs instead of sending them in to the abyss.  As soon as Jesus told the demons to go, they entered the pigs and the pigs rushed down a steep embankment into a lake and were drowned. Now, you would think the people of the town would be grateful, but, this was not the case. 

“Those tending the pigs ran off, went into the town and reported all this, including what had happened to the demon possessed men. Then the whole town went out to meet Jesus.  And, when they saw him they pleaded with him to leave the region.”  Matthew 8:28-34

The reason the people were not grateful was because they cared little for what they had gained, but, a whole lot for what they had lost, and what they had lost was a profit.  So, they pleaded with Jesus to leave.  You see, righteousness is not and never will be profitable.  Not in the monetary sense.  Hollywood and Las Vegas (among others) have not become the mega industries that they are for the virtues they espouse.  And, Mega ministries without the razzle dazzle they possess would probably not be either. And for this reason, the true body of Christ will never be welcomed in this world.  Because the truth of the matter is that salt besides being a preservative is also an agent of corrosion.  And, corrosion as any of us who live in a coastal area can attest to eats away at things by being a source of irritation.  The true church by its very existence is an irritant to a world who wants to either live apart from God or wants to profit from God. 

 And, for this reason, I have the distinct feeling that the church when it departs this earth will be missed very little, in fact, the world will be delighted when we are gone.  They will be more than happy to give away the bride. We see an indication of this in Revelation 11:10 when the two witnesses in Jerusalem are killed and lay dead in the street for three and one half days and the people of the earth celebrate by sending each other gifts  “the inhabitants of the earth will gloat over them and will celebrate by sending each other gifts because these two prophets had tormented those who live on the earth.”

Yes, the day is coming soon when the bride will have departed for heaven with her bridegroom-priest and the world who has hung out the un-welcome sign for God and his people for so long, will inherit the only thing left; a soulless, heartless piece of  junk to function for them as a priest, a cheap parody of the real priest and King, Messiah Jesus.

“And they exchanged the truth of God for a lie”  Romans 1:25

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee”.  Psalm 122:6     Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy










  1. great piece. good day to you.

  2. Cindy – This is a tremendously insightful post. Thank you for taking the time to let the Spirit lead you beyond the razzle-dazzle of the Drudge headline.

    Another function of salt, in that parable, as I’m sure you probably know, is for flavor. The salt of the true church brings out the taste of everlasting life. Thus, when we are gone, the remaining spiritual “food” will be bland.

    I also thought about the robot-as-priest as (sadly) being not all that far removed from some (arguably many) ministers of the gospel today who, in robotic fashion, just go through the motions without the spark of the Holy Spirit. I’m sure we’ve all been exposed to them at various points in our walk.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!!

    Grace and Peace,
    – Art

    • Thanks for the confirmation brother and the additional insight – “how good and how pleasant it is, when brethern dwell in unity” Psalm 133:1 Blessings! Cindy

    • Cindy and Art,

      There is a scripture where Paul says something to the effect of “follow me as I follow Christ” and I just want you to know that you two, Joseph Herrin and Elizabeth Prata are the ones I am following as you all follow Christ in trying to hear Him as he speaks in parables. Is it wrong to desire to have a gift such as yours? I hope not, but if so, Lord, forgive me. Cindy, I knew it was there and I appreciate your willingness to find it and share it. God bless,


      • Hi Kim, Thank you for your encouraging words. You know everything we do is a joint effort; that’s why we’re called a body. And thank goodness he has gifted us all differently, think what a body would be like composed soley of thumbs or elbows. I think though you may not realize it, that God has gifted you with discernment. And, that’s a wonderful gift! To tell you the truth, I would never have written the post on the robot if you had not asked me about it. I am fairly certain that I would have read that headline and just kept on going. Your eyes and your spirit caught it first! So, whatever gift God has given you is perfectly suited to you, its as unique to you as your fingerprint. Just ask God for his continued help in recognizing and developing it and you’re on your way! Grace and blessings dear sister! Cindy

  3. Very good post!

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