Posted by: cindybythesea | December 13, 2013

A Level Plain

   Kalaupapa, Hawaii

I woke up early this morning to the news that Loretta Fuddy, Health Services Director for the state of Hawaii had perished in a plane crash one half mile off Kalaupapa on the island of Molokai. The only fatality among nine passengers, the small plane suffered massive engine failure at 3:15 p.m. yesterday just minutes after departing the island; the cause of death not immediately clear as Ms. Fuddy had been helped into her life jacket after the plane had crashed but, was found a short time later by responders to be unresponsive.

As everyone knows by now, this is the second  time in less than two years that Ms. Fuddy’s name has been in the news – the first coming April 2011, when she gave permission for President Obama’s birth certificate to be made public –  a decision that had  Obama supporters crowing but, leaving as many or more others as yet unconvinced.

In a growing list of oddities surrounding the current President, Ms, Fuddy’s death came with in just hours of the schizophrenic man who was hallucinating while signing for the deaf at the Mandela Memorial while standing just a few short feet from the President.

As Health Director for the state of Hawaii it was Ms Fuddy’s job to visit all of the islands and particularly the island of Molokai as the Health Director also serves in the capacity of Mayor. With five flights daily by Makani Kai Air- which by the way means “Wind of the Sea” – a crash of one of their planes by one of their experienced pilots is almost unthinkable. I looked at the name of Kalaupapa and found that it means – flat leaf or level plain. And, as you can see from the photo above it is an appropriate name.

As per my custom, when I read news stories like these, I like to see what God has to say from his word and this morning I opened my Bible to Isaiah 26, where I read these words:

“He humbles those who dwell on high, he lays the lofty city low, he levels it to the ground, and casts it down to the dust …. the path of the righteous is level; …. Though grace is shown to the wicked, they do not learn righteousness; even in a land of uprightness they go on doing evil and regard not the majesty of the Lord. O Lord, your mighty hand is lifted high, but they do not see it.”  Isaiah 26: 5-10

They do not see it!  Nor do they want to – even when it is standing right in front of them!  And, while the Bible is clear that God shows grace to the wicked, it is not without expiration. 960 days exactly for Ms. Fuddy – the number of days from the release of the birth certificate to her passing on December 12.  Interesting that eight people survived the plane crash relatively unharmed but, one did not. Eight, the number of those who survived the great flood – Nine, the number of judgment.

*For more on the “fake” signer at the Mandela Memorial see todays post at Running from Babylon titled Winter Storm Laodicea – (about half way down the post).

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy


  1. Hi, Cindy
    I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts on 3:15 and Barack Obama, when I see 315 it reminds me of November 11 or 11-11.
    11-11 is the 315th day of the year and on average it would be the day he was conceived using the 266day method or 9 synodic months, you could use the 280 day method which would bring you to around October 28th 1960 but by using this method it would in fact be the date of his mothers last missed menstrual cycle on average.
    The important date here in my opinion is 11-11-1960, past present and future dates involving Barack Obama will and have cycled around the 3rd quarter Moon as it was on 11-11-1960.
    Time and is a good place to get sun and moon info., I don’t believe Barack Obama was given the title of renegade on 11-11-2008 by chance.
    Barack Obama was born into the 302nd biblical time cycle currently in use, it started on October 3rd 1959, 11-11-1960 came 1year 1month 1week and 1day or 405days after the start of the 302 cycle.
    1year 1month 1week and 1day 11-11, and from 11-11-1960 to the very next Lunar eclipse on March 2-1961 is 111days,redigit,redigit,redigit.
    Every single solar and lunar eclipse that took place in 1960 and 1961 belong to the same family’s of eclipses that are taking place in 2014 and 2015.
    The March 2nd 1961(saros 132) Lunar eclipse becomes the Passover Lunar eclipse of 2015, it will have advanced 33 days in time from the March 2nd 1961 eclipse, 33days redigit.
    From the 9-5-1960 lunar eclipse to Barack Obamas birthday 333 days,redigit.
    The 9-5-1960(saros 127) lunar eclipse now becomes the October 8th 2015(sukkout) Lunar eclipse and so on.
    Be watching the 3rd quarter moon as mentioned, the Israelis and Palestinians came to D.C. on July 29th 2013 for the start of the “finial Status” agreement, July 29th 2013 was Barack’s birthday on the biblical calendar and the 3rd quarter moon as well the star of David alignment in the heavens.
    Barack Obama announced to the world he was running for president on February 10th 2007, 3rd quarter moon.
    If you remember the last super bowl when the lights went out, it was in the 3rd quarter of the game, the day of the super bowl was the 3rd quarter moon.
    Mercedes ran a add promising a exciting 4th quarter, in football the fourth quarter is the last in the cycles of the moon its the 3rd quarter that is last.
    Christmas this year is on the 3rd quarter moon, Between April 20th(Easter and the 22nd of 2014 there will be a Grand cardinal Cross peaking in the heavens, this comes 266days after the July 29th 2013 date, in other words if a women conceived on July 29th 2013 her due date would be around Easter time of 2014.
    Grand Cardinal Cross will be peaking around the 3rd quarter moon and the start of the Lunar tetrad.
    July 29th 2013, Star of David/Easter time of 2014 Grand Cross?
    April 20th of 2014 is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday making July 29th his conception date on average. In the year of Adolf Hitler’s conception July 29th/30th was the 3rd quarter moon.
    Albeit for one, every single solar and eclipse that took place in 1888 and 1889 are of the same family of eclipses as 1960/1961 and 2014/2015.
    The only difference in timing between Barack and Adolf Hitler in there conception and birth years in relationship to the solar and lunar eclipses in those years is there birthdays and conception days are inverted, other wise the day count are identical, they are in effect mirror images of one another in that respect.

    God Bless,

    [Very interesting Scott! Thank you for taking the time to share all of this information, it has certainly given me something to think about. Obviously Ms. Fuddy’s accidental death was no accident – planned or not. Best regards and many blessings! C]


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