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3 plagues and a question of authority

See full size image  FLIES, FROGS AND DARKNESS –

– the fourth plague

On June 16, 2009, President Obama made national headlines when he triumphed over a fly during a CNBC interview with John Harwood to talk about health care.  I’m sure most of you have seen the video, and, as you will probably recall; its quite amusing.  During the interview, President Obama is being buzzed about the head by a very persistent and pesky  little fly.  While the President is trying to make some kind of comment about the “transparency and openess of his administration” he can’t quite get the words out or finish his thought because of the distraction of this very annoying little insect.  As we all know, transparency and openess are hardly the words most of us would use to describe the Obama administration – something I think the fly may have been aware of as well!   But, Obama, momentarily distracted from the conversation, takes one last swipe at the fly and nails it on the back of his  left hand.  Knocking it to the floor, he gazes at its lifeless body and says, “I got the sucker.”  Any coincidence that the word “lies” makes up the larger part of the word “flies” ????

For some reason or other, this little incident with the fly has stuck in the back of my mind, but, it wasn’t until  writing my last post, the ninth plague, that I really began to give it much serious thought. Most of us are familiar with the historical account of the plagues from Exodus Chapters 7-11.  There are ten of them.  And, as most of us are also aware, these same plagues will be repeated some time in the  future in the bowl judgments of Revelation 16. 

 As I thought about this;  and realize, how close we may be to actually seeing these things take place, I began to wonder if God might be giving us a clue as to what lies ahead.  In the last couple of years, since  President Obama first came to prominence, I can recall  three separate events,  that although minor in nature, seem “plague” like in nature to me.  The one I just mentioned, which involves the demise of a fly, one which involves a crispy set of frog legs and one more, which has to do with a lightning storm and a power outage.  For the Bible says, “At, (or by) the mouth of two or three witnesses, is a matter established.”  Deut. 19:15.  

– the second plague

  August 31 ,2008, while stumping the campaign trail, Obama and his entourage stop off at a restaurant in Hamilton, IN by the name of Pier 32.  Here, Obama is treated to a local favorite; a plate of frog legs. For a photo of him enjoying this delicacy click here:

 The plague of frogs is the second plague God brought against Pharoah and the Egyptians.  This particular plague I found to be quite interesting. I’ve taught on Passover for many years and in polling people about the ten plagues they almost always list frogs either first or second when trying to recount the plagues.  I’ve come to the conclusion, that frogs must be one of the most dreaded scourges on earth!!! And small wonder, as I’ve never met a frog myself that I’ve liked!  But, all kidding aside, frogs in the eighth chapter  of Exodus, were a serious problem. For, it says that frogs  were everywhere!  In the palace, in the bedrooms, in the houses, in the ovens and in the kneading troughs.  It sounds like you couldn’t move without stepping on or over a frog!   And, while there have been no recorded incidents of frogs in the bedroom of the first couple, I think lunch at the Hamilton, IN restaurant, more than makes the point – for we read in Revelation 16:13 – “Then, I saw three evil spirits, that looked like – frogs;  they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.” 

– the ninth plague

On Friday December 26,2008, at 6:30 p.m., the island of Oahu suffered an incredible thunder and lightning storm the likes of which I have not seen in the ten years that I have lived in Hawaii.  Thunder and lighting are rare here in this tropical climate.  And, on the very rare occasion that we do have it, it is usually mild and shortlived.  I vividly recall the evening of December 26, I had just gotten home from work and  it had started to rain, it wasn’t long before thunder and lighting  started crashing like it was the end of the world.  I tell you, it was wicked!!!  Forked lighting bolts lit up the sky, one after another, followed by great explosions of thunder that rocked our previously serene island.  This was the kind of thunder and lightning I remembered having occasionally in the mountains of Colorado.  I knew from experience, that if I wanted anything hot for my dinner that night, I had better get to it fast.  I had no more than removed what ever it was I was heating from the microwave, when everything went dark leaving me to have an unexpected dinner by candle light.  The next morning the power was restored after having been out for more than 11 hours.  It was not until later, that I learned that President-elect Obama and his family had arrived that evening on Oahu to begin their vacation before the inauguration. If you’re interested, you can read the story here:

– God vs Pharaoh

At the top of today’s post is an image of Ramses II.  Ramses II is believed to be the pharaoh of the Exodus.  Pharoah if you recall was more than a king, he officiated not only as leader, but,as a god over his people.  When Pharoah told Moses, at the time of the ninth plague, the plague of darkness, “never to appear before him again, or he would die.”  The words he (Ramses) spoke became his own judgment.  And, as representative of his people, the judgment that was passed, became the judgment of his people in the death of the firstborn of every Egyptian. 

In the same way, Jesus, as a physical son of Adam and God’s firstborn son, (by representation) is able to give life to his people by his death on the cross.  Jesus, representing “the son’s of Adam,” took our collective sins upon himself, making it possible for all of who receive him to be redeemed and restored to fellowship with God. 

Barack Hussein Obama, by virtue of the power and authority invested in him, by the American people, acts as representative not only for us, but, for the world.  The world, because the world system in the Bible is symbolized as  Babylon and by virtue of deposing the former King of Babylon, Sadaam Hussein; Obama now holds this position of authority.  But, we have to ask – by what real authority does he hold this position??   This is where the issue of the birth certificate becomes critical.  As you will see, it is actually a much greater spiritual issue than it is a constitutional one.  A big thank you to my daughter Kara for pointing this out to me.


If you’ve done much Bible study, you know that demons are  powerful spiritual entities that dwell within the spiritual realm. Without bodies, they are able to exert a certain amount of influence over people and events.  But, what they really desire is to inhabit a body, to possess it, because without a body, they have no actual authority, they have no  legal right to be here, for they are not the sons of Adam and the earth was given in Genesis for dominion by the sons of Adam. 

 A person with a birth certificate is able to show legal proof of their right to be here. Without a birth certificate, you legally do not exist and and are here under fraudulent means.   Because our current President cannot or will not produce a birth certificate, we can only conclude that although he physically exists, he has no legal proof that he is here as a son of Adam.  We know of course, that he does have a birth certificate, somewhere. And, by virtue of his obvious physical existance, he is, of course, a son of Adam, –  the point though is this – in spiritual imagery, he is not.   For what ever reason, by his own choice, he leaves this issue in question,  therefore, he is in a sense an empty shell;  someone who is here without authority.  And although, he does not have the authority yet, I believe it will not be long until he does, the authority is yet, forthcoming.  “And the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority”  Revelation 13:2 

President Obama, in a widely publicized photograph is clearly seen ingesting frog legs, which to me, is a clear spiritual representation of the receiving of an unclean spirit. Did this happen at a restaurant in Indiana, no, I don’t think so  … but, it will. …. when the time is right …..  

 President Obama, the “new King Tut” as he was hailed in Egypt, is the Pharaoh of these last days.   You see, from the beginning, it was always God vs Pharoah,(Egypt) and it still is.  That is why we see a new Pharoah and a new set of plagues directly ahead.   But, the good news is, the exodus is coming!  And more than likely, very soon!!!    *An interesting clue, in the plague of hail  – stay tuned, next post!

Grace and blessings in Messiah Jesus, Cindy



  1. I just read thru the last 4 posts, and I am just amazed at how great your points are… so awesome, very good cant wait to read more! God Bless you Mama!

    • Hi Kristin, Thank you so much for your encouragement, it means so much to me to know that you are praying for me and that I always have you there for support. In spite of the hard times we have endured, God has shown himself to be faithful! We have so much to be thankful for! I love you very much, Happy Valentines Day! Mama

  2. Cindy – Keep pushing forward. I sense you are onto something here.

    If the snow was plague #7 (miniaturized hail, focused on DC, but hitting ALL fifty states), then we ought to be looking for boils next (#8).

    The December 26th, 2008 date is of great interest because that was the 36th anniversary of the death of the Harry Truman (instrumental to Israel’s founding) and the 35th anniversary of the release of the film, “The Exorcist”.

    Making this time even more “pregnant”, Purim begins Saturday after next (27th).

    God bless you. Keep praying and writing!

    • Hi Art, Thanks again for writing. I got an e-mail from Sue Bradley this morning directing me to a post she just completed last night, if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, its titled “Proverbs 6 an essay in Images” and is based around of series of photos of President Obama as they compare to Proverbs 6. When I got her e-mail this morning I was just blown away, because I had just finished mine on virtually the same subject (observations based on photos of the President) last night at 1 a.m. I was just blown away! Amazed! It appears, that God is continuing to confirm things among us! Best wishes and blessings to you! Cindy
      *** For those reading this in the comments section, you can find Sue’s article by clicking on “Inklings of Other Worlds” on my links – when the page comes up, Proverbs 6 is at the top of the list on the right.

  3. Hi Cindy, thank you for our very kind words: yes, I believe He confirms His directions by multiple witnesses.

    You have a great memory regarding frogs and flies: tying them with the Exodus plagues is a fascinating concept, and most likely very correct, but imagining them with increased intensity is far from our worlds of experience.

    I found it curious that on “Date Night” in NYC last year, the Obama’s dined on lamb (and it was actually lamb that is raised right here in my home town – no surprise here for weirdness).

    Regarding the birth certificate, with the concept of ‘imminent disclosure’ possibly close at hand, and understanding that many consider the “strong delusion” will be related to ‘intelligent design’ via Genesis 6, perhaps we should consider that they don’t provide birth certificates on Krypton.

    Sad thing is, I’m only half joking: some excellent minds believe that the planet Krypton, “Planet K” actually exploded….maybe the Nobel Prize was for something else entirely: the most certainly is an explanation somewhere for it.

    Art, the idea of boils doesn’t really sound great: there has been a recent outbreak of MMR in NYC among Orthodox Jews, and I fear you are right about events unfolding in Israel as well. Thanks for taking th time to do the Hebrew calculating – I understand the significance, but the mechanics of it baffle me.

    I agree, Cindy: stay with the Exodus pattern.


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