Posted by: cindybythesea | August 27, 2014

Dark Skies – Part 5 of 8


I must have made an audible gasp, when he said, “I’m getting out of the car”.  My heart is racing now and I wanted to scream, “don’t do it! Don’t get out of the car!”  But, it was too late. The past was now the present. Dr. Sprinkle ask, “Why are you getting out of the car”. Again, his response – a matter of fact, “I’m supposed to“.  Dr. Sprinkle is by now furiously scribbling down notes and I am sitting back both mesmerized and terrified about what might come next.


After leaving the car, he tells us that he has to climb over the barbed wire fence adding a detail that had me laughing in spite of the tension,  “I caught my levis on the barbs”.   Yes, as tall as he was. He snagged his jeans trying to get over the fence.  Once he crossed the gully, he was then directly below the silver disc. Which he described as very large, sleek and seamless. No noise.  Soft light was coming from a series of small windows around the perimeter of the craft.  On the ground was a flat disc about 8 or 10 feet in diameter. Stepping on to it, it levitated without any visible means of support in to an opening in the bottom part of the ship.

Interesting, as this story unfolds the change in tone of voice, less of terror now than wonder. With a sense of awe, he describes what he is seeing:  The curvature of the interior  walls.  They are a metallic gray. No other colors. Low smooth seats are situated directly beneath the windows. He stands there but doesn’t move.  He sees a flat screen sort of like the top of a small table or box that he describes as “like a star map”.  It is lit up with what looks to him like constellations.  There is an identical one directly above. If you had your head between the two – looking down you would see one of them – looking up – you would see the other.  He stands there by himself for several minutes. He is completely alone.  He doesn’t see anyone.   The room is separated by a curved wall or partition beyond which he cannot see.  He is curious but too afraid to move.

A few moments later the pit falls out of my stomach as I hear him say:

 “There they are. There are six of them”.

to be continued –

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. on the edge of my seat

  2. Interesting…

  3. Cindy!!! A friend had a dream which was from God! Cistern through tunnel being driven by fire and wind. The date she saw in her dream October 19, 2014

  4. Hoover dam break!!!!!!

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