Posted by: cindybythesea | September 15, 2015

Numbering the Days

I want to point you to an amazing work that my friend Daryl Bernard has done regarding the number 2520. The link is posted is in the comments section but, I also wanted to post it here so that no one would miss it. Please take the time to read this very important and fascinating study. I tell you, you just can’t make this stuff up. Read it for yourself, I guarantee you, you will be blessed!. And thank you Daryl for sharing your very important work with me and all my readers here at Cindy by the Sea. I am honored.


  1. Cindy, this is a most fascinating connection that Daryl has made based on Yahweh’s amazing number 2520. I was just listening also to Bo Polny on TruNews and he spoke of the equivalent number 252 and likewise mentioned the date September 28, 2015 as the end of a cycle for Babylon (America), although Bo was quick to suggest it may just be a “pivot date” and not necessarily mark some dire event. Since I’ve also done some research into 9/28/2015 (and the final series’ Blood Moon) I checked my notes and found that America will be precisely 87378 days old on 9/28. The number 87378 is a palindrome, as is 252, and in my research it seems that palindromes are generally key numbers.

    Mostly I encourage the readers to check out Daryl’s site carefully as he’s done some excellent work on Yahweh’s number 2520 which surely is profoundly connected to the Daughter of Babylon, America. Carlos

    • Updating my comment here- I noticed on Daryl’s site that he makes mention of Bo Polny in a “disclaimer” so please don’t put too much weight on Bo’s “match” to the 9/28 date; I’d encourage you all to check the disclaimer (in red, to upper right) as you read Daryl’s site. That said, I do find the palindrome 252 to be an important number.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I am a regular reader of your blog and so appreciate your insights and heart for the Lord.
    When I read this about 2520 it immediately brought to mind the excellent research done by Carlos on his Chozeh and Nabiy blog.’s-destiny-foretold-within-her-landscape-part-i-mississippi-river-2013-code/
    He writes of the ‘writing on the wall’ in ancient Babylon and the Mississippi River length both adding to 2520.
    For me at least, the evidence for America being Babylon is now so overwhelming it can not be ignored.
    I am watching and waiting with you also for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless

    • Thank you so much Alison and for also referencing the excellent work done by Carlos. I am so glad you posted that link – it bears reading again and many of my newer readers may not have had the opportunity to have read it yet, so thank you again! If you read my response to Steve, you will know that Carlos is posting again under a new name. I posted the link in my response to Steve but for some reason it did not highlight – may need some help from Carlos on that. And, thank you again dear sister, you are a blessing to me! Cindy

  3. I also thought of the research and speculation by Carlos in regard to 2520, concerning endtimes Babylon/America and Daniel’s handwriting passages.

    The book of Zechariah is a mini-bible. Zechariah 4 asserts the ‘finishing of the foundation of the house’ — so finishing, that’s not a prophecy of rebuilding the Second Temple, it’s eschatological, the final and eternal Temple. As Daryl’s site reports, Joshua 6 also is active here. As is Joshua, the ark, and Christ’s church, Israel.

    One manifestation of Joshua, with the ark, led tribal Israel back to their land, a war beginning at ‘impregnable’ Jericho. Which was conquered by the spirit of Father’s will, before any arms came to bear.

    Another sending of Joshua became the priestly companion to Zerubbabel and Zechariah, as a remnant abandoned historical Babylon and turned back to the LORD, with humble but sincere efforts.

    Zechariah 6 describes the hours just before Jacob’s Trouble and Christ’s return. This third time, the Joshua spirit is a focus of contention. But Joshua is crowned (confirmed) and builds the Third Temple, i.e., the spiritual temple for King Jeshua. The Temple of Tears. Priestly, administrative, and warrior aspects merge. The last elisha.

    Jericho and Babylon, both in NY, are about thirty miles apart, and NY probably is the biblical ‘great city’ of the end times. The Scriptural inferences thenceforth are pretty obvious and ominous.

  4. P.S. I will add that Jericho, Babylon, and West Babylon all are located on Long Island, which is shaped like the head of a crocodile or alligator. With mouth open.

    That island teems with evil associations, including the Fire Island homosexual festivals, and the Montauk experiments in mass psychology.

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