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If the Path Be Beautiful


“If the path be beautiful ask not where it leads”

Some time ago, I received a copy of one of my favorite home and garden magazines. The cover of the magazine looked something like this. Inscribed across the top of the cover were these words, “If the path be beautiful ask not where it leads”.  And while those words may sound exciting if not out right tantalizing it actually makes for poor advice for we all know there are many things in life that appear beautiful but in the end are anything but.  And this is particularly true in the spiritual realm.

The Beautiful Side of Evil

When we think of deceiving spirits, we think of them as dark and malevolent; the path on which they travel equally dark and dank and full of brambles. But deception by its very nature is exactly the opposite. In other words, it is often the path that seems the brightest that is the most dangerous of all – the one that appears most sunlit that leads to the darkest of places.

The Bible warns us of these things.

The apostle John in 1 John 4:1 has this to say:

“Beloved do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out in to the world.”

And in 2 Corinthians 11:14 –

“And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed in to an angel of light

And that is what makes it so hard. For who would believe that anything so seemingly good, so beautiful, so full of “light” could be so bad.

Poppies, poppies, poppies ….

Remember in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy and her companions were overcome by the scent of poppies. How beautiful the path they were traveling until it turned deadly.  Sadly many individuals (and religious organizations) operate their spiritual lives in very much the same way. Mesmerized by the beauty of the path (they are on) they fail to see or consider where it may lead. They assume that they know but a false assumption is a deadly assumption. The fragrance of beauty, the fragrance of death.

“There is a path before a person that seems right, but it ends in death” Proverbs 14:12 (NLT)

In closing todays post, I would like to pose some questions for thought.

What path are you on? Have you thought about it?  It may be beautiful, it may feel good, it may even be religious. But where does it lead?

The Bible tells us that there is only one road, one path, one way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. Jesus himself said,

“I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me” John 14:6

Is the Jesus you believe in the Jesus of the Bible? If he is not, he cannot save you. Be careful (I’ll say it again) that the Jesus you believe in is the Jesus of the Bible. Not the brother of Satan, the archangel Michael or a good and righteous teacher. If one of those so mentioned  is your “Jesus”, he cannot save you! You are on the wrong path!

Do not be deceived!

Are you trusting in your own good works? Do you think you can live anyway you choose as long as your good out weighs your bad? Do you live your life with the false assumption that there is in the heavenly realm a scale which registers not in pounds but in good and bad deeds as a prerequisite for entering the pearly gates?  If this is what you believe, know now that the gates will be closed to you. You will not enter. No one enters heaven by their deeds.

Do not be deceived!

The Bible says that there is none righteous, “no, not one”  Romans 3:10

“For by grace you are saved through faith, and not of yourselves: it is the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast” Ephesians 2:8,9


In just a few days, we will celebrate resurrection Sunday. Jesus went to the cross to pay for our sins. He gave up his life in order to give us life. This was the path he chose because of his great love for us. No man could atone for the sins of another. Only God himself who was sinless was able to pay the price. God came down …. entered the human realm in order to make a way of salvation for us. Its a free gift, by faith ….. we can’t earn it, we can’t buy it. It is solely and completely a gift for which we will have all of eternity to say thank you.  The way of the cross was not pretty …. but its the only path that truly leads to a beautiful end.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior please make that decision today. The days of grace are quickly coming to a close. Don’t be left behind.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy











  1. Awesome! Indeed it is by Grace we are saved. And this same Grace will carry us through. Thanks for sharing.

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