Posted by: cindybythesea | February 18, 2023

Jesus is the Answer For A Woke Generation

I remember from my youth back in the late sixties and early seventies a very popular song that was often sung at youth rallies and Bible camp. It went like this:

It only takes a spark to get a fire going,
And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing;
That’s how it is with God’s Love,
Once you’ve experienced it,
You spread the love to everyone
You want to pass it on

Written by Kurt Kaiser in 1969 it soon became very popular and the perfect song for campfire gatherings. And looking back now it seems almost prophetic as the Jesus movement of the seventies took off not long after that like a small spark that in very short period of time became a raging inferno.

Fast forward to today and we have the Asbury University revival in Wilmore, Kentucky which spontaneously broke out on February 8. A quote from an article on CNN describes it like this:

“It began on February 8, as a normal church service. According to Asbury College students and leaders, a gospel choir sang at the end of the service, and some students stuck around afterward 6 hours ago”.

Asbury University is a small Christian College in Wilmore, Kentucky and as of this morning (February 18th) shows no sign of stopping with people coming from all over the world to join in this remarkable movement of God.

When I look back on the Jesus movement of the seventies I see a lot of similarities. Masses of young people floundering to find meaning in a culture that had become hollow and consequently meaningless in its pursuit of materialism. Sex, drugs and rock n roll exploded in a counter culture movement that promised to bring enlightenment and freedom to a generation with a void that desperately needed filling. Add to that the turmoil of the Vietnam War and the strife of the Civil Rights movement and it was an attractive recipe for young people looking to find purpose and meaning in their young lives.

I see a lot of similarities to what is happening today. We have political turmoil, materialism in ways we could never have imagined in the seventies and technology that far surpasses anything we could have dreamed of back then … but the difference is this –

Young people of the seventies were in rebellion (and rejection) to the culture – today’s young people are in rejection (and rebellion) to self – as evidenced by body dysmorphia, gender rejection and self- mutilation either by surgery or self infliction – the end of which is often suicide or death – because when all attempts have failed – outside of a touch from Jesus – there is nothing left. And the hole they feel inside themselves remain unfilled.

And why is this? Well, probably not one single or simple answer but it’s pretty obvious that the cumulative effect of our culture (as it exists today) has caused an entire generation to reject who they are at the deepest level – their very core.

To me this signals a deep feeling of worthlessness – the feeling of being unloved for simply who they are. Social media has allowed people to craft an image of how they want to be perceived … of who they think will be loved and accepted … an image that is often a far cry from who or what they really are. That’s why so many live and die by how many likes they get or how many followers they have. Therefore, social media has become an important element in getting the attention and acceptance that they so desperately crave. It is their attempt to escape the pain they feel – the perception they have – of being completely worthless and unloved.

Decades of abortion on demand coupled with the removal of God from public and private life has yielded a crop that most of us never saw coming – and truly did little to avert.

But God –

But, God did.

And while it is true that that the forces of darkness and the predators they employ have seized the opportunity to fan the flames …. they too know a spark can get a fire going – we are not without responsibility … nor are any of us (young or old) victims. We are always responsible for our own sin.

This verse came up in my morning reading today which I think applies.

“… Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds. O LORD. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy”. Habakkuk 3:2

How long will this revival last? How far will it spread? Well, that’s entirely up to the Lord. I’m personally not expecting revival that will turn this country or the world around (although God is good at surprises) but rather a last movement of the Spirit … in these last moments of history … that God according to his word … in wrath will remember mercy.

And may each of us take the opportunity to repent for our role whether big or small in allowing our country to come to the place that it is. We have failed in so many ways. And the time for paying the piper has come.

And, as always,

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy


  1. God is doing something in our midst, oh how we pray Lord save this lost and dying generation, let them be a shining light for those around them, may Your Mighty Hand move over this Nation. Amen.

    • Thank you Meeellodee, amen and amen!

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