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Failure to Obey

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“God blessed them (male and female) and said to them, be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it …” Genesis 1:28

As the photo above depicts, Europe is in a crisis. The number of Muslim immigrants saturating and overwhelming the culture at an alarming rate. The United States bracing for the same. According to this report by Breitbart dated July 16, 2015 –

” the United States admits roughly 100,000 Muslim immigrants legally each year”. …..  A number according to Pew Research that will double over the next two decades from 2.6 million in 2010 to 6.2 million in 2030.” 

And while that number compared to the current population of over 318 million (according to census 2014) seems relatively small, it is nonetheless alarming.

Couple that with the shift away from Judaic/Christian values and we can easily see why Europe and the United States is in the mess that it is. And one of those reasons is failure to keep God’s first and most basic commandment.

Be fruitful and multiply ….

and the way things are looking failure to do so will not be without a cost.

In the days before the sexual revolution and the championing of Women’s rights families were big. My dad was number 8 out of 10 children which at that time was common. And while most of those families were large by default ( no way of preventing pregnancy except by abstinence), they were nonetheless, keeping the first commandment to be fruitful and multiply for according to the Bible, it is God, who by his choice opens or closes the womb.

But in the days since the turbulent 60’s everything has changed and most families (if they have children at all) limit themselves to 2 children. In America, as it is in Europe, these low birthrates along with the scourge of abortion means that we are barely even replacing our selves, if that. Throw in gay marriage which is non child producing and we can see that the demographics are set to shift dramatically …. a fact, that as mentioned above is going to cost us dearly. For Muslim families are by design large. Just do the math –  for unless these numbers change (and at this point it is probably too late) – the demise of western culture is a foregone conclusion.

If Christians had not bought in to the present cultural propaganda of limiting family size, perhaps, we would not be in the trouble we are today. If Christians had continued to have large families, the American culture might have stood a chance at stabilizing itself. For every Christian child that was never born is one less child growing to adult hood who by virtue of their very presence would have provided pushed back against the cultural war which has been waged against Christians and family values since the 1960’s.

I have to give my daughter (Seven Stars) the credit for opening my eyes to this. I myself had only two children by choice. My husband and I believing at the time (mid-70’s) that all we could most likely afford was two children. Not realizing that this kind of thinking is contrary to God’s word for it is completely faithless. For if God chooses to open the womb will he not also provide?

We (Christians) have unwittingly bought in to the anti-God propaganda that has been flooding the culture for the last 50 years.. With the advent of things such as birth control and easy access of the same, we have chosen (by limiting family size) economic gain over the scriptural mandate to go forth and multiply. I see nothing in the scripture that tells us to do otherwise – to down size families as a way of ensuring there is bread on our table.

If this sounds counter to conventional secular wisdom it is – but, we trust God and his word – for it is and always will be contrary to what this world would have us believe. The world said, the lame will never walk again, but God said otherwise, the world said, the blind will never see again, but God said, otherwise. The world said, the dead will never live again but, God said otherwise and Jesus lives today. This is the basis of our faith. What is impossible with man is always possible with God and if he chooses to open the womb in response to his own command to “go forth and multiply” we believe, (or should believe) by his word that he will provide.

As we approach increasingly difficult days ahead, I think that we will see that failure to obey has probably as much as anything contributed to the circumstances we find ourselves in today.  And before we go and blame anything and everyone else including the crazy, decadent and increasingly immoral culture that surrounds us, we must first look at ourselves.

Do we really believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God? Do we really trust God and by so doing exercise what we believe by faith? if so, what excuse do we have for not doing it?  Seems to me that the finger we point at others should be pointed back at ourselves. For if we are truly honest, we pick and choose out of the Bible how and what we will believe and practice as much as anyone else. And that my friends is to our disgrace and shame.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy

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