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Dark Skies – Part 7 of 8

 Eastern Utah/Western Colorado Desert

This is one desolate and almost inhabitable area of the country. The alkaline soil not good for much of anything. Scrubby plants spring up here in there in the hope that somehow they can thrive in this harsh environment.  Hotter than hades in the summer and colder than a well-diggers butt in winter, it would be unthinkable for any rational person to journey 20 to 30 miles off the highway in the middle of the night without any good reason, but that is exactly what happened in May 1975.

At the end of Part 6, we had finished our session with Dr. Sprinkle.  During this session we had learned some incredible things. Things that we would previously never have suspected or guessed. It seemed so real and yet so crazy. Could any of it really be true?  And, if so …. could it be proved?

I remember the discussion we were having as we were leaving.. I ask him ” how did you know you were supposed to go over there?”  And, this is what he said, “It was the light – you know how it is when someone has left a porch light on for you at home when you are coming in late? … It was like that – a porch light left on for me”.

As we were driving back to Utah from Denver, we decided to see if we could find where this had taken place as we would be traveling back over this same stretch of highway.  We were anxious to see if there was any evidence to support what we had just learned.  The first thing we would need to do would be to determine which of the three ranch exits he had turned off on. Remember, this was about 7 years after the fact. But, in this part of the country things don’t change much so we were hopeful, if not skeptical at what we might find.

Two of the ranch exits were obviously not candidates as they did not match the description he had given, but one … one was a match … a very uncanny match as it followed each twist and turn exactly as he had described.  So, off we went ….. gravel crunching and spinning beneath our tires as we slowly made our way towards “who knew where” in  this strangest of journeys.


    Proof ?

After quite some time, the road finally reached its end when it  could go no further and the first thing we saw in the shadow of the south facing stone cliffs was a small shack exactly as he had described.. Unbelievable!  For a moment, we just sat there and stared. Speechless!  I hadn’t known what to expect …. most likely nothing …. a dead end, perhaps ….. but, certainly not this!  And, then –  almost as an afterthought –  directly in front of the car…. a barbed wire fence ….. which bordered, a small gully on the other side. Oh my!

Hesitantly, we got out of the car. We both knew what we wanted to do. We wanted to see what (if anything) was on the other side of the gully. So, we climbed over the fence and across.  Once we reached the other side, the ground flattened out in a in a wide expanse of rock, weeds, early summer wildflowers and scrub brush. But, in the center of the clearing there was an almost perfect circle ten to twelve feet in diameter, where nothing was growing. Nothing!  Very strange, as this was all most certainly the place the round platform would have settled on the ground at.  A few weeks later, we came back with some family members, a couple of metal detectors and shovels. In the area where the platform would have been the metal detectors went crazy but on digging, we could find nothing.

Was this – the gravel road, the shack, the barbed wire fence, the circle on the ground proof?

I know what I think.

to be continued …..

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!   Cindy


  1. Your heart must have been beating a hundred miles an hour.

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