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the ninth plague

For those of you, who are Five Doves readers, you might have already come across this photo from today’s February 11 letters. This photo was posted under the title  – Is there something prophetic about this photo?   I thought it was a great photo and I was immediately drawn to it.  And with American Pie lyrics still  fresh on my mind, I immediately thought of , “jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack flash sat on a candle stick,”  Wow, doesn’t this photo of the Washington monument in snow with the moon directly above it, look like either a lighted candle or a lighted missile?  I thought so.  Could it be prophetic????  I don’t know, but, it was interesting enough to get me to do a little digging, for it seems these days, that just about everything (prophetically speaking) means something! 

  The first thing I saw, when I pulled up this photo was a caption beneath the photo which reads “most snow on record in DC.”  The caption also serves as a link and when you click on it, an article from the Washington Post comes up, titled “Capital Weather Gang“.  It’s a post from today’s date and when you scroll down just a bit, look to the right, you will see an ad for Mattress Warehouse, which reads “Presidents Day Blow Out Sale“.  Wow! – this is pretty wild I thought.  A photo of the Washington monument looking like a lighted candle connecting to an ad which reads  “presidents day blow out sale.”  I tell you, you just can’t make this stuff up!  If you haven’t already seen it on Five Doves, you can see it here: –

But, wait, there’s more!!!   (as Ultra guy over at New Wine Skins would say) –

By using a simple on-line date converter, I found out that February 15  (Presidents Day this year) is also Adar 1 on the Jewish calendar. Now this is important because it doesn’t happen this way every year.  For those of you who are well studied, you know that Jewish months, dates, festivals etc. are extremely important to understanding the Biblical context.  So, when I tell you, that Adar 1 (February 15 of this year)  is also the anniversary of the 9th plague, the plague of darkness, you know it means something!!!   Do you see a picture  being formed here?  – the Washington Monument “candle” – Presidents day Feb 15 –  Adar 1, the plague of darkeness –   Is this the image of a candle about to be snuffed, or blown out?   If it is, its a frightening thought!

The plague of darkness is the last plague that would bring Moses face to face with Pharoah.  In the 28th verse of chapter 10, Pharoah tells Moses, never to come before him again.  “Get out of my sight!  Make sure you do not appear before me again! The day you see my face, you will die!” 

Stay with me here now –

 This is all recorded in book of Exodus chapter ten From the start of the 9th plague until the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, which followed the 10th plague, would be six weeks.  So, if you count from Adar 1 of this year (February 15) and you add six weeks , you come out to Nisan 20, which is PassoverApril 4.   It doesn’t happen this way every year, I checked last years calendar and it was different.  I  have a pretty strong feeling,  that it is unique to this year.  Will six weeks from Adar 1 mark our exodus as well ????   A first fruits rapture, perhaps??????

It might also be worth noting, that Adar 7 is the anniversary of the death of Moses.  And, Adar 7, strangely, enough coincides with the  Feb 22 birthdate of George Washington.  Hmmmmm ….

Is our nation, already covered in spiritual darkness,about to be plunged in to physical darkness as well?  The number 9, like the last plague Moses brought before Pharoah, symbolizes, “judgment,  finality, the conclusion of a matter.  One can only wonder, if, at the conclusion of 2009, the fate of this nation, had already been decided.  If 9 is the number of conclusion, then, 10 is the number of completion or the working out of that conclusion.  

With number 9 a matter is determined, with number 10, the determination of the matter is executed or carried out.

 With the 9th plague, God brought to conclusion his decision on the matter, Pharaoh obviously, was not going to repent. Therefore, by the words of his own lips, (Pharoah’s) judgment was pronounced “the next time you see my face, (he told Moses) you will die!”  But, it would not be Moses who would die, but, rather, the first born of every Egyptian instead.  By Pharoah’s own words, these things were determined and by the 10th plague, they would be executed.

Some time back, I wrote a post based on the premise of a work by J.R. Church  titled, “The Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms”  What Church discovered was that many of the Psalms are prophetic in nature and seem  even to dove tail with events of our own time period.   From his study, it appears that the years 2010 – 2018  coincide with Psalm 110-118.  If so, based on the unrepentant nature of our nation,  by the words of our own Pharoah, “the new King Tut” as he was hailed in Egypt this past year – “we are not a Christian nation”  –  therefore, 2009, may well have been, the “conclusion of the matter” as far as judgment is concerned and 2010,  may well see, the execution of such.

* – for more on the prophetic implications of Psalms 110 – 118  see my Sept post- 

The plague of darkness lasted for three days and it was a darkness that could be felt. While it was dark where the Egyptians lived,  it was light in the land of Goshen where the Israelites lived, God made a distinction between the people who were his and those who were not. 

 In spite of the many clues we’ve been shown, we don’t know exactly what the next few days or weeks may hold, but, what we do know is this – like the old song, we used to sing when I was in youth group, a million years ago – “I know who holds the future and I know He holds my hand, with God things don’t just happen, everything by Him is planned.”  If God knew how to make a distinction between His people then, he surely knows how to make a distinction now!  

Psalm 27:1 -“The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear, the Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid.”  Indeed!


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  2. Cindy – I am stunned to realize that the post I just finished, inspired entirely without reference to yours, appears to fill in what might be the back story to it. Short take: 7th plague = very fine-grained hail… i.e., snow. If we are both correct, then we should be looking for locusts (or their equivalent) very soon.

    • Art, once again, I want to thank you for your encouragement! What amazing times we live in! It seems like every where I look these days, I see the hand of God! What a blessing it is, when the Lord allows us to see, by way of the synchronicity of our efforts, (by the mouths of two or three witnesses) the tremendous work at which he is doing. It truly is humbling and I thank you again, for all the wisdom and insight you share with me and your other readers. Continue on, dear brother with the good work God has called you to. Grace and blessings in Messiah Jesus, Cindy

  3. I think the locusts are muslim terrorists-they destroy everything and leave nothing good in their path

    • Hi Susan, thank you for your comment. You could well be right! I realized when I finished this last post regarding the 9th plague, that there is much more to be uncovered. Hopefully, this weekend, I’ll get a chance to do a little more digging. And to tell you the truth, I really don’t think its going to be much longer, when all of these things will answer themselves. Watching with you for his soon return! Cindy

  4. Dear Cindy,
    The snow almost resembles a post volcanic scenario: perhaps Garden Girl and Ultraguy have been given joint witness of an imminent Yellowstonr event.

    Chicago took a good seismic hit this week and the area of Puerto Rico has been experiencing smaller quakes as well.

    Monserrat had a comparatively strong event today as well. The amount of debris and ash from the increase in volcanism would be a realistic explanation for darkness that would be terribly thick.

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful insights. Cindy.

    Warm blessings,

    • Thanks Sue, I think you’ve made a great observation and in all probability, the most likely one. Indeed, the ash would fall like snow, and darkness would cover the earth. My daughter looked at the photo and saw the Washington monument, which is of course, as you know, an egyptian obelisk and thought with the moon above it, that it looked like a phallus penetrating an egg. The birth or re-birth of Osiris perhaps ???? As, we’ve both been reading Tom Horn’s, “Apollyon Rising”, recently, I thought her observation was a good one as well. And, my son in law, well, he thought it looked like a nail! Its been great getting feed back from everyone. Thank you again for writing, I really appreciate and value your comments. Blessings! Cindy

  5. Thanks, Art, for leading me to this blog.

    Many likely dates have come and gone, but the fact remains that we, as a nation, are on THIN ice … and if prophecy is pattern, the ideas in this post are extremely likely.

    Years ago, some wag suggested that the Trans-America building in San Francisco was really the end of a giant spike driven into the ground in China.

    Tom Horn has plenty to say about the occult significance of the Washington Monument. Whether anything “happens” in the next few weeks or not, we have all been adequately warned. I continue to think this is God’s “handwriting on the wall” for America, and the unrepentant are about to be judged, even as the faithful are about to be severely tried.

    May we all come forth as gold.

    • Hi Steve, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I was so excited to see your name as I listen to your program almost every night and I have been so blessed by it! Just hearing the little jingle at the start of your program, “a feeling in my bones” lifts my spirits. And after a long day at work, its just what I need! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I look forward to meeting you around the throne someday. Cindy

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  7. I am impressed, and very pleased at your insightt to bible prophesy, keep up the good work. At one time you learned from me and now I learn from you. I thank God for the priveledge of being your

    • Thanks Mom for your love and support! I have been so blessed to have you and dad as parents. Thank you for starting me out at the knees of Jesus from the time I was just an infant. Knowing that, even as young parents, you sought to provide the right foundation for me by bringing me before the church, and having me dedicated to God. For that, I will always be greatful! You are my Valentine! Love, Cindy

  8. Cindy, I finally got time to go into your Blog. You’re doing a good thing. We get JR Church’s magazine. It’s very interesting. Good luck on your passover. Ours is the 27th. If the rapture happens then, we’ll see you in heaven! I love you and miss you!

    • Hi Aunt Pat, Thanks for your encouragement, I really appreciate it! We’re having our Seder April 3, please be in prayer for us, as I will be for you. Love and miss all of you too! Cindy

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