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No Where To Hide – *Updated x 3 – 3/29/20, ** 3/30/20 and *** 1/18/2022

Night before last I had a dream that started with what appeared to be two portals in the sky. I watched in fascination as the portals became funnel like in appearance with short broad tails. The tails looked like an upside down periscope and were flexible in their ability to peer about and move in any direction. At this point I became terrified and hid beneath my bed as I realized these things were in a searching mode and I did not want to be seen.

As I lay beneath my bed the room became supercharged with some kind of energy and I could see some thing like short rods moving rapidly to and fro within what I perceived to be an energy field. The rods were almost like short bursts of light bluish in color which made them visible as they darted back and forth in every direction. The next thing I knew I was loading boxes of food on to trucks under the direction of some kind of robotic entities.

Strange, I agree.

I was struck by the oddity of the dream and initially passed it off as nothing but decided to pass it by my daughters anyway to see what they thought. To my surprise, they immediately thought it was significant.

The Corona virus (in their opinion) is going to lead us into a program of progressive surveillance. Whether it be drones or satellite imagery of some kind we are/will be watched and tracked. The energy field I saw is some kind of technology that will be useful in manipulating people into willing subjects of the state even as our daily needs and resources are stripped away from us. Whether these are actual “robots” over seeing this process or people acting robotically as servants of the state. I don’t know.

This dream really came out of the blue as I had not been reading or thinking about anything like this. All I can say is that we live in unprecedented times and how this is all going to play out is anyone’s guess. Only God knows for sure. It is my opinion that this is certainly not going to blow over in a few weeks or months but is in fact the groundwork for what the Bible refers to as the end of days. And friends, it’s not coming. It’s already here.

* I read a post this morning about the dangers of 5G and how it could be used. I decided to Google a 5 G image and imagine my surprise when this image came up …nearly identical to my dream.

Do you see the light infused “rods” moving about? Well, that’s it! I don’t know much about 5 G but this was definitely the image of my dream. Odd too how they emanate from a portal shaped opening.

**I came across this video this morning and found it so interesting as it confirmed some of the information from my dream. Check it out.

Watch “THE DANGERS OF A 5G WORLD: Why 5G Will Be Bad And How There Will Be No Way To Escape It | David Icke” on YouTube

And one more, folks, this is just plain spooky.

Watch “The Threat of 5G” on YouTube

*** As I understand it 5G will be rolled out tomorrow January 19 after a delay from January 5. And I was flabbergasted to learn when I did a days between dates search that it is 666 days between my dream on March 25, 2020 and January 19, 2022. What that means I can’t begin to say but right now I am really just stunned. I guess we will find out tomorrow.

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“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with you for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy


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