Posted by: cindybythesea | June 5, 2020

The Strawberry Moon Eclipse * Updated


“Then they called Rebekah, and said unto her, “Will you go with this man?” And she said “I will go”. Genesis 24:58

If you’re like me there has been so much bad news lately that it is easy to forget the good news. In fact, the good news can seem dwarfed or eclipsed by all that is going on but in fact it is the opposite. Jesus, told us “when you see these things beginning to come to pass lift up your heads, your redemption draws nigh” (Luke 21:28). Can there be any further doubt the time is now?

I was looking at the news this morning and came across an article from Accuweather about tonight’s Strawberry Moon. It is the first full moon of the meteorological summer which began June 1. Not to be confused with the astrological summer which begins on the solstice on June 20. This June full moon has many names but is most commonly known in North America as the Strawberry Moon. Apparently this name originated with the Algonquin tribes who knew it as a signal to gather the ripening fruit of wild strawberries. (Old Farmers Almanac). Per the Accuweather article:

“In Europe, June’s full moon is called the Mead Moon, the Rose Moon and the Honey Moon”

As June was traditionally a month for marriages the word Honeymoon was coined and is used to this day.

In addition to the Strawberry Moon part of the world will witness a penumbral eclipse which is described this way:
On Friday, the moon will pass through only part of the Earth’s outer shadow, known as the penumbra, and will miss the darker inner shadow, known as the umbra. As a result, only one area of the moon will go dark.

And because the effect is subtle if you don’t know what you are looking for you could miss it.


The eclipse will be visible in Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa although the Strawberry Moon will be visible here in North America as well – just minus the eclipse as the eclipse will end before it rises over the Americas.

Today is also the anniversary of the six day war in 1967. Greatly outnumbered in a David vs Goliath situation Israel won the victory over her enemies when without God’s help it would certainly have not been possible. In fact, by June 7 (two days later) the old city of Jerusalem was liberated and on June 10th the war was over. * See article by TW Tramm below that suggests Pentecost may actually be this week end which would correspond to the June 7th date of the six day war.

We live in a time when the forces of evil seem to be gaining the upper hand. But there is a game changer coming. The bride is ready to leave and like Rebekah who saw her bridegroom from afar – we have said, “I will go”.

* Something you might find of interest in relation to this weekend.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy


  1. Thank you so much Cindy for ALL of your insightful postings! Titus2 v13!

    • Thank you for your encouragement! Very much appreciated! Many blessings to you and yours as we await the return of our glorious Lord!

  2. Seems that Endtimesforcasterblog has been removed. Any idea where they might pop up? Any details? It said they violated rules.

  3. Dear Cindy,
    I was sharing with someone about The Strawberry Moon Eclipse when they began to sing a gospel song called ‘Camel Train’. I had never heard it before and I’ve no idea who penned this as she said it was a song they used to sing at camp. I am very grateful to you for your faithful exhortation for us to be watching for our Yeshua, the Beloved Bridegroom in the rapture!
    Camel Train
    Twas a day in early springtime by an ancient wayside well,
    Eleazar paused to rest his camel train.
    He had found a bride for Isaac as the evening shadows fell,
    for his weary journey had not been in vain.
    Now he took the fair Rebecca, draped in jewels rich and fair,
    back to Abraham and Isaac far away.
    Where Rebecca lover her Isaac and he loved Rebecca fair.
    O, That must have been a happy wedding day.
    Now the blessed Holy Spirit left the Father God above,
    to come down to earth to find a worthy bride.
    For our Isaac over yonder has prepared His tents of love,
    and He want his fair Rebecca by his side.
    We have left our kinfolk gladly.
    We have bid the world good-bye.
    We are going to that home beyond the sky.
    Where we’ll behold our Isaac in that blessed eternity.
    What a happy, happy wedding that will be.
    Oh, get ready, evening shadows fall.
    Don’t you hear the Eleazar call?
    There’s going to be a wedding, our joy will soon begin,
    in the evening when the camel train comes in.

    • Thank you Lenette for all your comments and your encouragement. It’s a blessing not only to me but to others who enjoy reading comments like I do. I have never heard the song Camel Train, but I love the words. Thanks so much for sharing. I assume it’s an old tune. Those are some of the best I’ll have to look it up. Excited for Feast of Trumpets… we may indeed be bidding this world goodbye very soon … hearing the “Eleazar” call…I love it! . Blessings to you and yours, Cindy

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