Posted by: cindybythesea | September 30, 2009

Tsunami Watch

 Waves 4

This morning, a strong earth quake of 8.0 or greater magnitude centered off Samoa and American Samoa triggered a tsumani watch for those of us living here in Hawaii. When you live on an island, a tsumani watch is something that definately gets your attention. As the day progressed the tsunami watch was downgraded until it was finally called off by early evening. But, in the Samoan Islands, the impact was both immediate and devastating with news reports of people and cars being swept out to sea by 15 to 20 foot waves. I’ve seen big waves before, not tsunami waves,, thank God, but big waves just the same. Every winter on the North Shore of Hawaii, we get waves coming in at 20-30 feet. If you have ever seen one of these waves, you know they are monsters, thunderous mountains of white foam, the liquid version, of what’s known in the mountains as “white death” when snow avalanches come roaring down.

Tsunami’s, earthquakes and avalanches when unleashed are some of the most powerful forces on earth. These types of events are so big, so massive, so uncontrollable, they are often called “acts of God”, because they are beyond human control. Life is sometimes like this, sometimes we are hit with sudden and devastating circumstances beyond our control. One day we’re fine and the next we’re ill, maybe deathly ill. One day we’re fine and the next, we’re without a job. One day we’re fine and the next, we’ve lost someone we love. Its as if we;ve been hit with a tsunami! Suddenly and without warning, we find ourselves swept in to a current of circumstances beyond our control, struggling sometimes just to survive, it often takes all the strength we have just to cry out “God, where are you?!”

Well in to my 54th year, I’m old enough to realize that life comes with tsunami’s. It just does. Its not a matter of if, but, when. Jesus said, “in this world you will have tribulation” – no question about it, this one is guaranteed! And I know, this is true, having faced some monster waves myself! Its taken me some time to realize, but, its oh so true. When the circumstances are big, overwhelming, God is bigger! Lest that sound like a cliche, its true! For us as believers, its the anchor we hold to. The storms may rage for a while, but, the Father has promised to “never leave us nor forsake us”. In other words, we can be assured, when the winds cease and the rains stop, holding tightly to the hand of Jesus, we, will be exactly where he wants us to be.



  1. So true….

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