Posted by: cindybythesea | September 7, 2022

My 2015 Fleece

Red Ford truck with decorative license plate reading New York vertically and Manhattan horizontally

On the afternoon of Monday November 9th 2015 I had decided to go for a walk. I was thinking of some extended family members who were visiting the city of New York at the time. For some reason, I got the strong feeling that they could be in danger from a possible terrorist attack …maybe because there had been two previous attacks (attempted) on the city that same year in April and June.

Anyway, I was feeling so strongly about this that I wondered if I should alert my relatives to be extra careful and alert to their surroundings. But because I didn’t want to come off a bit crazy I decided to ask the Lord for confirmation regarding this before I said anything. So, I decided to put out a fleece … something I have rarely if ever done before – I wanted to be certain before I said anything to them that this was from the Lord and not just some crazy feeling I had. What could I use as a fleece? I wanted to make it as hard as possible in order to rule out chance. So, I decided as I left for my walk that this would be my fleece –

While I am out walking (the same few blocks and neighborhoods I always walk in small town Northern New Mexico) if I should see the word Manhattan while I am out I will know my fleece has been answered.

And guess, what – I did …and I was completely blown away. What are the chances? The word Manhattan on a residential street in small town New Mexico. I took the photo you see at the top of the post …and still marvel at the apparent fulfillment of the fleece I had put before the Lord.

So, I did contact my relatives and they seemed to appreciate the warning and thankfully nothing happened while they were there. Of course, I was glad for that but puzzled as to the answer I had received in regard to my fleece.

So today, I was thinking about this and noted that the date on my photo was Monday November 9th, 2015. Hmmm, interesting and November 8th of this year is mid-term elections. Putting that together with what Nelson Walters had said about a false flag event before the midterms I decided to look up the number of days between my fleece and this year’s elections and guess what? Again, I was floored … the number of days between my fleece and the the mid-term elections is 2,556 days – the exact same number as my Strongs 2556 post that I posted yesterday.

And as further proof of the date of my photo I have this screen shot –


If you include the date of November 8th in the count (the other count excludes it) it is 2,557 days or an exact 7 years and means very similar to Strongs 2556

At this point I am still trying to figure out the connection (if any). Was God showing me that yes, there would be an event but the time was not then but in the future? I really don’t know. Perhaps, only time will tell. We do live in interesting times!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy

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