Posted by: cindybythesea | February 7, 2017

The Canary in a Coal Mine Effect

Image result for jelly fish die off turn beach blue

Massive Jelly Fish Die Off Turn This Australian Beach Blue

It’s been a phenomenon that is just not going away since the Fukushima disaster of 3/11/11. Fish, animals and birds have been dying off at unprecedented rates and in massive numbers all around the world in the past 6 years.  And while attempts have been made to identify the cause there appears to be in most the cases no natural explanation outside the fact that all have occurred since the Fukushima disaster. And now the latest news out of Japan from Tepco, (the Tokyo Electric Power Company) is that radiation levels have now reached the highest they have been since the initial disaster and are in fact at this point in time at unimaginable levels.

According to reports over the past couple of days the levels have now reached  an incredible 530 Sieverts which (according to this report) is “strong enough to kill a machine designed to withstand just such an occurrence in less than an hour”.  Alarming when one considers that just 10 Sieverts in a human is enough to cause death in a matter of weeks making this the worst environmental disaster in history …. and that is just the start …. for the Fukushima disaster is basically unstoppable.

Up until now birds, fish and animals have been primarily affected. I call this the “canary in a coal mine effect“. Remember in the old days (before our current sophisticated technology) when a canary would be taken down in to a mine to test for high levels of lethal fumes ….. the miners knew that if the bird died it was time to get out …. apparently the delicate constitution of the bird caused it to succumb before the humans could be affected –  which I think applies here ….

…. the massive animal, fish and bird die off around the world is a warning I believe that radiation as a result of Fukushima is affecting the entire planet …. for we know that radiation as been leaking in to the Pacific unchecked since the day of the disaster and is even now being carried into the gulf stream and picked up by the atmosphere.  And while it may appear at this time that humans have not been affected one report I read put it this way “as cancer deaths increase in these next few years many will die as a result of Fukushima and never know it” … wow!

The Bible speaks of this in the book of Hosea as well as in the book of Revelation. All related to end time events.

“The beasts of the field and the birds of the air and the fish of the sea are dying” Hosea 4:3

For a list of the most recent animal and fish die offs just google the subject or take a look at this article here.

Friends, our world is in terrible trouble. The Bible has told us ahead of time what to expect. It is only going to get worse. The Fukushima disaster alone is the stuff of our worst nightmares. I urge you to pass this information on to all that you know. For it can and will and is affecting all of us. No one will be exempt. Our world is changing and it will never again be the same.

Friends, if you don’t know Jesus today I urge you to do so. He is wonderful, he loves us more than we can ever know and he is the only way out of this mess.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy










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