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A Parade of Kings


On the last day of Passover Saturday April 3 twenty two mummies were moved from the Egyptian Museum to a new and much more elaborate museum in Fustat. With pomp and ceremony not seen since the golden age of Egypt 22 of Egypts most powerful and revered kings (one of which included Ramses II – thought to be the Pharaoh of the Exodus) was moved in a fashion even these “gods” could never have dreamed of.

If you have not watched the video of this event I will include a link at the bottom of this post where you may do so. It is quite spectacular and impressive on many levels. Egypt of course like many other countries is dependent on tourism for their economy and has been hurting greatly since the advent of Covid. This parade is no doubt at least in part an effort to renew interest in travel to Egypt. But, given the times we are living in I am inclined to believe there is much more than what we see on the surface level.

A Return to Paganism

It seems to me that we have witnessed over the past few years a return to paganism even as the increase in technology and artificial intelligence has grown. It is my belief that it will be a marriage of the two that leads us into the beast system which is developing even now as we speak. I would dare say most proponents of AI (artificial intelligence) already prescribe to one form of paganism or another whether it’s witchcraft, sorcery, new age or any number of other pagan beliefs.


As I watched the video it was apparent that this parade was an immense source of national pride carrying with it a renewed awe for the history of Egypt and the Kings and Queens themselves. One of the orchestral productions was titled a “Hymn to Isis”. The words adapted from an inscription on one of her monuments. Isis was of course, the wife to Osiris one of the primary gods and was worshipped and adored along with him. The words to the hymn express their ardent devotion.

Hymn to ISIS

“May the gods adore the mistress (Isis)…May the gods adore the mistress (Isis) … It is she the sole mistress. It is she the sole mistress…Have an awe to ISIS… …. It is she who gave birth to the morning….It is she who gave birth to the morning … Have an awe to ISIS… she is the mistress of the west (the netherworld) …. ” and so on and so forth, I won’t quote the rest. You get the idea and can watch the YouTube link below if you desire.

Hymn to ISIS Comments

I found it interesting to read through some of the comments regarding the YouTube of the ISIS hymn …. which I think say alot …. many of the comments said things like – “powerful, beautiful, gave me goosebumps, brought me peace, I could watch/listen to it 1,000 times, I’m going to memorize it so I can sing it by heart.” And these are just some of the comments in English! I can only imagine what some of the others said!

The Quest for Immortality

The quest for immortality did not die with the ancients. In fact, in some ways they have achieved what they wished for. For who among our most prominent world leaders will be remembered in 5,000 years? Doubtfully, any in my opinion. But this is the thing – there is a longing in the human heart to continue beyond this life. The Bible says God has placed eternity in our hearts so the longing is genuine and real. But for Christian’s it is not immortality that we seek but rather eternal life as we are made new in Christ Jesus. There is a difference. The world seeks immortality to stay alive, to stay young, to never die (in perhaps the futile attempt at avoiding judgment) …. and there has never been such a concerted attempt since perhaps the days of Egypt to succeed in this endeavor. *See link below for an article regarding Silicon Valley elite in their quest for anti-aging/immortality.


There is much to consider in regard to this recent event. I haven’t yet began to formalize the significance of its occurrence on the last day of Passover but I am certain there is something there and I am still pondering on it. You may have some thoughts of your own which are welcome in the comments section. * Don’t miss the two links in blue that follow and of course the YouTube of the Hymn to ISIS. By the way, whenever I type Isis it auto corrects to all caps ISIS unless I go back and fix it everytime. Interesting.

Why Silicon Valley Execs Are Investing Billions to Stay Young


Watch “The Pharaohs’ Royal Parade – Full version HD” on YouTube

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy


  1. It might be correcting to Isis in all caps because of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or ISIL). That would be my guess. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Cindy, for taking notice of this event. The resurrection of the Pharoahs. TODAY they opened the museum! Egypt: On World Heritage Day: Royal Mummies Hall of NMEC officially receives visitors.
    It took two weeks to unpack the mummies, put them in the showcases and prepare them, to be shown to the public on April 18. MARANATHA!!!

  3. This event was presented on the last day of Passover for One purpose.

    Defiance! They renewed their covenant with death.

    The first Passover was a personal war between Yahweh and the gods of Egypt. The gods of Egypt were defeated, and remain defeated. They are coming again and this is seen throughout the world since 2008 with the arrival of Isis in NYC as directed by BO. There confluence of wickedness will crescendo with the appearing of The LawlessOne, the son of Perdition, SOP.

    • Very well said and you are exactly right!

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