Posted by: cindybythesea | June 21, 2015

From a Country Porch

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I spent a lazy afternoon today browsing through an antique store in the small country town of Bayfield, CO. It was the kind of summer day you remember from your childhood – warm and slightly hazy, clouds flying high over head like pennants blowing in the wind. It’s interesting looking through stores like these …. kind of like going back in time. There were tons of old photos. Men, women and children frozen in somber expressions belying the excitement they were probably feeling at having their photos taken – a novelty at the time. Kitchen ware and gadgets that remind me why I am glad I was not born a century ago. And, beautifully carved furniture – hardwood – meant to last longer, a whole lot longer than the people who bought them.

I went outside for a while and sat in a rocker while my friends were still inside looking. And, I thought this is what contentment feels like. There was a large steamer trunk which made me think of those who made the voyage to this great country to start new lives. A old enamel cooking stove of the kind my grandmother used when I was a kid, the kind that burns coal or wood and makes the best biscuits you ever tasted. An old hand crank ice cream freezer, a horses bridle and an American flag. This and more sharing the porch with me on this beautiful yet ordinary day.

It was a different time and place back then. A hard time, but a better time in many ways. Hard in the sense of survival – you either made it or you didn’t – but, easier in the sense of knowing and understanding the most basic elements of life. For some reason, the modern life that we are living today has imparted a sense of confusion to a whole lot of people. Confusion over gender, sexual and racial identity and more. Questions that a thousand generations before us were simply answered at birth. How strange that at this point in human history things that were previously taken for granted have suddenly become unclear.

Not so in the natural world  – for I never saw a daisy in distress because it wasn’t born a rose. Or a buck standing in the forest who thought he was a doe. The Bible makes it very clear that God created each species to reproduce after its own kind – and, this is what we see in nature – and the Universe, a natural and harmonious order – no stress, no confusion. So, why of all species do we struggle with these issues?  And for a culture bent on obsession with this – if you’re not struggling now – you will!  For “they” won’t be satisfied until everyone questions something about themselves – or is at least in wholehearted endorsement of those who do.

It’s sad to think that there are those who genuinely struggle with these issues today. A number by the way far fewer than they would have us believe, I might add.  But, we aren’t plants and we aren’t animals and the threads that contribute to our mental make-up are complex and many.  But, what is more tragic than this is the leap to conclusion that the best way to deal with these issues is to give ones self over to it. In other words, what ever you think you are – you are! Go for it!  But if this were true, we would see, I believe a dramatic reduction in suicides, depression, alcohol and drug addiction. But, it simply isn’t true – we won’t – and these numbers will unfortunately go up, not down.  And those who sought healing will find they have been sold a bill of goods.

I think of Jesus and how he was trained in the skills of a carpenter. A carpenter understands the framework of his project from the inside out. With loving skill he takes up the wood. He holds it in his hands. He weighs it, he feels it, he examines its grain. He draws from his imagination and determines from his experience and wisdom just what it could be and what it is worth.  I ask you then, my friends – who better then to heal the splintered fragments of our lives?

What we think is impossible is always possible with God …. and,

Jesus is the answer, he is always, the answer,

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy



  1. The Lord warned us of the times we are living in, woe to them who call good evil and evil good. I am so glad to hear you were out enjoying a beautiful day that the Lord has made. You are a blessing.

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