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I am a fifty something woman with two daughters and four grandaughters.  I am blessed to live in the beautiful state of New Mexico after having lived in Hawaii for the past fourteen years. A time period which in many ways was one of the most difficult of my life but, also the most blessed.  It was during this time that I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my Christian life –

“God’s love is never defined by the circumstances we find ourselves in”

That was a tough lesson for me – one I learned the hard way but, the end result has been a good one and this blog in many ways has come about as a result of it.

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to visit Cindybythesea.  May the Lord bless each and every one of you greatly! In the most precious name of Jesus!  Cindy



  1. I am a fifty something woman with two daughters and two grandaughters. I’ve been blessed with living in the Hawaiian Islands for the past ten years. I came to Hawaii through difficult circumstances that for a time shook my faith and trust in God’s providential care for my life. I have seen first hand, the loneliness and emptiness of a life void of a relationship with God. Truly, I left Him, He never left me! God’s promise to never leave us nor forsake us is far more sure than the rising and the setting of the sun each day. By His grace and His love, this prodigal daughter is returned. God’s calling and his purpose is irrevocable and He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. Those words, brought me much comfort even in those days when I felt so far from “home”

    • Hi Cindy,
      thanks for your blog!
      I agree, we are moments away from a very glorious moment!

      • I think so too! Just thinking about it, I feel my heart pounding in joyful expectation! Waiting and watching with you for the very soon return of our glorious bridegroom! Cindy

    • Hi Cindy, thank you for you teaching on the almond tree. I had a dream a week ago where I planted a Almond Branch. I remember planting the tree an watering it in my dream. Your teaching on this was very informative. Thank you and Be Blessed!

      [Thank you Nadia! I very much appreciate you taking the time to write. Grace and blessings in Yeshua! C]

  2. Dear Cindybythesea, Thank you for your blog and willingness to share your insight to the things happening in our world/nation. I want to encourage you to keep writing and sharing these things!! I know the Lord will use this to His glory! I will be adding your site to one of my daily “MUST READ” sections for updates and insight! Thank you and may the Lord bless you and your ministry!!

    • Hi rcn, Thank you for taking the time to write, I really appreciate your encouragement. I can tell you that it means alot to me. I truly believe that God is calling us to share the insights he has given us with one another, (from the mouths of two or three witnesses) and by so doing, not only is God glorified, but, we are able to see the larger picture that is unfolding. Thanks again for writing. I’ll look forward to hearing from you again. Cindy

  3. Hi Cindy,

    You have been referenced in Running from Babylon and New Wineskins and it is breathtaking to catch up and find so many wonderful insights from so many exceptional people.

    Thank you for sharing your research and sorting it so well: we all know what a challenge that is!

    Better get back to my reading: glad we had the snowstorms now!

    God bless you, Cindy.


    • Sue, I am extremely honored and humbled to have you stop by my blog. My first introduction to your work was “the Watchman, 911 and The harbingers”. I was so impressed by your research and your ability to communicate it to others, that you have become something of a mentor to me. The Lord has really spoken to me through your work, penetrating my heart at times, towards my own spiritual state, as well as to that of the country. May God continue to bless your work! With warmest regards, Cindy

  4. Hey Cindy,
    I am a blog buddy and prayer partner with some of those you list on your blog roll and although I do not blog as a “watcher” but a remnant believer in trying to see my daily journeys into His plans for me and all His children.
    Will be stopping by to read and just want to encourage you fpr your willingness to be transparent in pressing into Him.
    God bless you!


    • I really appreciate a prayer partner Carla, thanks so much for taking the time to write. I really feel the separation of darkness from light growing in intensity. I’m still thinking about my post as I just finished it less than a couple of hours ago. And my heart is really stricken for the children of this latest generation. We’ve allowed the enemy to become very bold, so bold, that he flaunts the chains he has on his captives by their jewelry and their body wear. Thank God, Jesus has come to set the captives free! We need our prayers warriors Carla and I’m glad you’re one of them! Grace and blessings to you in Messiah Jesus, Cindy

  5. One more thing–that mom to you thing must be in word press as per my daughter… sorry for that posting here– LOL

  6. Cindy you have a fantastic message. Keep up the good work. God bless you and Maranatha.LB

    • Hi Liston, Thank you so much for your encouragement. You made my day! Grace and blessings! Cindy

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    • HI Liston, I have not idea how this works, can anyone help? Thanks! Cindy

  8. dropping by, thank you for your post

  9. I LOVE reading your blog!

    • Lisa, Thank you so much for you encouragement! It really means alot to me. You made my day! Grace and blessings to you and your family! Cindy

  10. Please add me to your emails

  11. Here’s a video about the Jonah Whale with a link to your blog!!

    • Hi Andy, I had no idea about the you-tube video, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am always surprised and humbled to hear that someone has referenced my work. Grace and blessings! Cindy

  12. […] 94. Cindy by the Sea […]

    • I haven’t checked these out, but, thought I would post them anyway for any of you who might be interested. Cindy

  13. Aloha Cindy,

    As I read your blogs my heart, leaps with
    joy. I am so blessed to work with someone like you, who has gone through storms, yet knows that God is still there by our side. I just wanted
    to also thank you for your prayers, my Sister
    has gone home to our God & I have seen the
    peace that she feels through her smile. I pray
    that God is watching over your Sister also, send her my love!! Again I thank you for starting our
    praying & sharing times, it brings “JOY” to my heartl. Love in Christ Carol

    • Hi Carol, Aloha dear sister! I heard about your sister passing to heaven today at work. I am sad for your loss but, rejoicing with you for her life and for her testimony of Jesus. The hope of heaven a little bit closer and a little bit sweeter with the passing of each loved one into the arms of Jesus. Thank you Carol for your prayers for my sister as well. And, thank you Carol for being that bright light and spot of joy that shines wherever you go – the radiance of Jesus truly shines in you! With much love in Jesus! Cindy

      • Aloha my Sister in the Lord,

        I thank you for your heartful prayers for my Sister & the Family.
        Tho it was so nice seeing all of my family together. God is so powerful
        in my life.2 days before the service my Niece asked me to dance 2
        songs at the service, I was okay with that, but you know how that adversary
        NEVER wants you to share Gods love, I was tested to trust in Gods unfailing power, I got a call that my Brother had also passed away,the one that used
        to be homeless.I had to ask God to help me focus on “HIS” power & asked “HIM”
        to help me get through all of this. Praise God the Pastor was my Nephew, who
        knows how much I loved the Lord so he prayed over me & I could feel Gods
        love all around me. I was like the co-speaker so I asked the people at the
        service to please open their hearts to the love of “Jesus Christ” and the
        I could dance with woship from the “Spirit of my soul” which only comes from
        So pls keep on being the “Light” at ——– & praying with all
        the people there. I pray to see all of you soon. Love Carol

  14. Cindy, I haven’t figured out to email you, so I’ll post here….

    Whatcha think about this?

  15. God surely is faithful to us… Thank you for returning to fathers call upon your life. Oh how he loves us!
    Pressing in with prayer and deep admiration for the Lord. With a passion for God and hatred for the devil s lives. Speaking with truth and the Love of Christ. Taste and see the he is good. God bless you on this joyous time with the Lord .

    • Oh how He love us is right! Something I understand in a much deeper way than I ever did before! Thank you so much for writing and for your encouragement! cindy

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  18. I would love to hear for you. Your website is awesome.

  19. Thanks for being light and salt! You are such a blessing!

    [ Thank you Helena for your very gracious words, they are much appreciated. May God bless you and your ministry greatly! With joy, C ]

  20. Cindy,

    You’ll appreciate this. Look at the video of BO on this “The Daily Beast” article today:


    Notice to his left he has covered up the White House logo…..

    all except….


    Wikipedia dictionary definition of “white washing”:

    To whitewash is a metaphor meaning to gloss over or cover up vices, crimes or scandals or to exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data.[1] It is especially used in the context of corporations, governments or other organizations.


    “The Smoking Gun” blog has some interesting comments from photo shop experts here:


    Discernment antenna at max height!


    [ Wow! Thanks for passing this along David. I think “White Wash” says it all. I’m wondering if this birth certificate can be authenticated and why if it were so innocuous did it take them so long to produce it. Discernment atenna up! C]

  21. […] 94. Cindy by the Sea […]

  22. I thank you for your heartful prayers for my Sister & the Family.Tho it was so nice seeing all of my family together. God is so powerfulin my life.2 days before the service my Niece asked me to dance 2songs at the service, I was okay with that, but you know how that adversaryNEVER wants you to share Gods love, I was tested to trust in Gods unfailing power, I got a call that my Brother had also passed away,the one that usedto be homeless.I had to ask God to help me focus on “HIS” power & asked “HIM”to help me get through all of this. Praise God the Pastor was my Nephew, whoknows how much I loved the Lord so he prayed over me & I could feel Godslove all around me. I was like the co-speaker so I asked the people at theservice to please open their hearts to the love of “Jesus Christ” and theI could dance with woship from the “Spirit of my soul” which only comes fromGod. So pls keep on being the “Light” at ——– & praying with allthe people there. I pray to see all of you soon. Love Carol

  23. “… and God’s love for us is never defined by our circumstances.”

    Is there a way to place this at the top of your page and make it flash on and off? 🙂

    Oh that more would know this.

    Thanks for a great site (I found it through the guy in the above video).

    [Thanks Larry, I’m glad you liked the quote and perhaps, I will make it a permanent part of my blog. Grace and blessings! C]

  24. Cindy, I linked you in my latest video

    [Hi Andy, it’s a pleasure to hear from you again! You do a great job with your video’s. I know that God is using you in a mighty way in these last days. Thank you for linking to my blog, I am humbled and honored. Blessings to you brother and keep preaching the word! C]

  25. Religious – Where the 9/11 ecumenical religious service took place
    An Exclusive Look at the National Cathedral’s Quake Damage

    Political – Father of the nation
    More Cracks Found in Washington Monument

    Financial – Eathquake Damaged Treasury Building

    Electrical – Grid
    Quake shifted nuclear storage containers at Virginia plant (12 miles from the epicenter at Mineral, Va.)

    What do you think, Cindy?

    1. Coincidence?

    2. Message from God to the US?

    3. No significance

    I’ve been pondering this for the 2 weeks since it happened. Seems there’s a message as these are foundational symbols.

    Warning of greater to come?

    [Hi David, Thanks for writing and thank you for your question and the links you provided. I think you are exactly right; there is a message in the damage done to these foundational symbols. A warning, I’m certain that the foundations upon which the country rests is severely damaged and in danger of crumbling all together. A warning, which, if not heeded, will indeed result in something worse. Keep praying! C]

  26. Here’s you tube video your followers may like. A dad playing charades with his four adopted sons telling them they’re going to Disney. It really warmed my heart to see the boys so excited.

    Take care,

  27. Hi Cindy!

    We’ve greatly enjoyed looking through your wonderful Christian blog &
    thought you’d like to know that we’ve featured your blog among our top 100 in our
    latest article, *Top 100 Christian Lifestyle Resources*.
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  28. Aloha Cindy…I was led to your blog here, thru a mutual friend blog link.

    It’s really great to know a like minded sister here in the islands, home of many “endangered species”. 😉

    It would be great to connect, real time, sometime….find out about the private Remnant forum, you’ll be right at home, I think.

    I look forward to your reply-

    aloha, kauaiguy/Jim at movingbiz@hawaiian.net

    [Hi Jim, Thanks for your kind comments, I would very much be interested in finding out what the remnant forum is, I’ll send you an e-mail. C]

  29. After a long time, I came to the conclusion that Sivan 6 may be the birthday of Jesus. I have the web site http://home.comcast.net/~murrellg/Herod.htm which begins with the death of Herod and continues with a link to
    http://home.comcast.net/~murrellg/Jesus.htm. That is where I compute that Jesus may have been born on Sivan 6 (as June or May often). Cenceptually, it is the anniversary of giving of the Torah (a gift from God).
    And, we know, Jesus was a gift from God, called the Logos. And at Pentacost, also Sivan 6, gifts of holy spirit were given. Would it not be reasonable to find that Sivan 6 will be the gift of Jesus coming to establish the Kingdom of God on the Earth (as it is in heaven). Maybe not in 2012,
    but soon.
    Murrell Selden

  30. Cindy on your Pentecost write up
    he did leave Us the Appointed TIME when He will Come
    They TRUST(think carpenter) between the Prophets and Psalms
    They uphold and Support the Witness
    Remember where you Read ” I came to ” fulfill “. : KEY
    KEYS left to Peter are outside of the Box we presume
    Look deep not Peters words and the Prophets’ he rested!
    It is a Wonder to behold! And the Path is there HE HAS SHOWN US
    Remember ” ask : ” I shall tell you, KNOW ME. And I shall SHOW you”

  31. Cindy, Hate to give you bad news, but Sue Bradley went home to be with the Lord, Friday morning. I am a friend of her’s and remember her talking about you and how wonderful you were. God bless, Kim

    [Hi Kim, Thanks. I got news of Sues passing yesterday morning. And, while I am sad that we have lost her I am happy that she is now out of her suffering and in the arms of Jesus. She had become a great friend and mentor to me and we have exchanged a number of e-mails over the past few years. I will miss her alot, but, rejoice in having shared her friendship for a time. Many blessings to you! And, thank you for your continued friendship also. C]

  32. Cindy, I would love to know if you have any thoughts about the red fox that apparently continues to elude the groundskeepers at the White House. http://www.aol.com/article/2014/04/18/red-fox-gives-white-house-problems-eludes-secret-service/20871888/

  33. The red fox is from Va. Foxes hsve very good hearing, so GOD uses him to keep tabs on Obama. The fox is blessed, so if anyone hurts the fox, God will make the same thing happen to them. So very important to give the fox a good home, if it is caught.

  34. hi, Lord bless you and keep you. I look forward to visiting here now that i found ya. love.jb

  35. Sister Cindy,

    I would like to send you a copy of “The Eighth Beast” if you simply would email me an address. Please use subject line:The Eighth Beast

    Stay on fire and unburnable,


    • Thank you William, I will be happy to do that.

  36. Shalom Cindy!
    Do you send out newsletters if so I’d like to be included. I found your article just now on the Blossoming of the Almond Tree…timely for now! Thank You!
    Love, Linda

    • Shalom and thank you Linda. No, I do not have a newsletter but, I do appreciate your asking. My time for writing has been limited but I am hoping to get back in the swing of things soon with more frequent updates on my blog. Just keep checking. And, thank you again for your kind comments! Cindy

  37. Dear Cindy,
    Today I rededicated my life to Christ. Thank you for simply giving me the right words to pray and ask God to forgive me and change my life. For years, my salvation was always questioned based on different aspects of my life. To always have my pastor or youth leaders asking me if I ,”prayed the right prayer” or simply even “really got saved”, made me doubt my prayer to God or wether or not I “did it right”. God has never left my side for I have felt Him everyday with me. In the simplest of ways, His constant presence never left me. I chose to build walls against Him and refuse to acknowledge my parents teachings of what’s to come because my doubt and fear in my own salvation grew to big to face at the time. I thank you for this blog. I thank my mom for never giving up on me and sharing your blog with me. And for Jesus Christ who has done the same. To feel the calm within my heart at this moment is more then what I needed. I know His return is almost upon us. Today I am ready. My fears are cast away and each day forward is my new beginning as I await the King. Thank you, your teachings have helped me get right with God. Your sister in Christ, Cara.

    • Oh, Cara, thank you so much for sharing this with me. I couldn’t be happier for you. You really made my day!! Thankfully, its a matter of the heart … we may not get all the words just right but, God sees into our deepest being and knows. Once we put our trust in him, he is faithful to do the rest. And he has promised to never leave us or forsake us. And, thats a promise we can hold on to! So, happy, happy, happy for you dear sister. Will keep you in my prayers … you have the same name as my oldest. .. except with a K … will be easy to remember. Please stay in touch. Love and blesings in Jesus! Cindy

  38. Hi Cindy
    I read your very awesome blog today re Hawaii.. This is not a drill. Your Feb 20, 2018 date, was most intriguing.

    I too wrote a blog a few days ago titled IF THE HAWAII MISSILE WARNING ON Jan 13, 2018 WAS REAL, mainly for believers!


    My wife & others are thinking of reblogging your post.

    I could be reached at 1 808 533 3435 or by email

    God bless you & yours,
    Aloha & Agape,

    • Thank you so much for writing. I just read your excellent post and encourage all who visit my blog to take the time to read it. I lived in the islands for 14 years and consider it my second home. Praying that many will come faith in these turbulent times in which we live. And may God bless the beautiful people of Hawaii.


    • Hi Bee, it’s so great to hear from you! I hope this finds you well. So happy you took a moment to write. For sure, our departure is close …. the state the world is in today does nothing but prove what we as believers all know …” this world is not our home”. Looking forward with you for the arrival of our hearts desire. … until then, please stay in touch! You made my day!

  40. Oh happy day

  41. In Spokane, WA they are wiping out one
    gallon jugs of water, Lysol wet wipes and
    large jugs of chlorox. Toilet paper in the large
    packages are pretty much gone, and a lot of the smaller packages. Otherwise, the shelved are full.

    • Thank you for the update from your area. God bless you and stay safe

  42. Hello Cindy.
    You had you comments off, but wanted to share this with you concerning NYC.

    Stay blessable, on fire, and unburnable.



    • Thank you William. I have been having difficulty with the comments section lately; even though they are checked “on” in settings they do not activate. My computer is messed up so I have to do my writing on my phone. Have been having that problem ever since. Glad you took the initiative to comment here.

  43. Cindy, I have really enjoyed your posts over the years!!! I truly wish that you were able to post more regularly, as it is always such a Treat to see a new post appearing on your page! They are especially welcome at this point because we are getting so very close to the Rapture, So sad to see the tsunami of end time signs washing over the world, yet the world seems to be oblivious that it is all been recorded in the Bible as a warning for our very day! TITUS 2 V 13!! (also, I wish more would refuse this very dangerous jab!!)

    • Thank you so much Ron! I really appreciate your encouragement. My daughter and husband have been encouraging me to write more and so perhaps the lord through all of you is indicating that I need to get busy. You’re right, so much going on …I hardly know where to start. God willing I will try to post something soon. Cindy

  44. How do I subscribe to your site….can not find

    • Hi Judy, When I started this blog years ago the subscribe button was attached but they reconfigured the site and it has not been on since. I’m working on trying to figure it out. I do appreciate you asking and bringing it to my attention

      • One suggestion is to click on “follow” on the admin bar. It does not show on my phone (which is all I have) … I’m not sure if it shows up on bigger applications like lap tops. tablets, etc..

  45. Thank you for your blog, Cindy.

  46. Hi, Cindy, hey just another note about hawaii. we really do need to pray but i pray rapture will come very quickly.



    • Thank you Ben and so do I (praying the rapture comes soon). Very concerned for Hawaii. Thank you for the link.

  47. hey cindy, take a look here about Hawaii—– this is weird ,really weird.

    • Thanks Ben! If that’s in the lower elevations it would indeed be wierd. Although the Big Island regularly gets snow in the winter atop Mauna Kea atc13,000 feet while below on the beaches its tropical sun and surf paradise. I will be watching this though because as I said if snow falls at sea level there it will indeed be wierd!

  48. Cindy, did you get my response about the 5G, i had thought i post it. not sure if it did get to you. if not, i will write it again if i can remember. if not, oh well. Ben

    • Hi Ben, No, I did not get anything on 5G …please. try again.

  49. Wow, I don’t know how I stumble on your blog, you are so so amazing! God works in mysterious way. I too was never into politics but until when God spoke to my heart to sow to President Trump 2020 election campaign and it all starts from there. God got this !💕 God bless you💕and yours.

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