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the ides of march

Picture of Sheep in the snow, Northumberland - Free Pictures -


Here in Hawaii, it’s a sunny 87 degrees, not much to remind one, that today, Adar 1, is the anniversary of the plague of darkness. But, appearances can be deceiving.  For, while physical darkness at this moment, does not cover the land,  it is obvious, that spiritual darkness does.  Interesting, how in speaking about coverings, we see the entire nation blanketed in snow, with the exception of Hawaii. Which probably has less to do with the purported birthplace of Obama than it does, with the fact, that we are situated far in to the South Pacific.  Although, we do have snow at times on the Big Island at the top of Mauna Kea, usually earlier in the winter, as far as I know, there isn’t any there now.

You know, they say that timing is everything! And, I believe God is right on schedule with giving us clues for what lies ahead.  In studying Passover and the plagues, I find it interesting that the plagues besides being historical, will once again be repeated in the latter half of the tribulation period. These plagues will be the  bowl judgments of Rev. 16.  And although, we are not quite there yet, we are rapidly moving in to the time frame in which the majority of the living population, will witness these things first hand. 


In doing a little research, I found that the Plague of Hail,  took place 8 weeks before Passover. Isn’t it amazing, that  biggest and most wide spread storm ever to hit our nation, started on or about Feb 7.   Exactly, 8 weeks before Passover. (Passover week runs from March 30 – April 4). 

I, also found interesting in studying the plague of hail, two things.    First –  it is the only plague in which some of the Egyptian officials heeded the warning. In Exodus chapter 9:10, it says: “Those officials of Pharaoh who feared the word of the Lord hurried to bring their slaves and their livestock inside. But, those who ignored the word of the Lord, left their slaves and livestock in the field”.   Second – in reporting the damage done by the hail, it says in Exodus chapter 9:31, – “(the flax and the barley were destroyed since the barley had headed and the flax was in bloom, but, the wheat and spelt were not destroyed because they would ripen later).” 


 I find this extremely  interesting for two reasons:  First, we see a separation between those who listened and those who did not.  The wise ones brought their slaves and livestock out of the field to safety, the others did not.  We also, see this same concept demonstrated in the crops  – one is smitten, the other is not.   When we think of the word smitten, we think destroyed, but, that’s not quite the idea here, its more akin to being  “cut off” in the same way the Messiah of Isaiah 53 was cut off, when it says, he was “smitten” for our transgressions. Of the barley and flax it says, “the barley had headed and the flax was in bloom,” it was ready, but, the wheat and the spelt, were not.

 Barley is a spring crop, the first to be offered to the Lord.  This offering takes place at Passover, also known as the  festival of firstfruits.  And flax – flax, is something that provides the fiber for making the wicks of candles  and is also the fiber from which the linen garments of the priests were spun.  Wheat, on the other hand, is harvested later in the year in early summer, for, it takes longer to ripen and is more difficult to harvest than barley. The observance of the harvest of the wheat is at the feast of Pentecost and Pentecost takes place exactly 50 days after Passover.  


I was reminded of something about President Obama by Sue Bradley in an e-mail she wrote me recently.  It has to do with President Obama’s affinity for lamb for dinner.  Now, that in itself is innocent enough, as I love lamb chops myself, but, in this case, there certainly seems to be more to it, than meets the eye, or, should I say, palate.

Last year, while on his international tour, President Obama stopped in France for a visit with President Sarkozy.  While he was there, on Sunday June 7, he had dinner at an upscale french restaurant by the name of “La Fontaine de Mars”.  In french it means, “the fountain of the ides of March.” Ides, means to “divide” and is commemorated on March 15, in remembrance of the warning that was given to Julius Caesar that his enemies were about to kill him and destroy his kingdom. Since that time, the word ides has been associated with pride and arrogance. To read more about the “ides of March” – click here:

Interestingly, in the account from restaurant La Fontaine de Mars, President Obama had lamb for dinner, while the rest of the party had beef. The evening of the dinner party was June 7, 2009, which is one day after the June 6 anniversary of Jerusalem being re-established as the capital of Israel in 1967 and is also, Sivan 15, on the Jewish calendar.  Sivan 15, is the day which commemorates  the birthdate of Judah, the son of Jacob, from which the word “Jew” comes from – Judah.   Interesting coincidence, isn’t it?  The man, who has the power to divide and thus destroy the Jewish people is having a lamb dinner in a restaurant whose name means division on the day which commemorates the giving of the name of the Jewish people.


Some time, in the next few weeks, mid-March, President Obama will be traveling to Indonesia to visit the place of his childhood. With him will be the small pocket size “lucky charm” that he admittedly carries with him every where he goes.  This small pocket charm is of the hindu god Hanuman, the monkey god and is a god who is known for his devotion to the larger god, (larger in the sense of power or rank) known as Lord Rama.  Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Visnu, and is always shown holding a bow and arrow;  a bow and arrow for destroying the evil of his age.  Hanuman, the monkey god, is often depicted sitting devotedly at the feet of Lord Rama.  You can read about Lord Rama here – and for Obama and his “lucky charms” click here:,27424,1811278,00.html

March 15, also known as the  “ides of March” speaks of pride, arrogance, division.  March 15 is also Adar 29, the date God gave Moses the lunar calendar from which all of the “appointed festivals” of the Lord are derived. You can read about that here: 

God’s calendar speaks of the completion of God’s plan for his people from beginning to end; from alpha to omega.  A stark contrast, to the ides of March which speaks of the division of a kingdom through pride and arrogance.

“Woe, to the worthless shepherd who deserts the flock!  May the sword strike his arm and his right eye! May his arm be totally withered and his right eye totally blind!  Zechariah 11:17.

The sheep, in the photo above, are standing in the field up to their knees in snow.  They, like the crop of wheat and spelt, were not ready to be removed and so, were left to endure the ravages of the hail.  The worthless shepherd has not only deserted the flock, but, stands ready to devour the flock.  Watchman, keep sounding the alarm!





  1. Cindy – Great work (again). Keep pressing.

    In your comment on Exodus 9:10, I am reminded of a note gibby62 sent me regarding a recent spate of resignations by corporate CEOs and CFOs as well as chiefs of police, not to mention politicians choosing not to run for office again. The corporate types and politicians aren’t all that remarkable, but the chiefs of police phenomenon is VERY unusual. Many are completely without public explanation and they run the gamut from large cities to small towns.

    As for Feb 16th being the starting point for spiritual darkness, I can ABSOLUTELY believe it!

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